• count olaf: unhygienic, can't act, is a moldy crouton
  • also count olaf: dated kit snicket, dr. orwell, esmé squalor, possibly ??? jacquelyn, has more game than anyone in the entire series combined
No Strings

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 3,019

Summary: It started off as such a simple question. How do you find out if you’re bad in bed? Of course when you asked, you didn’t imagine Jimin would actually want to answer. 

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I just love that they only have pictures from times we knew they were together to begin with due to pap shoots (Jay’s wedding/”leaked” wedding photos) or numerous snap chats (Fizzy’s in December when we knew Fred was in the UK because of Ashley and Briana’s extra af social media postings). Nobody ever has a photo of Eleanor and Louis or Louis and Fredo from a time when nobody knew they were together. It’s always like “Hey, guys! Look at this easily datable yet technically new photo from that really public time!” And it’s been like that for 5 years.

Lottie doesn’t have a photo of herself with Fred? Or a picture of just Fred? Or a picture of Louis and Eleanor? Even an old one? Nobody has managed to find these after all this time? Still? 

Lmao, got it.

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I think if all idols started being more open about being in relationships, people would start to accept them and stop deluding themselves as much. Fans would ultimately be more loyal because they care less about an idol’s datability(?) and more about their music, the idea of idols being in relationships would become much more accepted, and people would stop feeling “betrayed” when they found out that their oppa had a secret girlfriend for two years because they would be more comfortable revealing their relationship status. Of course they should feel free to keep their private life as private as they please, but generally speaking if it wasn’t so uncommon for idols to openly date, idols dating would be seen less as a scandal and more as simple entertainment news. Plus it’ll weed out some of the delulu crazies who think they’re gonna marry their favorite kpop idol. (There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming about it, but if you actually think it’s going to happen, I pity you.)

2AM - part 1 (A Minseok Series)

Genre: Romance / Angst / Future Smut

Characters: Minseok X You

Description: You have been continuing a secret friends-with-benefits relationship with your best friends older brother Minseok, who is idol group EXO’s Xiumin, for two years now, while secretly concealing the very real growing feelings you’ve always had for him. A sudden blind date for you and for him suddenly forces you to face those feelings or end the relationship entirely.

A/N: so the Drabble game inspired this (anon submitted minseok+wet) and I finally got around to the final 1k followers submission which is Minseok FWB. This will be a series and you might be mad at me a little bit. :D

2AM - [M] part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9

“Why don’t you come over for dinner? My brother’s in town and he asked if you were coming over for dinner.”

He asked if you were coming over.

You stared down at your lit cellphone with the text from Minhee, your best friend since elementary school, a familiar rush of nerves bursting through your belly as you read it over and over.

He asked.

How long had it been since you’d seen Minseok? His schedule with EXO was always so busy, it was rare that you got to see him at Minhee’s parent’s house for dinner.

Not that you didn’t get to see him other times when he was in town. Even then, it had to have been two months since you saw him last. In person at least. His face was everywhere due to his fame.

The knock on your door at 2am pulled you away from the movie you had been immersed in. One look through your peep hole and you were thrust back into it. Into him. He was in town and he was knocking at your door at 2am, which could only mean one thing.

”Oh good, you’re up.” Minseok always tried too hard to sound casual when he knocked at your door at 2am, but the look in his eyes was never convincing enough. He was horny and you were always willing to give in to him.

Your fingers typed away in response to the text from Minhee.

”Yeah sure, I’d love to see everybody. I’ll stop by.”

”I’m not exactly in a position for a relationship…you understand that right?”

You heard those words from his lips immediately after you slept with him the first time and the sting was real. You’d given in to him so easily that first time. The truth was you’d dreamed about it happening for such a long time that when it finally happened you felt the very short lived hope inside your chest that maybe…. just maybe–

”No, I get it. Don’t worry about me, I’m…also not looking for anything serious.”

”So you don’t mind if I… come see you again some time? Just when I’m in town?”

Now you had promised to make an appearance tonight at dinner. Dinner at their big table where you practically had your own spot in between Minhee and the empty seat of Minseok’s that was filled only a handful of times a year. Your bed had been occupied at by him at least three times the rate of that dinner seat…since that first time. After you both caved and finally gave in to each other..gave in to what had been building for years and years.

The first family dinner after that first new and exciting step in your relationship with Minseok had been tense. Much more tense than when the flirting had been enough.

Much more tense than after the stolen glances had turned into outright staring and small touches turned to a stolen kiss inside the walk-in pantry that sat off the kitchen; with his mother making gravy at the stove, shouting for him to bring her the bag of flour. You could still remember the feel of his hands on your jaw. His fingers slipping into your hair slowly as his lips pushed up against your own stunned ones – before he slipped out of the door with the bag of flour and left you alone in that pantry with a racing heart and a mind full of questions.

Minhee didn’t know. Minhee parents didn’t know. It was a complete secret to everyone and Minseok was an excellent actor when their eyes were watching. He was calm and composed and used nearly every opportunity to torture you in secret while simultaneously reminding you how important it was to keep this a secret from his family. His hand would slip up your skirt, too warm and too high on your thigh, hidden below a long draping tablecloth and would look at you in genuine surprise if you reacted, asking if you were okay when his fingertips reached your panties and began trailing slow circles over the moistening fabric.

If it wasn’t so much fun, you would’ve put a stop to it months ago. As it was now, you were weak to him.

And he knew it.

He was a good fuck and you were lonely. Your job demanded a lot of your time, not nearly as much as Minseok’s of course, but after trying and failing to keep a steady relationship going with a man, you’d given up again and again, complaining on the phone to him how needy most of the men you dated were. He would laugh knowingly and add that maybe you were not the relationship type. Part of you wondered how much of that was his wishful thinking, and how much was a genuine assessment of your datability. But the other part of you knew that he was right. You were too busy for a relationship. He was too busy for a relationship. And the two of you had an understanding now that simply worked for you both. If there was anyone who understood your plight, it was him.

But something felt different this time. You told yourself it had to just be the long absence, but that made little sense. He’d been gone for longer periods of time before. Maybe it was the last phone call you’d had with him, when he’d called you somewhat drunk and needy and you helped him through it while he was on tour.

“Goodnight, I’ll talk to you tomorrow, love you.”

His slurred parting echoed in your memory now just as it had again and again long after the call was disconnected and your phone had gone blank.

…love you…love you…love you…

It was a slip. He didn’t mean it.

He had always been so careful. He’d never done that before. And he didn’t call you for three weeks after that phone call. Texting you an excuse about being too busy for missing your calls and never once mentioning the slip.

The words he must have said out of habit.

The words he could never mean, because they were against the rules.

You stood in front of your open closet, eyeing the short skirt you had picked out to go with the long flowing top. Next to the skirt sat a pair of skinny jeans, equally as cute and you stared at the two items as if the jeans ever stood a chance.

The cool breeze hit your bare legs, causing a ripple of goosebumps to flare across your skin as you stood at the end of the driveway that led up to the upscale home in the nice part of town. The home that was so familiar to you that you knew every crack in the cobblestone and every groove of wood of the banister that lined the steps up to the front door. You winced and rubbed away at the goosebumps. Annoyed at the thought that your freshly shaven legs might feel a little prickly under roaming hands, should those hands make their way along flesh you had so painstakingly shaved mere hours before.

You lifted a hand to ring the doorbell. The gesture feeling foreign in itself at this door that you were so accustomed to opening and just walking through but tonight’s dinner felt different somehow. Minseok was back and your stomach was in your throat as you waited for someone to answer the door, feeling like a fake for all this effort.

The sound of someone’s voice drew near and the door was pulled open as a smiling Minhee peered around the wood at you.

“You weirdo, why didn’t you just come in?” She turned quickly and retreated through her home, laughing at your sudden awkwardness and you quickly followed behind your best friend as she led you into the large kitchen. Your eyes scanned the room quickly, glancing down the hallway that you knew led to his room before you quickly looked forward, keeping the guilt from your expression.

“Long time no see.” A familiar soft voice spoke up behind you and you whirled around with your passive yet friendly smile in place. Minseok had emerged from the livingroom and intercepted you both as you entered the kitchen.

“Oppa, it’s so nice to see you again,” you said through your wide friendly smile that you had practiced in front of your mirror as you got dressed for tonight and you watched his eyes dance around your face as he leaned in to wrap you in a tight hug.

You tried your best not to linger. You felt the rush in his arms as well and you quickly returned the embrace with a few taps on his back, between his shoulder blades and you felt his fingers slip a bit slower down your own back before he took a step back and the contact was broken.

The damage from his hug had been substantial. Your heart raged against your rib cage and you lifted your hand to touch your face as you looked away from him and away from Minhee, trying to quell the heat you felt in your cheeks. He smelled different than he had before. More expensive, cleaner and more like someone so unattainable you wondered how you’d ever managed to get him to spend even a few seconds of his very exclusive attention on you.

You felt, very suddenly smaller than you had before. Very…less than before and you sniffled into yourself as you quietly excused yourself for the bathroom.

Your feet carried you down the hallway to the private bathroom off of Minhee’s room where you knew you would find a few moments to think.

It was the reunion. It would pass and you would open up and find the comfort in your friends again if you just had a damn minute.

The faucet ran freely into the porcelain sink and the sound calmed your nerves a bit.

You hated this part. Knowing the strong effect he always had on you. Knowing that he knew it as well. Why had you ever given him so much power over you?

That didn’t matter. You just needed a few minutes to put your carefully constructed walls back up and you would get through this dinner in one piece. You’d play your part well and you’d eat with a smile, make small talk with Mr. and Mrs. Kim while you shook off his hands roaming under the table cloth and you’d leave this place alive.

With the well guarded secret of two years still very much intact and protected.

And you would go home and hug your cat as your leg shook on your sofa and you waited for the soft knock on your door that would come at 2am.

Because he was back in town. The the temptation would be too great for him to resist. Just as it was too great of a temptation for you to turn him away.

Your mind dwelled on that soft knock as you watched the water flow down the sink. Environmental impact of the gallons of water wasted be damned, you needed this.

That soft knock. Always twice. Always at 2am. A sound so significant you practically felt your wetness growing as you thought about the sound of it. Having been so conditioned to him by now, it hardly even took any effort on his part to get you in the mood when you heard that sound.

And when you finally straightened up your skirt, fixing your top, which had not even fallen out of place one bit, you cut off the water and you stared at your reflection in the mirror.

And you heard it.

Two soft knocks on the bathroom door.

You knew who it was.

Your hand moved on its own and you turned the lock. He would hear the click and in a few minutes the door would open as he slipped inside.

You didn’t even need to look by now to know what was happening and you smelled him again.

That fancy new smell of his. Different. More than before. He always came back more.

“You okay? Why’d you run away like that?” He wasn’t touching you with his hands, but his voice was cradling your face with warm fingertips and inching along your jaw toward the sensitive skin just below your ear.

“I’m fine Minseok, I just needed a moment.” You breathed in a deep calming breath and turned to look at him. He watched you with slightly amused eyes that lingered too long everywhere they looked.

Maybe that was just the power of his eyes.

Minhee had the same eyes as Minseok. Why were his such powerful weapons against you, when hers were simply comfort and love. His were disarming. His were debilitating. And he was watching you as he raised a single eyebrow on his pretty face and smirked.

“Oppa. You call me oppa here, remember?” His voice was suddenly snarky and you puffed out a small laugh as you rolled your eyes and shook your head.

You couldn’t remember when it was that this little game lost so much of its appeal, but you suddenly didn’t want to play anymore. Not with him looking at you like that and not with Minhee and her parents under the same roof. So you turned and made your way to exit the bathroom so you could great his parents, sit down and eat and get the hell home before you lost your ability to think straight around him again.

“Don’t worry Oppa, I remember all of the rules.” You slipped past him, aiming for the exit behind where he stood and you felt warm fingers grip lightly around your wrist as you moved into his reach.

Your stupid feet stopped moving.

“I missed you.”

You closed your eyes at the sound of his words. So well played and well calculated and you could feel yourself falling back into it. Into the game. You had been such a willing player for so long it felt like second nature. You no longer needed to keep score or even be reminded of the rules.

When you opened your eyes again he was watching you with a strange look of vulnerability you rarely saw from him. That look. You never saw it during the sex. The sex with Minseok was passionate and raw. Needy and demanding. You only glimpsed this look in the wee hours of the morning as he pulled his pants up and buckled his belt, grabbed his coat and hat and pulled them on and turned to look once back at you as you laid on your bed, not caring to cover your nakedness from the man you had just fucked. He always left after that look. That look was a signal that he was about to run.

You cocked your head, curious now as to why you would see a look like that in his eyes now.

When he leaned in you didn’t even pull away. You accepted what would happen. When his lips touched yours it was familiar–

–and he was home. You could feel it so completely in your bones with his soft lips pressed up against yours in the quiet private space of the bathroom at his parents and house as they waited in the dining room sipping on seltzer water with lime wedges, waiting for the caterers to serve the soup.

Although the smell of him had changed, the taste of his mouth was familiar. Clean, warm, wet and wanting, his head angled and you felt a surge inside him as he took a step into you. His hands lifted into you and you felt fingers against the nape of your neck and a warm hand around your waist, pulling you into him. Hidden just below the passion and the want you tasted what you were sure was a hint of alcohol. It was faint, but there. A pre-family dinner shot no doubt, to settle his busy mind. Minseok’s mind was always too busy and his legs too jumpy to sit still and he often turned to alcohol to settle himself.

He was an adult and he could do as he pleased, but the bitter taste brought you back to your senses. This was against the rules. No funny business at his parents house. A rule he rarely enforced when it suited him, but liked to remind you of when you found yourself too affected by his touches and teasings during dinner or under the big shared blanket as you sat on the couch next to him during family movie nights. How long had it been since he had time for that?

He felt you stiffen and pull back from the kiss and with a quick turn of his head away from you his hands dropped their hold on your neck and your waist and you felt the cold absence of him as he retreated from you.

The silence of the bathroom was peppered with heavy breaths from both of you and after ten seconds you cleared your throat and wiped the wetness from your lips with the back of your hand.

This time, your path to the exit remained unobstructed by warm fingertips, roaming hands, and passionate stolen kisses and you made your swift escape, leaving him to deal with his own rule violation and the aftereffects of such unacceptable behavior alone.

In the dining room you were greeted by the warmth of Mrs. Kim’s smiles and the disinterested nod of Mr. Kim, who scrolled through something on a tablet at the table.

“Honey, put the technology away, dinner’s about to start.” Mrs. Kim lightly nagged her husband who waved a hand to silence his wife. She didn’t mean it though and she was soon busy talking with you about Minseok’s latest successes in the music industry.

“Actually I wanted to discuss something with you honey–” you half paid attention as you listened for the sounds of his footsteps in the dining room that would indicate his arrival and your need to guard your heart again. You could ever let your guard down when Kim Minseok was in town.

“– so, what do you think? Will you meet him?” Mrs. Kim was asking something of you and you smiled as you half listened to her words. You were sure you’d heard the bathroom door closing and Minhee was shifting in her seat next to you now, turning to look back at her entering brother.

“Mm-hmm” your response to Mrs. Kim made her face light up like the Fourth of July and she excitedly clapped her hands together in glee and your eyes widened in a sudden panic as you realized that you had no idea what you’d just agreed to do.

–meet him–meet him–

Who were you meeting?

“What’s all this excitement about?” The amused expression on Minseok’s face as he took in his mother’s jovial attitude and outright celebration was beautiful and you forced your eyes down to examine the water glass that bubbled in front of your empty dinner plate.

“She said she’d meet him for a blind date. You know, Mara’s nephew–” your eyes shot open wide as you watched the woman across the table from you explain what you had so foolishly agreed to.

“–He’s a successful lawyer with his own firm and he’s really just as busy as she is, but he’s looking to settle down with the right woman–” you felt warmth beside you as Minseok sat down into the empty seat and rested his warm thigh against your knee.

“–you remember I told you about him.” Minseok was silent beside you and after a pause that told you he did not remember anything about the conversation he supposedly had with his mother he inhaled a quick breath and lied through his teeth.

“Oh yeah, right. Mara’s nephew right? The big shot lawyer–” minseok quickly grabbed the lime from the edge of his glass of water and squeezed before dropping it inside with a plop. He shifted in his seat and he pulled his thigh away from your knee as he sat up straighter in his seat and took a deep drink of water.

“He’s super hot, and he’s loaded. You’re lucky.” You heard Minhee whisper into your ear in the other side of you and you smiled a small nervous smile, laughing away the awkwardness building in the pit of your stomach of what you’d just agreed to.

Mrs. Kim loved blind dates and after trying unsuccessfully to set you up with many of her friends and relatives eligible bachelor sons, she’d finally tricked you into accepting a date due to your own negligence. She was beaming and your stomach was churning. There was no way you could get out of this now. There had been too many witnesses when you agreed.

The doorbell rang and the sound echoed around the home, causing heads to look up in surprise.

The only one at the table who didn’t look confused at the sudden guest was Mrs. Kim who looked suspiciously calm and quite pleased with herself.

“Oh good, she’s here–” she was pushing back from the table, an excited aura waving around about her and she was leaving the dining room now as she headed quickly for the front door of the home.

“Minseok-ah, your date is here–” she said as she made her way past him and the bubbly water he was chugging must have hit the wrong pipe because he coughed, choked, and quickly put the glass down as he tried to clear his airway as noiselessly as possible.

“M-My what– Mom–” he was pushing back from the table and standing as he chased after his mom who was quickly making her way toward the door.

“Oh you remember, I told you about her last night.”

“You mentioned a girl but you never said anything about a date–”

“Didn’t I? Oh well she’s here. Be nice.”

Minseok’s date was called Sohee and she was young, gorgeous, wealthy, and intelligent. Everything one would expect from Mrs. Kim’s matchmaking stills and after a bit of rearranging, you found yourself seated on one side of the table beside Minseok who sat beside Sohee, and Minhee grumbled from the other side of the table where she sat between both of her parents. The move put a frown on her face since she couldn’t whisper all of the funny observations she had about the new girl into your ear during dinner.

You noticed as he sat, Minseok scooted his seat closer to you and just a bit further from Sohee and you tried not to read into it. He just felt more comfortable with you than with the stranger beside him.

Dinner was awkward. Mrs. Kim asked Sohee questions and she answered them as best as she could but anyone could see that that she was nervous. Minseok didn’t exactly help much as he clammed up at the sudden new addition and answered every question in short phrases, many of which were a single word answers. By the end of the dinner even you were frustrated by his lack of participation.

“So Minseok, what’s next on the schedule for EXO?”

Minseok’s thigh that had been rested against your leg was shaking up and down as he fidgeted in his seat, clearly uncomfortable now for most of the dinner and ready to go, you looked down at his half eaten steak and wished he would stop shaking his leg like that. From the looks around the table you were the only one who could feel it and it was beginning to make you seasick.

When you lowered your hand beneath the table to rest over his thigh he flinched at your touch and immediately stopped the shaking.

“Umm..I dont remember. I just go where they tell me” He picked up his wine glass and took a sip before he sat it down and his leg bobbed once more under your hand.

You squeezed down and he stilled his leg again as he bit down on his lip. You felt a shaking again and from the distance you could tell that he was shaking the other leg now.

So you moved your hand up higher, just a bit up his thigh and you felt the stillness in his body as you moved. You kept your eyes trained forward staring at Minhee who was glaring at the girl who had interrupted her sweet family dinner and caused all this awkwardness.

“Oppa–” you suddenly spoke up with your hand up higher on his thigh and you caught the side glance he shot at you, refusing to turn and look at you directly now.

“I read something about a sub-unit? A rumor that you were going to be in it.” You looked at him more directly, enjoying the look on his face now. There was a widening of his eyes and he turned to face you now.

“Oh! How exciting!” Mrs. Kim perked up at this news, all smiles and hope in her face.

The truth was, you hadn’t read it. He had told you that a sub-unit was being formed in which he would be a member and they had been making preparations for their debut. He told you this three weeks ago, the night before his last drunken phone call with you. The night he said those words that you dwelled on for so long that they lost all meaning and you’d convinced yourself that he’d simply said them by accident because he was drunk.

“I’m not really supposed to talk about rumors like that.” There was a glare in his eyes as they narrowed at you and you felt him scolding you with those eyes that you would dare bring up something he told you in confidence.

“Oh come on, we’re family aren’t we?” Mrs. Kim said with a smile, hoping for the details about the sub-unit.

“We aren’t all family.” Minhee spoke up from the other side of the table and you felt the shift as the attention of the room landed on Sohee who sat silently on the other side of Minseok, awkward now at being called out. You moved your hand off of his thigh and ignored the shaking that started immediately when your hand was lifted.

You suddenly felt a wave of guilt. The poor girl had no reason to be scolded for being here. She was no doubt being forced into this by some parent of hers who couldn’t pass up the idea of having a wealthy successful idol as their son in law. From what you’d heard of her she actually seemed to be quite a decent person.

So you did the only thing you could think to do. You shifted the focus of the room away from Sohee and brought it on yourself.

“So, Mrs. Kim…tell me more about this hot-shot lawyer I’m going to be dating–”

Heads turned at your sudden outburst and you heard what sounded like a relieved sigh from the other side of Minseok and the shaking leg next to you went completely still.

The reminder brought Mrs. Kim to life and she dropped her knife and fork as she slapped her hands together in anticipation.

“OH! He’s really very very handsome dear, but how many times have to told you to call me Mom–” her nagging was comfortable and it made you smile and Minseok shook his head next to you and picked up his fork to roughly stab at a piece of steak and popped it into his mouth.

“–humanitarian works for the firm, awards and achievements. Really really handsome too, did I say that? And very successful. Anyway his name is Kim too! But we are from a different line of Kim’s, not to worry. Kim Kwangsoek – what a strong name–”

You felt a warm hand on our bare thigh that pulled your attention away from Mrs. Kim’s rambling praises of your date and to your surprise you didn’t even flinch.

Why you didn’t immediately swat his hand away you didn’t know, but his hand was moving over your skin slowly as you nodded and smiled across the table at the rivers of praises that flowed out about this man you didn’t yet know.

The more she talked, the higher Minseok’s hand went until his fingertips grazed against the lace of your panties between your legs.

You instinctively closed your legs, clenching your thighs together and you felt his hand get trapped between your strong thighs for a moment before he gripped your inner thigh roughly and pulled against your muscles.

You were having trouble following the flow of the conversation but your mind registered that Mrs. Kim was still talking mostly by herself about the man who, if you were being completely honest with yourself, sounded perfect for you. Much more than the man who sat beside you at this table slipping his fingers below the lace of your panties to tease against your core.

Your breathing felt too fast for discretion as your desire for him to go deeper grew and when your legs parted for him, his hand disappeared suddenly. You heard him clear his throat next to you and he was downing his wine with a concealed grin behind the glass. You’d given in to him. He was satisfied for now.

“Yes dear?” Mrs. Kim was looking at you and your face heated up when you realized you must have made a sound. You quickly recovered as best you could and smiled wide as your brain scrambled for words.

“H-He actually sounds…amazing. I’m looking forward to meeting him, Mom.”

“I think I’m done.” Minseok announced immediately after you spoke and he was pushing away from the table. You watched as he turned to Sohee, giving his back to you and he slowly extended his hand out to her.

The same hand that he had just been teasing you with, he now held out to her without a hint of trembling or uncertainty and she looked up at him from her seat in question, a small smile now on her face.

“Would you care to join me in the library for a drink Sohee?”

You heard a noisy scoff from Minhee on the other side of the table and you tried to keep the burning off your cheeks as they both exited the dining room together, hands clasped as pulled her away into the room on the far end of the home where they weren’t likely to be disturbed as they got to know each other better.

Dinner was done and so were you by this point. You stood on shaking legs and made up an excuse as to why you had to go home. Work always fit the bill and when you stepped back into your apartment you tried to ignore the weird tension that was building in your chest.

Would Minseok and Sohee still be together? Sharing drinks and stories and pleasant conversation?

Would there be a kiss on the cheek? A sweet parting pat on the back, or lingering hands brushed against her skin?

Would he take her home? Would he go inside with her and get to know her even better?

As the evening wore on and the dramas on TV failed to entertain you much you felt yourself drifting on the sofa to the sound of some home shopping program.

A soft sound broke you out of the daze of near sleep and you noticed your cat sat up at the sudden sound.

A knock at your door. No, two soft knocks.

The time on the clock read 2am.

It was 2am and your feet were moving, carrying you to your front door to answer it.

–because Minseok was home and you were weak to him.

And he knew it.

2AM - [M] part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9

I don't know why I'm rating the datability of Lovecraft's men, but here goes

Herbert West: Good-looking and well-employed.  A misogynist if you go by the movie, but not in the original story (or A Shoggoth on the Roof.)  If his repeated attempts to find a fresh enough corpse are any indication, would not give up just because the relationship hits a rough patch.

The guy from Shadow Over Innsmouth: Based on how much time he spends describing the ugly Innsmouth people in a fascinated manner before he just gives up and chases after them, I think he might be Deep One-sexual.  Sorry.

Wilbur Whateley: Ugh.  Ugh ugh UGH.

Randolph Carter: I’m trying to think of a pun based on the word “dreamy” and should probably quit while I’m ahead.

Arthur Jermyn: Would probably kill himself, you and any resulting children if he found out one of his ancestors was Polish.  Do not date.

Charles Dexter Ward: Kind of cute in a dorky way, but could be replaced by his creepy grandfather at any moment.

Nyarlathotep: Based partly on Tesla, so he might be celibate, but can still show people a good time.  Likes to go dancing with witches and take vacations to Kadath.  I picture him looking like Morpheus in The Matrix, so I’d probably date him.

Yog-Sothoth: As good a husband as you can find this side of Aylesbury; and if you knew as much about the hills as I do, you wouldn’t ask for no better church wedding than his.


Elena: A fated protagonist against her will. Studies law, fears werewolves and just wants to live a normal life with at least a one friend.

A or R: A bodyguard against Magical Beings. Loves ice cream and dating games and handles Russian rifles like a pro.

Loid: A Magical Being and an antagonist, looking for a protagonist to fulfill his antagonist’s role. Comes and goes as he pleases and uses his body for spell casting.

Dating game by Niu; what would you think about that? :D Perhaps someday I can make one with Elena, A or R and Loid; all datable options!

If only I can find a program which I could use without coding skills/Python… Is there one in Steam? I have a feeling like a friend would have told me about something like that long time ago. 

“What is it?” Alec said.

“Never kissed anyone?” Magnus said. “No one at all?”

“No,” said Alec, hoping this didn’t disqualify him from being datable. “Not a real kiss —”

“Come here.” Magnus took him by the elbows and pulled him close. For a moment Alec was entirely disoriented by the feeling of being so close to someone else, to the kind of person he’d wanted to be close to for so long. Magnus was long and lean but not skinny; his body was hard, his arms lightly muscled but strong; he was an inch or so taller than Alec, which hardly ever happened, and they fit together perfectly. Magnus’ finger was under his chin, tilting his face up, and then they were kissing. Alec heard a small hitching gasp come from his own throat and then their mouths were pressed together with a sort of controlled urgency. Magnus, Alec thought dazedly, really knew what he was doing. His lips were soft, and he parted Alec’s expertly, exploring his mouth: a symphony of lips, teeth, tongue, every movement waking up a nerve ending Alec had never known he had.

He found Magnus’ waist with his fingers, touching the strip of bare skin he’d been trying to avoid looking at before, and slid his hands up under Magnus’ shirt. Magnus jerked with surprise, then relaxed, his hands running down Alec’s arms, over his chest, his waist, finding the belt loops on Alec’s jeans and using them to pull him closer. His mouth left Alec’s and Alec felt the hot pressure of his lips on his throat, where the skin was so sensitive that it seemed directly connected to the bones in his legs, which were about to give out. Just before he slid to the floor, Magnus let him go. His eyes were shining and so was his mouth.

“Now you’ve been kissed,” he said, reached behind him, and yanked the door open. “See you Friday?”

Alec cleared his throat. He felt dizzy, but he also felt alive — blood rushing through his veins like traffic at top speed, everything seemingly almost too brightly colored. As he stepped through the door, he turned and looked at Magnus, who was watching him bemusedly. He reached forward and took hold of the front of Magnus’ t-shirt and dragged the warlock toward him. Magnus stumbled against him, and Alec kissed him, hard and fast and messy and unpracticed, but with everything he had. He pulled Magnus against him, his own hand between them, and felt Magnus’ heart stutter in his chest.

He broke off the kiss, and drew back.

“Friday,” he said, and let Magnus go. He backed away, down the landing, Magnus looking after him. The warlock crossed his arms over his shirt — wrinkled where Alec had grabbed it — and shook his head, grinning.

“Lightwoods,” Magnus said. “They always have to have the last word.”

He shut the door behind him, and Alec ran down the steps, taking them two at a time, his blood still singing in his ears like music.

—  Cassandra Clare Extra

msmariahllewellastoneham  asked:

Hello, in the last Forcesurprise Obiwan implied that he might leave. Is this just a little trip before the babies born to give himself some room to breathe? would anakin, thinking he was leaving permanently, leave the order and follow him?

“Where would you go?”

Obi-Wan looked up and raised a brow at the blond who shifted on his feet. “I’m sorry?”

Slowly moving into the guest quarters, Anakin made his way to the couch with his eyes on Obi-Wan. “You said you might leave, where would you go?”

“Honestly, I’m not sure. Perhaps Naboo. Perhaps Alderaan.” The omega kept a close eye on the other and then sighed. “Honestly Skywalker, I’m not leaving forever. I’m just starting to feel a bit…cooped here.”


Patting the couch to get the other to sit down, Obi-Wan mulled over how to explain it to the attached alpha. “While some are starting to understand that I am more then an incubator for a spare ‘chosen one’, I still feel that I am being watched too much. Its tiring. I am also coming towards the end of my lecturing. And to the birth of my child. I don’t want to give birth in the temple.” He gave a frustrated breath.

“I guess I can understand if you put it like that.” Anakin rubbed the back of his neck. “I had hoped…” He cut himself off.

“…I know you approve of me Skywalker, but am I really such a datable prospect?” Obi-Wan sighed at him. “I am pregnant.”

“And I’m sure your baby will be lovely.” The knight smiled at him. “I like you for who you are and you… you’re very smart and I find that…well intimidating but also lovely.” Anakin confessed.

“Intimidating…well that’s something.” Obi-Wan snorted before tilting his head as he watched the other.

“I’m not a bad alpha. I promise. I wouldn’t…I like you just as you are.” Anakin reached out, brushing his fingertips over the top of the others hand, tracing the knuckles lightly. “Just as sassy and mouthy and terrifying and awe inspiring…” He whispered then glanced up, staring at the other in surprise. “…You’re blushing.”

“…I didn’t expect you to say that.” Obi-Wan cleared his throat and looked away. “You’re a Jedi though, that would be a terribl-”

“We’re not forbidden from having mates.” Anakin offered, a bit desperate. “They can’t really… I mean its part of our biology. And Yoda likes you, he likes you a lot more then me.” He grinned before sighing. “I just…I don’t…want you to leave. Not when I’m just figuring out how much I like you. And its safer here.” He swallowed. “What if you’re mid transit when the baby comes?”

Obi-Wan looked away, frowning a bit.

“I won’t stop you if you do but…please consider it properly?” Anakin softly begged, still tracing the back of the others hand with his fingertips, wishing he could grab the others hand and lace their fingers together.

“I’m making no promise but…I’ll think about it at least.” Obi-Wan finally and honestly, that was more then Anakin had expected.

The two sat in silence for a while.

“…I like this honest side of you.” Obi-Wan chuckled quietly and Anakin beamed. “Its better then when you try to misdirect since you’re rather bad at it.” He teased.

“I prefer bluntness and honesty so I never got really good at all the diplomatic crap though I can do it I just prefer not to.” Anakin confessed sheepishly.

“You’re a bad Jedi then.” Obi-Wan teased gently, reaching up and tapping the blond gently on the nose. “But I think I like you.” He seemed softer, more welcoming then before.

Anakin felt his heart pound at that and on a limb, carefully did what he had wanted and laced their hands together, holding onto Obi-Wan’s hand. “Yeah?” He whispered, tone hopeful.

“Yes.” Obi-Wan chuckled softly, smiling at him.

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if the question has been already asked or if you can't answer but what would be the perfect gift for each of the datable characters?

Hey Anon, 

The questions hasn’t been asked yet! Here’s what I think would be great for each character (some of them aren’t exactly affordable lol, but hey, you asked for the perfect gift): 

Tadashi: A vacation, to be honest. 
Alistair: A pair of boxing gloves and lazy sweatpants
Axel: This guitar
Tegan: A new gaming headset
Tyler: A huge canvas. We’re talking large like a wall so he can go ham.

Karolina: Something haute couture
Neha: A sketchbook
Ellie: A deluxe tool box with all tools inside being pink
Claire: Cute stationary
Raquel: Tickets to the FIFA

Serena, Project Manager

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Possible James Potter’s reactions to Sirius and Remus relationship.

The tentative one: What you mean you’re dating Moony? I mean…dating? What kind of dating? The snogging type of dating? 

The it-was-about-time one: Why are you so nervous, you wanker? I know it, everybody knows it, even the giant squid knows it. I mean what the hell those eye fucks were about? I’d be disappointed if you were not shagging Moony.


The inconvenient one: Who’s the bottom? I need to know…for science.


The comprehensive-mate one: I might need some time to…you know, get used to it and how it affects the dynamic of the group. But you know you’re my best mates. I want you to be happy.

The older-brother one:
If you hurt him I’ll forget you’re not a bird and I’ll fuck your arse so hard you will spend a week watching classes on your feet.

The I-live-with-you-tossers-for-too-long-to-believe-this-shit one: I really hope this is not a joke because if it is Padfoot yOU BETTER WATCH YOUR SUGAR ASS.

The skeptical one: Ha-ha very funny. And I’m fucking Snivellus. Will you pass me the pumpkin juice, please?

The sympathizer one: How is it? No, not being in love, I fucking know how it is to being in love. How is it to have a cock in your arse?


The speachless one:


(In addition: Don’t give me a homophobic James. That’s just not an option.)