• count olaf: unhygienic, can't act, is a moldy crouton
  • also count olaf: dated kit snicket, dr. orwell, esmé squalor, possibly ??? jacquelyn, has more game than anyone in the entire series combined
The Hot Christmas Date

Summary: AU. Bucky Barnes makes it his mission to show his best friend, Reader, that sometimes, a little cheesiness is good for the heart.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader (mention of Steve x Peggy)

Word Count: 2,437

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, Christmas stuff, Love Actually references (okay, I stole from that movie), total cheese, bad photoshop, I’m rusty cause I haven’t written Bucky in a month, sorry

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Emily’s ( @buckthegrump) Writing Challenge. Thanks for letting me play. My prompt was “You didn’t see anything.” but it’s only mentioned in passing.

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2AM - part 1 (A Minseok Series)

Genre: Romance / Angst / Future Smut

Characters: Minseok X You

Description: You have been continuing a secret friends-with-benefits relationship with your best friends older brother Minseok, who is idol group EXO’s Xiumin, for two years now, while secretly concealing the very real growing feelings you’ve always had for him. A sudden blind date for you and for him suddenly forces you to face those feelings or end the relationship entirely.

A/N: so the Drabble game inspired this (anon submitted minseok+wet) and I finally got around to the final 1k followers submission which is Minseok FWB. This will be a series and you might be mad at me a little bit. :D

2AM - [M] part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, part 12

“Why don’t you come over for dinner? My brother’s in town and he asked if you were coming over for dinner.”

He asked if you were coming over.

You stared down at your lit cellphone with the text from Minhee, your best friend since elementary school, a familiar rush of nerves bursting through your belly as you read it over and over.

He asked.

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Good Kid (Steve Harrington x Reader)

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Alternatively titled, Good Deeds - Part 2

< Read Part 1 | Read Part 3 >

Summary: Steve drops you off at home after a somewhat disastrous holiday party. Over a cup of hot chocolate, you come to the realization that he may be different from when you’d last known him.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1534

Author’s Note: Part 2 of Good Deeds is out and it kind of went in a different direction than I expected. Kind of like a transition chapter? Anyway, I have the next two parts planned and they are both cute and fluffy and exciting and will be out later this week!

Warnings: Language. 

So, Steve Harrington was in your house now.

That was a turn of events. Then again, your expectations for the night also hadn’t included all of your friends ditching you, Billy Hargrove hitting on you, and you running panicked from the party. So, all in all, this was one of the better surprises of tonight.

Still, you were finding it hard to think straight as you stirred the hot cocoa. You wanted to blame the cups of cheer that were really starting to catch up with you now, but if you were honest, the fact that Steve Harrington was currently sitting a few feet behind you at your kitchen table probably had something to do with it.

Which was stupid.

Because it wasn’t as if this was the first time he’d ever been in your house. Becky had brought him over plenty when they were “dating,” given that your house was the official hangout spot for your friends.

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The Complex Characters of Maple Bay: How Mary, Joseph, and especially Robert aren’t pure, sweet cinnamon rolls.

Okay. So. Can we talk about how Mary, Joseph and Robert are all fucked up people, and this is a good thing? Not a one of them is completely vile. And not a one is a pure, sweet cinnamon roll.


Let’s start with the ‘easiest’ one, shall we? I feel like most people have the easiest time saying Joseph is bad. And they’re right. He does bad things. He cheats on his wife at least twice. And he keeps going back to their dysfunctional marriage for appearances sake. He either dumps you or asks you to be his side boy depending on the ending. So. Yeah. Cheater. And the datamined cult ending does nothing to redeem him. Nor do his endings.

But this is also somebody who seems to care about his kids. In the first chapter, you see him being good with his kids. He’s not freaking out about his daughter, Christie, for breaking stuff. He reprimands Christian for how he answers the door, but not harshly. He actually gets upset with you if you’re too harsh towards Mary. In the second chapter, he seems to really care about the kids and the dance. He talks to you about his misspent youth, and how he misses it sometimes.

Joseph is a cheater. He does terrible things. Yet like Mary and Robert (who also do terrible things) he also has good sides to him that are shown through the game. This mix of actions makes him a gray character.


Okay. So Mary is pretty awful to begin with. But you later find out that she does have good qualities. She cares about Damien and Robert. And she leads up an animal shelter. She is a redeemed character who is likable if a bit rough around the edges.

Does this make her a pure, innocent lamb? No. Mary drinks heavily (implied that it’s because of her terrible marriage to Joseph.) She flirts and likely fucks with other men. Yes, we’re told that she never goes home with the men she flirts with by the bartender. But when we do Robert’s ending, we see her go off with another man, talking about his dick. Is she really not going home with that dude to fuck him? Probably not.

But let’s say that she doesn’t fuck all of those men she propositions. Let’s say it is all just flirtation that is her way of unhealthy coping. Mary as a parent isn’t very good. She loses her toddler twice during a party (assuming she found him in the first place) and is supremely unconcerned about him getting harmed. Now, bad marriage or not, that is extremely shitty behavior on her end. Being terrible towards your offspring is a choice you make, not something your spouse (however unfaithful he is) makes for you.

Mary has redeemable traits, yes. And she becomes a likable character that you want out of her horrible situation. But she does things that are terrible that are all her choice.


Oh. Robert. The “Sweet Cinnamon Roll” of the DDADDS universe and slut shamer extraordinaire. If you sleep with him at any point in the game, he kicks you out of his house. If you sleep with him a second time, he gets even nastier, telling you how you want it to be like this. How you’ll come back for even more bad treatment from him. I didn’t go for a third date with Robert, but I assume he gets even worse if you try for a third date on his slut shaming route.

He is friends with Mary, and fucked her husband behind her back. Maybe Mary knows about this. Maybe she doesn’t. The thing is that Robert thinks Joseph is disgusting. So why the fuck is he just enabling Mary’s bad behavior instead of talking her into a divorce with Joseph? Even worse, if the cult ending is real, Robert is one of the few people who knows about it. And that means he isn’t doing jack shit to keep others away from Joseph OR get Mary away from the cult man.

Where Mary shows concern for Robert, Robert does not return that concern. He brushes off your questions about Mary with comments about how she’ll be fine.

He constantly lies to you during your relationship, just so that he can have a laugh at your expense. He drinks too much, and knows he was a bad father. And you have to talk him into even taking the reconciliation attempt his daughter tries to make.

Of course, Robert has good qualities as well. He’s a good dog owner. He whittles. He won’t push you for sex if you stop in the middle of it. He’s just an incredibly fucked up individual. He gets a redemption arc at the end of his story if you as the player talk him into it. He wants redemption, and you become his push to actually try it.


The only difference between Robert and Joseph as datable dads is that you get a redemption choice for Terrible Person Robert and not one for Terrible Person Joseph. (You don’t get any choice at all for Mary, sadly.)

Canonically, neither Mary, Joseph, nor Robert are pure, sweet, cinnamon rolls. They all do fucked up things that cannot be blamed on anyone but themselves. But they also have redeeming traits as well. Morally gray characters are good things to have. Erasing their fuck ups (Especially Robert’s as has been the trend) takes away the interest of their characters.

Just some thoughts on DDADDS now that the “hype” has quieted down

Dream Daddy feels like more of a proof of concept than a fully-fledged dating simulator. And even then, with the structure of the game is more like a visual novel than a dating game. The fact that each character only has three dates reminded me of the support system in Fire Emblem games. The characters have three normal/friendly conversations, then suddenly they’re romantic, then they’re married. The actual “romance” aspect of DDADDS seems limited and there doesn’t seem to be enough time to get to know everyone.

Also, I feel like the devs didn’t really know what they wanted to do…

They wanted to make a dating game but gave the player little choice to really be “romantic” and outright made one character un-datable.

They wanted to make the game humorous and light-hearted but also wanted to include a violent “edgy” twist ending.

They wanted to have a good-sized cast but some characters are obviously more fleshed out than others.

They wanted to make a positive game for the LGBT community but included content and themes that, although were cut, are still triggering to those who have been around such environments.

They wanted to make characters that represent a commonly ignored minority group, single gay fathers with families, one of whom is a transgender man, and one of whom is outwardly religious; yet they either only dip their toe into the deeper issue or avoid it altogether. And I’m all for having a purely positive game that offers a sort of escapism from the issues in the real world, the player is still punished for having casual sex and trying to resolve a failing marriage, a marriage where its problems are likely due to the religious background of the two characters.

They made things too complicated and refused to delve deeper into the very themes they brought up, and that bit them in the ass.

Dream Daddy was a fun game, I’ve already spent 9 hours in it and I plan to spend more. But it also has so much missed potential that I really hope it is either expanded upon and fixed in a sequel/DLC or at least inspires other LGBT creators to make their own games and learn from the mistakes in Dream Daddy.

#Kawakami defense squad

So the creators made Joseph so that we would hate him and ourselves for dating him. Which is bullshit. I didn’t like him bring married from the start, but this is a dating game and he’s a datable character. The only way you’re gonna find out anything about the character is to date him. You can’t hang out with him as friends. They’re trying to make us feel bad for a situation we have no real authority in. In trying to make us hate Joseph they also completely ignored issues of compulsory heterosexuality and what it does to all involved.

Look I love the game. The art is beautiful, the humor is perfect for the game, and the characters and wonderful and endearing. But word to the wise: if you’re going to create a character just for people to hate don’t do it in a dating game and don’t do it in a situation where you don’t seem to clearly understand all the factors of oppression going on.

Long story short the more you try to make me hate Joseph the more I’m gonna come up with alternate endings where he works through his internalized homophobia and becomes happy and Mary becomes happy with herself without Joseph.

I just love that they only have pictures from times we knew they were together to begin with due to pap shoots (Jay’s wedding/”leaked” wedding photos) or numerous snap chats (Fizzy’s in December when we knew Fred was in the UK because of Ashley and Briana’s extra af social media postings). Nobody ever has a photo of Eleanor and Louis or Louis and Fredo from a time when nobody knew they were together. It’s always like “Hey, guys! Look at this easily datable yet technically new photo from that really public time!” And it’s been like that for 5 years.

Lottie doesn’t have a photo of herself with Fred? Or a picture of just Fred? Or a picture of Louis and Eleanor? Even an old one? Nobody has managed to find these after all this time? Still? 

Lmao, got it.

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I think if all idols started being more open about being in relationships, people would start to accept them and stop deluding themselves as much. Fans would ultimately be more loyal because they care less about an idol’s datability(?) and more about their music, the idea of idols being in relationships would become much more accepted, and people would stop feeling “betrayed” when they found out that their oppa had a secret girlfriend for two years because they would be more comfortable revealing their relationship status. Of course they should feel free to keep their private life as private as they please, but generally speaking if it wasn’t so uncommon for idols to openly date, idols dating would be seen less as a scandal and more as simple entertainment news. Plus it’ll weed out some of the delulu crazies who think they’re gonna marry their favorite kpop idol. (There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming about it, but if you actually think it’s going to happen, I pity you.)

I don't know why I'm rating the datability of Lovecraft's men, but here goes

Herbert West: Good-looking and well-employed.  A misogynist if you go by the movie, but not in the original story (or A Shoggoth on the Roof.)  If his repeated attempts to find a fresh enough corpse are any indication, would not give up just because the relationship hits a rough patch.

The guy from Shadow Over Innsmouth: Based on how much time he spends describing the ugly Innsmouth people in a fascinated manner before he just gives up and chases after them, I think he might be Deep One-sexual.  Sorry.

Wilbur Whateley: Ugh.  Ugh ugh UGH.

Randolph Carter: I’m trying to think of a pun based on the word “dreamy” and should probably quit while I’m ahead.

Arthur Jermyn: Would probably kill himself, you and any resulting children if he found out one of his ancestors was Polish.  Do not date.

Charles Dexter Ward: Kind of cute in a dorky way, but could be replaced by his creepy grandfather at any moment.

Nyarlathotep: Based partly on Tesla, so he might be celibate, but can still show people a good time.  Likes to go dancing with witches and take vacations to Kadath.  I picture him looking like Morpheus in The Matrix, so I’d probably date him.

Yog-Sothoth: As good a husband as you can find this side of Aylesbury; and if you knew as much about the hills as I do, you wouldn’t ask for no better church wedding than his.