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I think I read something about kissing Nevra. I mean do you kiss him on the lips or cheek? I dunno I really wonder that. I pre-registered to Eldarya and when it's out I will be with him probably. But there is Leiftan too :( Don't know who I should choose that's hard.

At the last moment, your character don’t kiss him because she is too embarassed.

Leiftan isn’t datable at the moment but he will be in future episodes. It’s very hard to choose but hey even if you pick one and you get tired of one him you can always change your mind so it’s fine  (。´∀`)ノ !

I don't know why I'm rating the datability of Lovecraft's men, but here goes

Herbert West: Good-looking and well-employed.  A misogynist if you go by the movie, but not in the original story (or A Shoggoth on the Roof.)  If his repeated attempts to find a fresh enough corpse are any indication, would not give up just because the relationship hits a rough patch.

The guy from Shadow Over Innsmouth: Based on how much time he spends describing the ugly Innsmouth people in a fascinated manner before he just gives up and chases after them, I think he might be Deep One-sexual.  Sorry.

Wilbur Whateley: Ugh.  Ugh ugh UGH.

Randolph Carter: I’m trying to think of a pun based on the word “dreamy” and should probably quit while I’m ahead.

Arthur Jermyn: Would probably kill himself, you and any resulting children if he found out one of his ancestors was Polish.  Do not date.

Charles Dexter Ward: Kind of cute in a dorky way, but could be replaced by his creepy grandfather at any moment.

Nyarlathotep: Based partly on Tesla, so he might be celibate, but can still show people a good time.  Likes to go dancing with witches and take vacations to Kadath.  I picture him looking like Morpheus in The Matrix, so I’d probably date him.

Yog-Sothoth: As good a husband as you can find this side of Aylesbury; and if you knew as much about the hills as I do, you wouldn’t ask for no better church wedding than his.

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So what can you tell us about our friends the non date able characters? (since you have mentioned it before) Like what they're like a little or names maybe? Because I'm 99.1% sure I would fall in love with them.

Hey screamslikeaman!

Here’s the thing about me, I am able to build a character’s personality, backstory, story arc, and relationships but I am unable to pick a name. I suck at picking names. So while I have a pretty good idea of nearly everything about the non datable characters, I do not have their names picked out yet…sorry!

That being said, I can tell you that Scholar will have two non datable characters as friends! One of them is a trans boy and is in the Athletics department while the other is a girl and is planned to be in the Performing Arts department. Keep in mind that those things can change as we go forward in designing the characters! Those characters will help Scholar in their quest to uncover the mysteries of Arlington Academy…But that’s all I’m going to say for now! I don’t want to spoil too much.

Also, sorry if we make them so charming that you fall in love with them!

Serena, Project Manager

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So I went on a little date with someone yesterday. Pretty uncommon for me since I wasn’t planning on being the datable/boyfriend kind of guy ‘til my late 20′s.

I met up with him around 10 PM. This man was a hunky tall latin/white mix, very friendly and easy to talk to. We first went to a barcade (bar/arcade joint basically) and I met 8 of his friends. I thought I would be nervous, but even to my own surprise, I was able to talk to them all easily. I thought it would have been awkward to be the new outcast vs a group who all knew each other prior.

I even met one of his straight female asian friend who openly talked to me about gay guys and lesbians. And we went to the bathroom together so that must mean something. LOL

Anyway, my date and I had food after and did other things and it was already 6 AM. Shit.

I just kept this post short and sweet this time, because it’s not about fantasizing what we did together, but more to celebrate how far I’ve come as a person and how much hope I have for my future dates. He was highly impressed with my performance, how I was able to meet a bunch of strangers and treat them like long childhood friends, and he was also amazed by my personality, appearance, and future goals. 

I honestly didn’t expect it myself but I’m thankful I have met him. He’s a fair guy - I really like that he didn’t pay for everything. I don’t want a guy to spoil me on the first date. He was sweet, and constantly told me things like, “I can’t believe you are real.“ His career goals are on par which is wonderful. Just the perfect package!

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Persona 5 ask meme 8,9, and 10 :D

8. Character you think will surprise you?

Originally posted by color-division

Morgana. They’ve continued to surprise me throughout the waiting process. Things have changed so much since I started ask-morgana-the-great. Their likes and attitude have been different from what I expected.

The best way for me to describe it is…they’re like a portable cat-parent with expensive taste!!

Originally posted by diabolicallime

Yusuke too though, holy shit…

9. Character(s) you will date first?

Since we only know we can date girls at this point, ANNE AND HARU I really can’t decide between them they are my queens.

However…if we can date guys I really REALLY couldn’t decide. Yusuke, Ryuji, Goro, Yuki…I’m gonna faint from indecisiveness if men are datable.

10.NPC co-ops you are most looking forward to?

Yuki Mishima! It’ll be interesting to see how his role running that website and being a non-party member who knows the thief squad’s identities will effect the story, gameplay, and his own character (…plus he’s a cutie <3).

I understand that my family or adults don’t know that I’m gay. That’s fine, but as a whole, I think we should all stop assuming that everyone is straight.

I’m really sick of people asking me if I have a girlfriend or if I constantly stare at “cute girls”

Okay first of all that is so fucking belittling to women. That isn’t even a thing about sexuality, you don’t fucking treat human beings as datable objects to “stare” at and fantasize about.

I think it’s so fucked up that we expect male teens to just chase after girls and have that “oh I get all the girls” shit.

All sexuality issues aside. Treating any group of human beings like that is fucking bullshit.

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Uh, I have more of a question than an ask... In the 'OC's/candy's being datable' confession did you ask permission from all of the artists to use their art? Because you credited all of the candy's but not all of the artists.

For that ask, I requested people to hand in pictures of their candies and some submitted art made for them. I don’t really know if it was themselves who made the work or if someone else did it, but I suppose you’re right about that.

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Wait... So mystery man isn't romance-able??? He's so handsome tho 😩

Unfortunately not. That said, get enough of your friends to support Animal Lover at release and I promise you that I’ll talk to the rest of the dev team about a potential fifty-somethings dating sim.

Oooh, how cool would that be? Have an older Sean Connery type who’s maybe a hunter, then you’ve got a datable older woman who looks like Angelica Houston and is kind of an older femme fatale? That would be sick as shit.

Tell your friends to buy Animal Lover.

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I don't understand the thing with Deep story vs Casual Story??... Can I change routes once I start deep story? Are only Seven and Jumin datable? Please no spoilers, I am on Day 3!! Thank You (*^﹏^*)

In the Casual Story only Jaehee, Zen, and Yoosung are dateable while in the Deep Route only Jumin and 707 are dateable. This follows Cheritz’s pattern from Nameless where the Common Route had Yeonho, Yuri, and Lance, and afterwards you unlocked Tei and Red. Jumin and 707 are going to reveal more of the plot than those in the Casual Story so if you care about the plot, then I recommend completing the Casual Story first.