Okay, we’ve all thought about Captain Data, I’m sure (and felt very emotional over the prospects) 

But think, if you will, about 

Starfleet Academy Professor Data 

Data being a gentle and understanding professor, who never treats any student’s question as silly or dumb but is more than enthusiastic to explain again and again 

Data who has almost 24/7 office hours because he enjoys talking with and helping his students 

Who takes the students on unexpected “field trips” to the xenobotany greenhouse or has sudden nighttime classes because he’s teaching about some microoganism that’s active only at night and he wants them all to see how cool it is

Who has half his class 100% head over heels in love with him and has one of the best class averages on the exams because not only is he a good teacher but all his students want to make him happy and when Geordi explains that half his kids have a giant crush on him, Data is simultaneously surprised, pleased with himself, and very confused 

Who is happy to help students with issues not even pertaining to the class like advice with first postings and classes to take but he really sucks at any relationship advice so people don’t bother him with that because he really tries and feels really bad that he’s not very good at it

Starfleet Academy Professor Data  

Ok so I got a LOT more responses from the “What would you do in the 24th century” post and I love ALL of these responses. And sadly, both my vocabulary and gif library and too small to respond to these without repeating the same response at least a couple of times so i’m just going to post all of them here and let you know how COOL I think all of these are!

because honestly- these are pretty rad~

Thanks everyone who responded! These are all fantastic!