Shiro’s Age

tSince half of y’all can’t accept the fact that he’s an adult 

First off, Shiro is buff as hell. He’s a wall of pure muscle. He’s taller than the other paladins and could probably benchlift them. He doesn’t look like a teen. This is western animation people, the characters look their age.

Secondly the fact that he was on the Kerboros mission. Additionally he’s been on other mission. The Kerboros mission was important, they wouldn’t send an inexperienced pilot. There’s a reason Lance says Shiro was his hero.

Shiro’s also an instructor at the Garrison. He wears an instructors uniform. It would make sense for him to have had experience before he got the job. The Garrison seems to be pretty important. Not to mention that a bunch of the instructors seem to have medals of some sort

Including my guy Shiro

So if Shiro is a graduated fully fledged pilot with a medal under his belt and enough experience to teach at the Garrison then it would be reasonable to assume he’s at least 24-25. An adult. Not to mention the fact that he calls Lance and Keith “cadets” like an instructor would. And the fact that he spent another year after that with the Galra, making him 25-26.

Just me doing a thing on Shiro

I feel like Young and Menace is a little mesh of 90s grunge and new age electric/edm ishhh??? and I just kinda love it???

myhollanderheart  asked:

37 with Tom Holland

37: Volunteering together

“Babe, I know we have a lot on our plate, so I’m only going to ask you this one last time.”

Your eyes snap open, hands shielding your face from the sun. Beside you is your boyfriend, gauging your expression carefully as he smoothed down the ears of the dog that sat in between his legs. The energetic little thing (Beowulf, named for his rugged look and wolf like features) has a yellow bandana tied to his neck, indicating that he’s one of the many dogs in this park that belongs to the local humane society. The two of you have to be back any moment with this gorgeous young husky, whose eyes blink up at you adoringly.

You know what Tom is going to ask. “Babe,” you say, but it sounds more like you’re trying to persuade yourself. “We’ve got a lot going on.”

“I know, but hear me out,” he says this while holding the dogs hands up in a placating gesture. You almost melt into his whims right then and there. “Look at him.”

“Let’s walk him back and then talk about it?” you say this while sitting up, wrapping your hand tightly around Beowulf’s leash. Tom groans, but none the less stands, Beowulf yawning and padding around his feet. For a shelter dog, his manners were near perfect, and his training seemed to be complete.

“How could a dog like you not have an owner?” you asked Beowulf in an odd voice, one that made Tom stare at you in awe and admiration. He liked this really loving, soft side of you; one that played with animals in cute voices and wore your hair up in a sporty ponytail. He couldn’t imagine volunteering as a date could make him fall even deeper in love with you, but there you were, crouching beside the most adorable husky in the world, eyes wide and smile bright.

He wanted to see this image all the time. He wanted to adopt Beowulf so badly. Partly because he missed having a dog after moving to the states, but also because it felt so domestic. Married couples had dogs, families had dogs.

The word family rung in his head as the two of you walked Beowulf back to the shelter. You were listing out reasons why adopting him would be costly. (“Not just in money, but in time. What if we aren’t always there for him. Owning a dog is new to me. Plus, we just live in an apartment, is that going to be enough room for him to grow?”)

All of your points were (probably) valid, but when it was Tom’s turn to hold the leash, he couldn’t help but let his true feelings show. “If we get this dog,” he started, wetting his lips as if to give him the courage to continue. “It’ll feel like we’re a family.”

You blinked at him, your face emotionless until he saw a glimmer in your eyes. Perhaps happiness, maybe even tears, but you looked away quickly, smiling and biting the inside of your cheek.

And then, cheekily, you replied “I hope you don’t mind shelling out money for food and toys, cause we’re getting the dog.”

One of my favorite things in the World is seeing Wonwoo putting so much passion into his dancing, like yes my dude, work it, show them you’re not just a jukebox, show them your wiggles