Additional Rights Acquired for Date A Live, Red Data Girl, Karneval, and Code:Breaker

Flower Mound, TX (Feb. 21, 2014) – FUNimation announced today that they have acquired the home video rights to the following anime series: Date A Live, Red Data Girl, Karneval, and Code:Breaker. Please see below for additional information on each title.

 From the studio that brought you Cat Planet Cuties and the director of Jormungand comes a hilarious new series. Watch what happens when dating sims and reality shows collide in Date A Live.

 Date A Live synopsis:

 30 years ago, a disaster known as a spacequake obliterated the center of Eurasia without warning, leaving 150 million corpses in its wake. Ever since that day, mankind has lived in constant fear of the spontaneously recurring spacequakes.

 One day, an ordinary high school boy named Shido Itsuka discovers a mysterious girl at ground zero of a recent spacequake. Shido learns, through the help of his sister Kotori, that the girl is one of the Spirits: mystical creatures responsible for the genesis of the spacequakes. As captain of the anti-Spirit airship Ratatoskr, Kotori recruits Shido to help “seal” the sprits, thus ending their threat to mankind.

 There’s just one catch: the only way to seal a spirit – is to make her fall in love with you.

 Date A Live will be available in June 2014. Catch up on episodes on

 From P.A.Works, the studio behind such beautifully rendered works as Hanasaku Iroha and Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea, comes a series where stunning animation and raw emotional power take center stage. See why Anime News Network calls Red Data Girl “one of the year’s best series.”

 Red Data Girl synopsis:

 Izumiko is a fifteen year old outcast who was raised inseclusion at an ancient shrine hidden deep within the forest. This mysterious teenager destroys any electrical device she attempts to use, and her painful shyness has left her with few, if any, friends. Her world begins to evolve after enrolling in Houjou Academy, a school home to students of supernatural origins. Accompanied by her fated guardian, the brooding monk-in-training Miyuki, Izumiko soon discovers the shocking truth about herself: she is a vessel for the spirt of a powerful and vengeful goddess from a time long since passed. As her bond with Miyuki growns stronger, the spirit lurking within Izumiko begins to awaken. Can this fragile beauty learn to control her newfound power– or will the secret she carries make her the enemy of all mankind?

 Red Data Girl will be available on DVD in June 2014.  Catch up on the series on

 Based on the manga by Touya Mikanagi and from the studio behind such hits as Deadman Wonderland, Michiko & Hatchin, and the Sacred Blacksmith. Karneval isa dark, twisted sideshow feature that blurs the line between fairy tale and nightmare.

 Karneval synopsis:

 Armed with only an abandoned bracelet as a clue, Nai searches for someone dear to him. After a run in with a pick-pocket named Gareki, the two find themselves involved in a government set-up that leaves them wanted criminals. Desperate and on-the-run, Nai and Gareki turn to the country’s most powerful defense organization – “Circus” – for help.

 Karneval will be available in June 2014.  Watch episodes on

 From the director of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and the studio behind .hack//Quantum.

 Code:Breaker synopsis:

 Sakura’s normal day is interrupted by a shocking sight: people burning alive in a blue fire – even as one nearby boy remains unharmed by the flames. When Sakura meets the boy, Rei, at school, she learns he’s no simple transfer student. He’s also a Code:Breaker, a government assassin with strange powers. Troubled by Rei’s deadly secret, Sakura sets out to show him the importance of life.

 Code:Breaker will be available on BD/DVD Combo in June 2014. Check out episodes on

Hospitals Are Monitoring Your Health By Peeping At Your Purchases & Online Data

Some hospitals are starting to use detailed consumer data to create profiles on current and potential patients to identify those most likely to get sick, so the hospitals can intervene before they do.

Information compiled by data brokers from public records and credit card transactions can reveal where a person shops, the food they buy, and whether they smoke.

The largest hospital chain in the Carolinas is plugging data for 2 million people into algorithms designed to identify high-risk patients, while Pennsylvania’s biggest system uses household and demographic data. Patients and their advocates, meanwhile, say they’re concerned that big data’s expansion into medical care will hurt the doctor-patient relationship and threaten privacy.

It is one thing to have a number I can call if I have a problem or question, it is another thing to get unsolicited phone calls. I don’t like that,” said Jorjanne Murry, an accountant in Charlotte, North Carolina, who has Type 1 diabetes. “I think it is intrusive.

Murry said she already gets calls from her health insurer to try to discuss her daily habits. She usually ignores them, she said. She doesn’t see what her doctors can learn from her spending practices that they can’t find out from her quarterly visits.

Most of these things you can find out just by looking at the patient and seeing if they are overweight or asking them if they exercise and discussing that with them,” Murry said. “I think it is a waste of time.

Hospitals and insurers need to be mindful about crossing the “creepiness line” on how much to pry into their patients’ lives with big data. It could interfere with the doctor-patient relationship.

Il buon pastore (The Good Shepherd)

  • Artista / Artist: sconosciuto / Unknown
  • Data dell’opera / Date of the work: IV sec. d.C. (4th c. AC)
  • Tipo dell’opera / Type of the work: marmo / Marble
  • Collocazione / Placement: Musei vaticani, Roma (Vatican Museums, Rome), Lazio, Italy
  • Collocazione originale / Original Placement: Catacombe di Domitilla, Roma, Domitilla’s Catacombs, Rome
  • Stile / Style: arte romana cristiana / Roman Christian Art

The Good Shepherd (Greek: ποιμήν ο καλός, poimḗn o kalós) is an image used in the Christian Gospel of John 10:1-21, in which Jesus Christ is depicted as the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep. Similar imagery is used in Psalm 23 (from Wikipedia)

Therefore, the statue is a representation of Jesus Christ.

Infos and Links from Wikipedia and Google Maps

Google Maps

tagged by insurmountable margaret @rockleedropkickinggaaraintheface so here are 10 facts about me:

  1. at any given moment there is a 50% chance that the phrase “why do you play an mmo if you didn’t want to trade vape secrets” is running through my head
  2. in 5th grade i learned all the lyrics to “all-star” to impress a boy
  3. when faced with decisions, i often ask myself “what would naruto do”
  4. my favorite superhero is rictor from x-factor b/c he was very important to me when i was a sad gay teen
  5. my dream is to get hired by a big software company and move to boulder
  6. my favorite photograph is this one
  7. i would definitely date data from star trek the next generation
  8. i think that introvert/extrovert is a false binary
  9. i can’t snap my fingers
  10. my first exposure to elvis presley was the lilo & stitch soundtrack so i get kind of weirded out when “heartbreak hotel” doesn’t start out with “MEEGA LALAKREESTA”

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Data Imagine(Smut Warning)

May I request a romantic, funny date with Data and maybe with it leading to smut? I leave it to you. 😊 thank you

It was a shore leave I decided that I wanted to spend it with my boyfriend Data right now we were sitting in my backyard naming different constellations. Data then made a corny but funny joke. “Alright why was the robot angry?” I shrugged my shoulders and said “I don’t know why?” “Because someone kept pushing his buttons.” I giggled and the funny joke he made “Was that funny Y/n?” I nodded my head and hugged my boyfriend, “I love you Data.” I said laying my head on his chest, “I love you to Y/n.” I then straddled his waist and kissed his lips. I was above him the next thing I know I’m pinned down below him. I grinned and pulled him in for a kiss he then scooped me up in his arms bridle style and brought us to our shared bedroom. Setting me carefully on the bed still in a passionate lip lock. He pulled back with concern “Are you sure you want to do this Y/n?” He said stroking my cheek softly “I’m sure Data.” He nodded his head and kissed me once again sliding my shirt and pants off pulled back to do so. I grabbed the ends of his shirt and slowly lifted it off and I stared at his chest. He smiled and kissed my cheek and slid his pants off as well. “Are you really sure Y/n?” I nodded my head he smiled and slid off my underwear and kissed my clit. I gasped and grasped his hair moaning at the feeling he then slipped two fingers inside me. “Hmm Data.” I moaned once again “Come for me Y/n.” I screamed in pleasure panting I tried to catch my breath. I then opened my eyes and smiled at him he looked at me and I nodded my head. “Let me know if it hurts.” Slipping slowly inside of me I gasped. Tears started to run down my face at the pain, “I apologize Y/n would you like me to stop?” I shook my head “No Data i’m fine just give me a minute.”He waited for me to relax and get used to the feeling and that’s when the pain turned into pleasure and I moaned. “Data faster!” He sped up the pace and I moaned again. “Data please I’m going to come!” “Do it then.” I climaxed with him. He the pulled out and pulled me close to his chest. “I love you Y/n.” I sighed “I love you to Data thank you.” 

Hey I hope you liked this Sorry if it’s crappy I tried my best :( If you want a part 2 morning after part then all you have to do ask and I will write it for you :)