Don't mess with data date formats.

I see a ton of M/D/Y dates in Ontario businesses, since the amount of trade with the USA makes adopting their standard more convenient. My personal little protest is writing dates on forms as 13 Aug 2017, so there’s no confusion on month, and dating files with YY-MM-DD.

I once had an employer take issue with that file naming convention, and he ordered me to change it to MM-DD-YY. These are files that our sales and service people needed constantly, and need in chronological order.

Idiot Manager: “Change these dates to look like regular dates.” Me: “They sort better this way though, and the sales and service people need-” Idiot Manager: “IDGAF, CHANGE IT NOW.” Me: -.- “Yes sir.”

The change forced me to work overtime, which I recorded as time worked (and was not exempt from OT), and productivity in all other departments decreased by at least 50%. The manager gave me notice (fired me), because those orders had cost his budget an extra $4000 of OT while changing decades of dates to a stupid date format, and seriously hampered the other two departments.

During my last week, I took all of the emails we had exchanged about how changing the date format would be a bad idea, and all records of the work I had done, and sent them to the heads of the other departments, the CFO, COO, aand CEO. Just to let them know about the new date format and cascade to their teams, of course, since I wouldn’t be around anymore. Cue a flurry of miffed conversation between all of those executives.

About a week after I had left, I got a call from a very angry former manager about how I had cost him his job. Hung up on him. A couple of hours later, got a call from the COO, who conferenced in the other department heads, and they offered me that manager’s job (after I fixed the dates back). We settled on a 10% raise on that manager’s salary, and another $5,000 to fix the dates.

The CFO and COO greeted me upon returning, asking how long the reversal would take. I had them wait a moment, and ran a script that I had written the night prior that would change all the dates back in under an hour. I was lucky that they weren’t upset, and understood exactly what I had done. Especially since I pointed out that I didn’t need to hire someone else to do my old job, and we saved an entire salary by combining the two jobs.

TL;DR: Idiot manager switches date formats, loses job, I get paid just under ten grand to do a bunch of busywork and run a script to reverse that busywork, plus his job and raise. Bonus points for saving the company (well, my department) money overall.

As an addendum, we were not the IT department and so the manager did not understand what programming was or that the change could be automated.

Meeting Catarina

(also available on ao3)

Alec was nervous. He didn’t even know why – his life was the most perfect it had ever been, with both Valentine and Sebastian dead. Things had calmed down immensely, and while he still had an Institute to run, his work load had dropped significantly.

Thus he’d spent as much time with Magnus as possible, to the point where he hadn’t slept in the Institute for a little over 3 weeks. They even had movie night with his siblings a few days ago, the annoying vampire and Clary in tow. Isabelle insisted he and Magnus were disgustingly cute. She teased them a lot about it, acting annoyed at never being able to hold Alec’s attention for long, because he kept getting distracted by Magnus.

They both knew she didn’t mean it though. She was nearly as happy as Alec himself over them working things out. Which didn’t prevent her from throwing snacks at him whenever she caught Alec staring at Magnus.

So all things considered – life was perfect. His relationship was perfect. But he was still nervous. Because he was about to meet Magnus’ oldest friend for the first time – Catarina Loss. He didn’t feel at all prepared. He’d heard a lot about her from Magnus, who liked to tell him his adventures with Cat and Ragnor, while they cuddled on the couch on the balcony watching the New York skyline.

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Santi francescani (Franciscan Saints)

  • Artista / Artist: Andrea Della Robbia (1435 - 1525)
  • Data dell’opera / Date of the work: 1493/1495
  • Tipo dell’opera / Medium: terracotta invetriata / Glassified Terracotta
  • Collocazione / Placement: Spedale degli Innocenti, Firenze, Toscana / Hospital of the Innocents, Florence, Tuscany, Italy
  • Stile / Style: rinascimento / Renaissance

The Hospital was built between 1417 and 1436 by Filippo Brunelleschi and other architects, and decorated in the late 15th century by Andrea Della Robbia. It was a children’s orphanage, hence the name.

Fun fact: the name “Hospital of the Innocents” was quite common for Central Italian orphanages in the past centuries. Many descendants of those orphans still bear the surname “Degli Innocenti”, which was given to the abandoned children.

Why Are We Still Hurting Dogs?
External image

This is very unlike me, but I need to vent.

I was browsing Instagram and came across a picture of an adorable, fat-faced pit bull (not pictured). “Oh! How cute. But what’s all of that…”

I enlarged the photo to see a dog wearing a flat collar, a shock collar, and a prong collar (leash clipped to the prong). I notice who posted the picture… a local well-known dog trainer who is extremely outspoken regarding his use of and promotion of punishment-based training methods.

The dog was available for adoption. He was labeled as trained, dog and kid friendly, and food motivated.

So I’m over here, desperately struggling to understand… WHY are these devices necessary?!

Did the dog jump on or bite at people? That can be corrected without pain.

Did the dog steal food from the garbage or off the counters? That can be corrected without pain.

Did the dog react violently towards dogs, skateboarders, or any other stimuli while on leash? That can be corrected without pain.

Did the dog growl or bite when removed from the couch? That can be corrected without pain.

Seriously. All of it. And way, way more. If we can train a hyena to present itself for a voluntary blood draw, a whale to pee in a cup, or an African wild dog to “smile” for tooth brushing without painful training methods, there is simply no comprehensible reason that these methods will not work for your pet. Force-free / humane / positive / progressive (whatever you care to call them) training methods DO work, and proof is plainly available for those who care to see it.

It’s at about this point that I frequently hear, ‘well, if you don’t like punishment-based methods, don’t use them. They’ve always worked for my dog’.

External image

It’s really not that simple. For starters, I often need to fix dogs that are emotionally crippled by punishment-based trainers. Additionally, this attitude perpetuates the belief that when it comes to dog training, “there’s no one right way”. Or that “different methods work for different people”. To an extent, that’s absolutely true. But when you motivate a dog with an electric shock and I motivate a dog with a piece of dehydrated liver, my way of training isn’t different. It’s better.

When your idea of behavior modification is setting a dog up to fail and then holding it on it’s side until it can hardly breathe, but mine is setting a dog up for success and rewarding it for appropriate behavior, my way of training isn’t different. It’s better.

When your training practices rely on thoughts, theories and beliefs which have been debunked by decades worth of behavioral and ethological research, but my mine are the result of over a decade’s worth of strategic research based upon the most up-to-date scientific data available, my way isn’t different. It’s better.

And to those who believe that humane methods are fine for 'soft’ dogs and puppies, but that these tools are necessary for “extreme” cases (animal killers, “red zone dogs”, whatever)… join the club. That’s what I thought, too. Now I understand how preposterously backwards that line of thinking is. If you have to tell a dog “hey, don’t attack that thing – or else!”, you are essentially walking a loaded weapon around and hoping that the safety is on. Prong and shock collars do not correct aggression in any way… they suppress it. This is why so many punishment-based trainers view themselves as being the last option for dogs. If punishment doesn’t work, it is made more extreme until the dog: a) submits to a state of learned helplessness and gives up, or b) refuses to stop fighting for its life (or, in other words, stops 'acting aggressively’). It is at this point that many trainers will deem a dog beyond help and suggest euthanasia.

Yes, humane training methods work for aggressive dogs. If you don’t believe me, at least listen to Jim Crosby. Jim is the only expert in the world who routinely consults with dogs who have killed human beings. He does his consultations in neck-to-ankle Kevlar. He is a leading authority on extremely aggressive dogs, and he is also a staunch supporter of force-free training.

“Unwarranted aggression is an undesirable behavior pattern that needs to be redirected. Redirection can definitely be accomplished by using praise and cookies. I do it every day. Interrupt the unwanted behavior-before it becomes an avalanche-and redirect the behavior to an incompatible behavior. Reinforce (with praise, cookies, etc). Rinse and repeat.”

He isn’t the only one who does it, folks. The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, and many more organizations are filled with thousands of people – applied animal behaviorists, veterinary behaviorists, certified professional dog trainers and beyond – who treat aggressive dogs without the use of shock or prong collars (or anything else designed to cause pain or fear). If they can successfully change the behavior of pet dogs without utilizing methods that are painful or frightening, why can’t anyone else?

The fact is: anyone can. I do not know why some people cling to certain concepts with unrelenting persistence. I suspect that it has a lot to do with ego, and a refusal to admit that there may be a better way than what they already know. But seriously… enough is enough. We know better. Start doing better.

External image

We bring these animals into our homes with full knowledge of their innate drives, desires and follies. We acquire dogs knowing that they may bark at other dogs, or dig in the yard, or discover treasure in the garbage. Yet some people still treat these behaviors and others like them as criminal offenses which need to be punished severely.

Stop. Train your dogs. Meaning, take time out of your day to actually show them what you want from them. Drop the ridiculous expectations. Dogs aren’t psychic, and do not deserve to be hurt because they don’t understand our rules.

To the trainer of the adorable, porky black pit bull who is apparently so out of control as to require three collars (two of which are designed to inflict pain): Send him over to me. That garbage is straight-up unnecessary, and I’ll show you myself if you’re struggling to believe it.

Stop looking for excuses to hurt dogs.

There is no justification.

Visual Novels: the Rise of a Medium

Over the past decade the Western VN scene has changed dramatically. From being the realm of a few die-hard fans enviously eyeing those who could read Japanese, it’s become a small but profitable niche of the Western game industry. With both home-grown talent and official localisations starting to target the expanding fan-base, we can expect to see changes in the kind of content being produced. This series of posts will try to track those changes and perhaps offer a glimpse into where the medium is going.

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Date a girl who loves information and data. Date a girl who knows the length of every papacy since the first century. Date a girl who memorizes the scientific names of as many obscure beetles as she can. Date a girl who gets excited whenever new census data is released. Date a girl who loves the concept of sports but has never played them nor does she want to.

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Hey! Can you pleaseee make a post on how to read transits? I know most of my chart and the natal aspects but I get confused with the transit chart, do we read a transiting plant wrt to natal or also wrt to transit and can you tell me how to say what aspect is made, all I can identify is opposite, a red line spaced by 7 houses. Thank you so so much!!

There are two ways to read transits – personal and general. To read personal transits, overlay the current positions of the planets & such upon a natal chart to see how they will be affecting a particular person. To read general transits, simply observe the current positions of the planets and interpret how they may influence the collective. I’ll give an example of both.

First, find a transit calculator; I’ll be using (Free Horoscopes > Extended Chart Selection > Natal chart and transits*). I’ve input random birth data and also today’s date so I can demonstrate.

We see that Jupiter (♃) is in Libra (♎) passing through the 10th house and forming a conjunction to the natal North Node. If this was a real person, he may experience very positive growth in his career, possibly becoming very popular and/or sought after as someone who is desirable to work with; he’d see an increase in opportunities and fruition of his plans, as well as a strengthening of the connection between him and his life purpose. It’s at the 13th degree of Libra so it trines his natal 15th degree Gemini Pluto in the 7th house, suggesting a change in position that brings more power and some self-realization in context to his potential.

However, that’s just how this Jupiter transit would affect this person. In general transits, there are no houses – unless you want to calculate the chart for a specific place or event (which will make it less general lol). So Jupiter in Libra can manifest in many different ways, but the basis is that there is abundance, luck, and growth in an interpersonal & aesthetic-oriented energy – for some people, this may result in new relationships or sudden recognition for artistic talent, and for others there could be an upgrade into a nicer house that provides opportunities for socialization with pleasant neighbors. When you take the other planets into account, such as Neptune at the 14th degree of Pisces, more detail comes into focus: Libra Jupiter quincunx Pisces Neptune suggests discomfort with idealism, so there’s a shift in interpersonal dynamics rippling through the collective – people are realizing what is fair & unfair, learning to make the distinction between objective truths and illusions that damage connections. A lot of people may break up for this reason and then find themselves in a sea of potential and/or budding romances.

Reading transits is simple but only if you have solid knowledge of the themes and energies of the Zodiac & planets. It is essentially a temporary natal chart that has influence in every single person’s life for a limited amount of time, a blanket concept covering all sorts of situations & lifestyles & circumstances.

As for identifying aspects, try not to pay too much attention to the color that a website assigns to them, or the houses between them, especially with the Placidus system (it’s unequal & thus very unpredictable, wildly varying with different locations). The easiest way to figure them out is to memorize what signs exact aspects take place between – exact aspects meaning ones with a 0-degree orb. Perfect aspects. This is a good guildeline to keep in mind as long as you know there are exceptions. Exact trines take place in signs of the same element; exact squares take place in signs of the same modality; exact oppositions take place between sister signs; and so on. Once you know that formula like the back of your hand you’ll begin to notice aspects and their orbs. You could also take the mathematical route and memorize the Zodiac as a 360 degree circle, and divide it according to the aspects’ angles. Don’t worry too much about identifying aspects because the website will usually do it for you, either providing a clear written list (like Astrotheme) or a table with glyphs (like Astro, pictured above). It will become ingrained in your mind with practice.

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Okay but the Shatt instagram post made me think of like yeah, a modern AU, where Shiro is a grumpy old man who resists social media so he's just always telling Matt "hey post this on twitter for me." At this point Matt's #shirosays tweets get enough likes and retweets that Shiro does want to make his own account but he's too stubborn to give in after all this time.

See, my problem with this is that I don’t buy grumpy old man Shiro.  Dude is a pilot and astronaut.  He’s not exactly unsavvy to tech.  But on the other hand I feel like he very much keeps his social media presence groomed b/c a) Shiro does care about his appearance (he covers all skin he can post-Galra, keeps a very specific haircut that he probably self-maintains, eyeliner if you believe in that), and b) he wants to keep it presentable for when he’s looked into for missions/by officers.

So, Shiro doesn’t put a lot of his real life stuff on social media.  And occasionally he’ll be like ‘Hey, hey Matt, post this thing do the food post thing’, but more likely, Matt started a #ShitShiroganeSays account all on his own.  Matt is also a serial tagger.

“No, don’t add sugar to my coffee, Red Bull is already sweet” #HeartAttackAt25 #GradStudentLife

“Don’t diss Riker because you want to date Data” #ShiroHasACrush #DateARobotWhoCanDoBoth #HotOrNotStarTrekEdition

[Picture of Shiro scowling, reaching past the camera and yelling] “Give me back my beanie!” #BadHairDay #WhoKnewItHappened #Miracle #Blessed 

(Would these fit?  Probably not.  Future Space Twitter gives 400 characters or w/e)


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Homeworld trips where everyone assumes they’re dating with Data plzz 

Requested by Anon~

“Would your mate like to join us for the evening meal?”

Looking up from your PADD, you gave the alien scientist a look. She seemed sincere in her question, which confused you further. “My mate?” You echoed dumbly.

She nodded, pointing to the other room, where Data was busy scanning the device you both had been tasked with repairing. “The android is your mate, yes? A strange concept, but your species is very advanced, so I suppose it’s normal for you.”

Instantly, heat rushed into your face and you thoroughly began shaking your head. “Oh, Data isn’t my mate.” You quickly corrected with an embarrassed smile. “We’re just good friends.”

The scientist gave a curious tilt of her head. “Is that so? You both exhibit behavior much like mated pairs do; I just assumed you were together…”

Hurt | Poe Dameron

Pairing: ReaderxPoe

Warnings: Blood, violence, etc. (y’all it’s Star Wars like when won’t there be???)

Word Count: 1,172

Snap was volunteered to tell the Commander the news. Poe had been gone for a week on a mission by himself, and during that time you had come back from your Ground Ops mission. As the Commander of that particular group, you were scoping out the Imperial controlled planet to see if a coup would be possibly. But Stormtroopers saw you and your lieutenant commander, Bessi, recognizing the rebellion symbol on your jackets. They shot you four times and missed Bessi entirely (of course the one stormtrooper who could actually shoot got you) before Bessi out the three dead. She picked you up and ran out of there the best she could, trying to get back to the converted cargo ship quickly.
By the time you guys made it back, both you and Bessi had been shot a few more times (you totally 7 shots through you and she had 2). The pilot who had come with you, Jem, got the ship off the ground in record time while your troops started doing some temporary patching on you and your lieutenant. 

With you and Poe in a very long, very committed relationship, even so much as a scratch made Poe worry about you. If anything, you should be worried about him since hand-to-hand combat was not a strength he held and every time he ended up in one of those situations he came looking like a rag doll gone wrong. But you never worried as much as he did about you. Well, that was a lie. You just never overstepped your boundaries as a Ground Ops Commander and tried to tell the pilot what to do, unlike what he would do to you in his panic and worry.

“Hey Snap!” Poe smiles, seeing his fellow pilot standing and waiting for him. His brown eyes search the area to see if you are anywhere, but you aren’t. “Where’s (Y/N)? She always comes and sees me!”

“Yeah, uh, Poe, that’s why I’m here…” Snap says. 

Poe descends the ladder that dropped from his X-Wing; BB-8 also releases from his hold, dropping to the ground and whirring past Poe straight to Snap. Poe walks towards Snap slowly. 

“What happened to her?” he whispers. 

“She got shot… 7 times.”

Poe’s face visibly falls. His eyes continue to search his friend’s face, however, despite the sudden crease on his forehead. He needs answers to questions he cannot formulate. 

“She’s not dead, Poe. But she is hurt. She’s been in the medbay for the past four days.”

Without another word, Poe bolts off, rushing past his friend and into the hangar. 

Snap sighs and closes his eyes. At least Poe didn’t scream, right?

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What about dancing with Data on holodeck date? 😳 

Requested by Anon~

The way the android moved was a bit slow and unsure, but definitely well-rehearsed. It was surprising to find out that Data could dance. “Well, this is a surprise.” You awkwardly smiled up to the android.

Data merely blinked at you once. “What do you mean?”

“I just didn’t know you could dance, is all.” You replied with a more genuine smile.

He was careful to keep his eyes on you the entire time; just like Doctor Crusher instructed him. “I received lessons for this specific occasion. I thought it would make you,” Data paused for a moment to think of the right word, “happy.”

Just then, Data took you by surprise by spinning you, his hand keeping contact with yours the whole time. When he pulled you close, Data was pleased to find you grinning. “I’m definitely happy.”


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Imagine dating data and Riker being all like ????????????? 

Requested by Anon~

Riker saw you and Data sitting together, and when you made eye contact with him from across the room, that’s when he started walking over. A perfect opportunity to spend some time with friends off-duty. “Good evening.” The Commander greeted when he approached. “Is there someone sitting here?”

Both you and Data looked up to the Commander. And Data didn’t look particularly embarrassed, but you were smiling shyly and rubbing the back of your neck. “Actually, Will, we…uh-”

“Y/N and I are currently having a date.” Data stated, and the bluntness made you hide your face in your hands. “I am sorry, but dates are traditionally between two parties. Right now, that is myself and-”

“Wait, hold on.” Riker interrupted, looking to you for clarification. “You and Data are together now?”

You looked back up to the Commander, giving a weak smile. “Surprise?”

Masterlist [06/04/17]

Here’s an updated mobile masterlist to tide you guys over until I write again. xx


  1. John imagine - “Leave her alone.”
  2. Malcolm drabble - you’re his sister
  3. Trip imagine - de-con talks
  4. Malcolm drabble - PDA
  5. John imagine - jefferies tube acoustics
  6. John drabble - “Did you enjoy yourself last night?”
  7. John drabble - “For some reason, I’m attracted to you.”
  8. Dating John would include…
  9. Malcolm drabble - “Stop talking about the past, I could be dead in a matter of hours… make me up a future.”
  10. Being friends with Trip would include…
  11. John drabble - “Go then, leave! See if I care!”
  12. Malcom drabble - “Oh my god! You’re in love with them!”
  13. Trip imagine - you’re shy
  14. John drabble - “I thought you were dead.”
  15. Malcolm imagine - you’re taken hostage
  16. Trip imagine - sleepless nights
  17. Malcolm drabble - “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”
  18. John drabble - “That’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant.”
  19. Being Trip’s twin would include…
  20. Malcolm drabble - “Go then, leave! See if I care!”
  21. John drabble - dress shopping
  22. John imagine - pillow fights
  23. Trip being your boss would include…
  24. Cheering John up would include…

New Movies:

  1. Being Bones’ younger sister would include…
  2. Bones drabble - “Have you lost your damn mind?!”
  3. Being Jim’s twin would include…
  4. Jim drabble - “I can’t explain right now, but I need you to trust me.”
  5. Jim drabble - “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”
  6. Bones drabble - “I’m going to take care of you, okay?”
  7. Bones drabble - “Were you ever going to tell me?”


  1. Falling in love with Data would include…
  2. Dating Data would include…
  3. Data drabble - “Is there a special reason as to why you’re wearing my shirt?”
  4. Data drabble - you tell Tasha and Deanna about your crush
  5. Worf drabble - “You did this for me?”
  6. Data imagine - pet names
  7. Data drabble - “You never told me you had a fucking twin.”
  8. Jean-Luc flirting with you would include…
  9. Q loving you would include…
  10. Being friends with Worf would include…
  11. Jean-Luc imagine - he realizes he loves you
  12. Data drabble - “When I picture myself happy … it’s with you.”
  13. Will imagine - midnight visits
  14. Will being a father figure to you would include…
  15. Data drabble - he protects you


  1. B'Elanna imagine - best friends
  2. Going on a date with the Doctor would include…
  3. Tom imagine - date night
  4. Janeway drabble - “You’ve only heard his side of the story. You never asked for mine.”
  5. Doctor drabble - “I love you, you asshole.”
  6. Harry drabble - “I thought you were dead.”
  7. Being friends with Tom and Harry would include…
  8. Chakotay imagine - near death confessions
  9. Icheb imagine - you’re shy
  10. Being Harry’s twin would include…
  11. Being shy around the doctor would include…
  12. Doctor imagine - “You did this for me?”
  13. Being Icheb’s friend would include…
  14. The doctor being jealous would include…
  15. Tom imagine - kidnapped

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Imagine Geordi setting you up on a blind date with Data after he get his emotion chip cause Geordi knows you like Data? 

Requested by Anon~

“Geordi, I have never been on a date before…”

“And you’ll do great, especially now that you have your emotion chip.” Geordi encouraged, giving his friend a smirk. “They really like you, ya know. I think you’re going to have a good time.”

Data blinked at Geordi before giving a slight nod, allowing the engineer to lead him to Ten Forward. He could tell Data was nervous; which was an odd sight in itself. But Geordi was excited. He knew how much you’ve taken a liking to Data, and if he knew anything about his friend, Data will at least enjoy your company.

{A/N} I’ve been watching a BUNCH of Star Trek shows and movies recently, and found myself once again in the depths of the final frontier. I’m absolutely in love with Data, honestly, so I decided to do some headcanons! So, Star trek requests are most welcome! Also, I love getting messages from you all, so that’s welcome as well. No request needed!

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- Helping him figure out ways to become more personable

- He’s very unsure of himself when it comes to romance

- You always assuring him that he’s just learning if he screws something up accidentally 

- Teaching him the concept of cuddling

- It took a few times of him actually doing it before he got more comfortable with it

- Now he loves it

- Data likes to read you to sleep

- He’s awkward, but he’s trying

- He goes to Riker and Geordi for advice on how to win your affections

- He isn’t very jealous, as he trusts you very much

- He believes communication is the key to a healthy relationship

- Not that you two got in any sort of fights very often

- He can get a bit clingy, at times

- He’s always very gentle when he touches you

- Would absolutely risk everything for you

- He loves to look at you and observe everything you do