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Interesting science observation in Digimon Adventure Tri

So I’m a science nerd and I’m watching Digimon Adventure Tri, having a great time, feeling like a kid again, all is right with the world. But then I notice a detail, a teeny tiny detail that there’s a chance the creators didn’t even intend to be analyzed like this. But that’s not how my brain works, so my ticker clocks into overdrive over the long term ramifications in the Digimon franchise of the simple existence of a 2 in a place you wouldn’t even know there isn’t even supposed to be one.

Allow me to explain.

All of our computer and electronic signals can be broken down into a language called binary, which is comprised of the ever popular digital ones and zeros. See, inside of your computer is a series of circuits and paths for electrons to follow through and the presence or absence of these electrons forms the basis for computational processes. Binary is called binary because any given bit can only exist in one of two states; there is an electron present or there is not, a 1 or a 0. These individual 1′s and 0′s, these electrons and lack of electrons, are all programming is. There are other languages built up for higher processes, such as hexadecimal (base 16 instead of base 2 for binary), but even that gets broken down into binary for the sake of data transmission and calculations. The ultimate point here is all computer programs are ultimately made of 1′s and 0′s. No shocker there.

So enter Digimon Adventure Tri. The premise of the entire Digimon franchise is that Digimon, and the Digital World they come from, are solid living digital lifeforms made of computer code. Various iterations of the franchise even directly refer to the 1′s and 0′s that Digimon are made of. But a small detail in Tri changes things slightly. Go back and watch the scenes where the Digimon digivolve. During the animation you briefly see their code exposed and running across their bodies before the process is compete. Below is a freezeframe from the scene that plays when Agumon digivolves into Greymon.

Ok, nothing we haven’t seen before in this franchise, Tamers had a similar sequence, got your 0′s and your 1′s and-wait a sec…is that a…

2? A 2? Why a 2? Oh there’s another 2, oh there’s more 2′s, WHY ARE THERE 2′S?!

This, my friends, is not binary. This is a base 3 coding language called trinary, which doesn’t really exist. I’m sure someone in this world has tried coding in base 3, but with the way our electronics work, that code would still be broken down into binary for the device to function and to communicate with other devices. But what this means for Digimon is that the Digimon themselves are coded in trinary and not binary.

And…that actually explains a few things. One, it gels nicely with the fact that this is Digimon Adventure TRI, so that’s likely the reason it was thrown in there by the creative team. It also forms a nice parallel to the rock-paper- scissors nature of Digimon, in that every Digimon is either a Data, Vaccine, or Virus type and they have a rock-paper-scissors weakness cycle in that order. Each bit a Digimon is made of can be in one of three states (a 0, a 1, or a 2) just like each Digimon is one of the three types.

But I think there’s more to it than that other than these meta reasons. Throughout the Digimon shows it’s been demonstrated that Digimon themselves interfere with electronic devices; TVs, cell phones, etc get all fuzzy and don’t work right when a Digimon gets near them or travels through their cyberspace. This could be because when the devices either read that Digimon’s code or some sort of digital aura that they give off, it starts screwing up because it literally cannot read their trinary data. They read the 0′s and 1′s just fine, but once that third state shows up they are not physically equipped to handle that and they spazz out.

I also think this might be the thing that makes Digimon special and not just like any other AI. Not only are Digimon physically solid and alive, they also are able to form unique connections with human beings and gain power and energy through those connections. This weird unknown third bit type could be the missing link that makes Digimon different to IBM Watson or an actual Tamagotchi, what gives the Digital World the ability to be such a wondrous place.

So that’s me overanalyzing a background detail, I hope you all learned something. Have a great day!

Non-Essential Data

9S and 21O get frustrated with the fact that 2B and 6O won’t ask each other out.  Dating: HACKED.

“Pod, what data do you have on this?” 2B’s voice seemed normal enough, or it would’ve if 9S hadn’t been working with her long enough to recognize the slight hint of excitement in her voice.

“This species of plant was commonly referred to as ‘lilac’ by humanity,” came Pod 042’s monotone reply. 9S couldn’t help but attribute a degree of amusement to the Pod’s response, though he knew he was imagining it.

“Take an image and transmit the data to 6O.”

“Working… data transmission complete.”

9S sighed, “How many is that now?”

“Unit 2B has cataloged and transmitted visual data on 179 flowering plant species to Operator 6O,” Pod 153 responded.

“It was a rhetorical question Pod.” 9S shook his head. “2B?”

The android turned to her partner, the slight upward curve of her lips quickly replaced by a look of concern.  “What is it?”

“You’ve been sending 6O a lot of pictures of flowers… are you ever gonna–”

“Going to what?”

“Y'know…” 9S paused, “ask her out?

2B recoiled as if burned.  “What?! No… of course not.  I couldn’t. I’m just…”

“…sending her pictures of every flower we come across?”

2B scoffed, her usual emotionless mask slipping back into place. “It’s important to ensure that my operator’s morale is high in order to maintain mission effectiveness.”

“Yeah, yeah… morale… mission effectiveness.  Got it.”

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July 11, 1962, Telstar 1 is launched aboard a Thor-Delta rocket at Cape Canaveral. The first live television broadcasts, faxes, and phone calls were delivered through this satellite, ushering in an era of instantaneous data transmissions from all over the world. 

Telstar 1 and it’s nearly identical twin, Telstar 2, were developed in a multinational partnership between NASA, Bell, AT&T, National PTT and GPO (of France and the UK respectively). Telstar weighed 170 pounds, with a diameter of 35 inches, and was covered in solar panels to provide electricity. The size and design of the satellite was limited by the capabilities of the Thor-Delta. The instrumentation carried were simple transponders, requiring massive earth-based receivers to transmit the signals relayed by the satellites.

Telstar 1 would successfully prove telecommunications through satellites before experiencing failure in February 1963, due to increased radiation exposure caused by Cold War nuclear tests at high-altitudes, causing damage to the delicate transistors aboard the craft. Telstar 2 would launch in May of 1963. Subsequent Telstars would be launched in the 1980s and 90s, with the latest, Telstar 19V, scheduled to launch in 2018 on a SpaceX Falcon 9. These newer Telstar satellites are similar to the twins Telstar 1 and 2 in name only.

While not as sexy as the Mercury 7, or as memorable as Sputnik, Telstar 1 and 2 are seminal to the history of modern telecommunications, proving the concept of the communications satellites, without which, life as we are accustomed would not be possible. While non-functioning, both Telstar 1 and 2 continue to orbit the earth. A backup craft to Telstar 1 and 2 is on display at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington DC. 

Also in 1962, The Tornados release an instrumental song that becomes the first UK single to reach #1 on the charts in the US. 

For Science, Chapter 3 [Voltron, Shidge, 3/4]

“Are you comparing me to a computer?” Shiro asks. His own voice echoes back in his ears, dancing the line between nervous and so, so hopeful.

“Yeah,” Pidge spits out, “yeah, I am.”

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Pidge|Katie Holt x Shiro, Lance x Keith
Rating: T, for swearing and implied sexual content
Words: total 34591
Tags: Shidge, swearing, ancillary Klance/Klancillary, let’s talk about our feelings NOT, Pidge is a little shit, gymnastics, antics, FOR SCIENCE duh, cuddling, oblivious Shiro is oblivious, AGED UP, FIVE YEARS LATER, kissing finally

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Chapter One  Chapter Two

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Keith tells Shiro to talk to Pidge. Shiro doesn’t.

For three long days, Shiro skirts around the issue, always finding something urgent to do when Keith attempts to ask him about it. Even Lance tries to approach him a few times, but that shit-eating grin of his gives him away, and Shiro is long gone before Lance can corner him.

It’s not that he’s avoiding Pidge - he couldn’t, even if he tried, and as the days crawl forward, it hits him harder and deeper that he really doesn’t want to. As much of their time as before, if not more, is spent together. Every morning Pidge slides into the seat next to him and across their bond shares her amusement at whatever new drama has taken over the breakfast table. Coran alerts them to the fact that they’re nearing the edge of the system, and that the Castle’s information on the next system over is thousands of years out of date. So, the two of them spend hours pressed shoulder-to-shoulder, hunched over a system map and strategizing. Pidge interprets the data relayed from sensors Lance and Keith had taken out in their lions while Shiro begins analyzing potential hazards and plotting the safest means for them to approach the system. The satisfied thrum of the connection between them holds until they part after dinner. For two nights straight, he watches Pidge walk away from him, either to her room or down to the labs, and take the remnants of their psychic link with her.

And for two nights straight, the nightmares yank him from sleep hard enough to send him careening off the bed. Shaking and on all fours, he dry heaves in between gasps for breath that aren’t deep enough. Once pulse and stomach settle, minutes later, Shiro knows he’s up until breakfast. Even then, the air doesn’t really sit right in his lungs until he sees the brown thatch of hair stumble into the dining room and slump over the table with sleepy, murmured greetings.

Shiro doesn’t think he’s being all that obvious about his lack of sleep - it’s been a consistent problem for years. Midway through the third day of system plotting, though, Pidge bumps his shoulder with hers and says, “You wanna go rest for a bit? I can come get you when Lance and Keith are done with the data transmission.”

She scoffs at his reassurances that he’s fine, but doesn’t bring it up again. The rest of the day’s work is quiet, but companionable, even as they exchange strains of worry and soothing through their bond.

It’s nearing evening when Hunk pages Pidge from down in the hangar. Like a blade, the crackle of noise from the PA cleaves straight through their bond.

“Hey, uh, Pidge, Coran an’ I have some smoking circuitry down in the gravity adjusters and could totally use some backup. Or maybe a fire extinguisher. Both?”

“Both is good!” Coran’s voice echoes from further back.

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♕: Holding hands {Vulcan hand porn requested by Jimothy}

NON - SEXUAL ACTS OF INTIMACY.      selective. 

it is hardly the FIRST time jim has chanced a move at his hand ;  so really spock should be prepared. however it is of his great dismay  that he is not. they are walking in between buildings heading of course to spocks apartment for an evening meal which he would prepare. the touch is unexpected  ;  (   they are in the eyes of others   )   a sudden flush creeps up the back of his neck dangerously close to not being hidden by his collar.   despite his nerves wracking his finds himself stroking the top of jims hand gently   ;  the tips of his ears beginning to turn green.  his step QUICKENS. he needs to get away.  but yet the advanced phonology professor could not bring to move his hand away.  

@ducitstella  have a flustered vulcan lmao. 

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¡ Pet Peeves

Send a symbol to hear my muse talk about their

     ‘ I brush it off as a joke, but it’s … troublesome when someone keeps my notebooks away from me or tries to read it. ’

     He gives off a sheepish laugh, awkward to have admitted this much, but it was difficult in this world to live without technology. 

     His pokemon couldn’t be kept in pokeball, so he would have to let someone else hold them or transport just enough to keep on hand. He was lucky most of them preferred to stay translucent, visible only by others that could see ghouls. It wasn’t as though he hadn’t tried to find a solution to it. The old fashioned pokeballs that were wound—even older than apricorn balls—were too expensive under his budget that three was all he could afford.

     Although he had been issued a pokedex long ago, it was left at his locker, never to be used, more as a symbol of becoming a trainer after how many years. He wouldn’t have been able to use it for long anyways.

    Having these journals, jotting down all he can, was essential to his job. At times, they were the only way to record memories—as silly as it was to have a journal at this day and age. He wasn’t sure if he could even be photographed correctly, without some sort of fog blocking his way. 

     He scratched his brow a bit. 

     ‘ It does contain plenty of information about my travels, so it would be highly confidential in general. Worst case scenario, I’d have to burn it and save all the information by memory. ’   

Bifurcation of the aerosol trails is due to the duel thrust emissions from the high-bypass turbofan engine - with a minority of thrust coming from the combustion stage and most thrust developed in the bypass stage.

Only 15% to 20% of the air intake goes into the engine combustion chamber to produce the water vapor necessary for a contrail to form. Remarkably, a whopping 80% to 85% of the thrust that exits the engine NEVER passes into the combustion chamber. This means that 85% of the thrust exiting the engine is INCAPABLE of producing a contrail.   Furthermore, the 15 to 20% that is subjected to combustion is almost completely neutralized by the dominant mixing from the 85% of “dry” thrust that passes around the combustion chamber to provide almost all the thrust.  The thrust from the combustion chamber creates the appearance of a “bifurcated” trail because the 15% of the emission creates the small doughnut hole in the bypass thrust where the aerosols are injected, hidden beneath the engine cowling.  This finding explains why no fuel additives are found to explain the chemical trails since the additives would degrade engine performance if passed though the combustion chamber.  To avoid engine damage, the aerosols are injected in the bypass stage where aerosols will not come into contact with critical engine parts.

Lastly, commercial pilots likely have little control of aerosol emissions since the ability to start and stop the chemical spray is controlled remotely as in “drone” or fly-by-wire technology from a remote site. Modern jet engines are fitted with transponders that report engine performance to the manufacture through transmission of data to a satellite. With radio frequency communication already in place it becomes possible for the engine to respond to a remote satellite command where chemical aerosol emissions are turned on and off automatically without intervention by pilot or crew.  This explains why pilots may not be good whistleblowers since they have no, or insufficient knowledge of the secret devices located inside the aircraft that supplies the engine.

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step one: be a preteen that has near complete isolation from social interaction outside of an unregulated method of communication and transmission of data that can be used by absolutely anybody with almost full anonymity

step two: surround yourself with sexually suggestive media

step three: i


The Unproductive Productivity Setup Workspace

Here are some of the products that make this workspace an Amazing Workspace:


A woman has HIV. She becomes pregnant. What are the chances that she can deliver a baby who is not infected?

In some countries, like Yemen, for example, only 11 percent of pregnant women with HIV receive treatment to prevent their babies from being infected. For women who aren’t part of that fortunate group, the chance of passing HIV to their infant is as high as 45 percent.

But in Cuba, the chances are now practically nil. On June 30, Cuba became the first country to receive what can be seen as a global seal of approval — the World Health Organization validation — for essentially eliminating transmission of AIDS from a mother to her baby. (Cuba has eliminated transmission of syphilis as well.)

That doesn’t mean Cuba is on a pedestal all by itself. By 2014, more than 40 countries were testing and treating more than 95 percent of pregnant women; some places, including Anguilla, Barbados, Canada, Montserrat, Puerto Rico and the United States, have likely hit the mark as well. But Cuba is the first to go through the WHO monitoring program, which requires data on transmission for at least two years and an on-site visit by WHO members examining care in all parts of the country, including remote, impoverished and underserved areas.

Here’s how Cuba did it.

Cuba Is First To Earn WHO Seal For Ending Mother-Baby HIV Transmission

Photos: Courtesy of Pan American Health Organization/WHO
Neuroscience's New Consciousness Theory Is Spiritual

by Bobby Azarian

It appears that we are approaching a unique time in the history of man and science where empirical measures and deductive reasoning can actually inform us spiritually. Integrated Information Theory (IIT)–put forth by neuroscientists Giulio Tononi and Christof Koch–is a new framework that describes a way to experimentally measure the extent to which a system is conscious.

As such, it has the potential to answer questions that once seemed impossible, like “which is more conscious, a bat or a beetle?” Furthermore, the theory posits that any system that processes and integrates information, be it organic or inorganic, experiences the world subjectively to some degree. Plants, smartphones, the Internet–even protons–are all examples of such systems. The result is a cosmos composed of a sentient fabric. But before getting into the bizarreness of all that, let’s talk a little about how we got to this point.

The decline and demise of the mystical

As more of the natural world is described objectively and empirically, belief in the existence of anything that defies current scientific explanation is fading at a faster rate than ever before. The majority of college-educated individuals no longer accept the supernatural and magical accounts of physical processes given by religious holy books. Nor do they believe in the actuality of mystical realms beyond life that offer eternal bliss or infinite punishment for the “souls” of righteous or evil men.

This is because modern science has achieved impeccable performance when it comes to explaining phenomena previously thought to be unexplainable. In this day and age, we have complete scientific descriptions of virtually everything. We understand what gives rise to vacuous black holes and their spacetime geometries. We know how new species of life can evolve and the statistical rules that govern such processes. We even have a pretty good understanding of the exact moment in which the universe, and thus of all reality, came into existence! But no serious and informed scientist will tell you that at present we fully understand the thing each of us knows best. That is, our own consciousness.

One of science’s last greatest mysteries

Although we’ve come along way since the time of Descartes, who postulated that consciousness was actually some immaterial spirit not subject to physical law, we still don’t have a complete and satisfactory account of the science underlying experience. We simply don’t know how to quantify it. And if we can’t do that, how do we know whether those non-human life forms that are unable to communicate with us are also conscious? Does it feel like anything to be a cat? Most will probably agree that it does, but how about a ladybug? If so, how can we know which life forms are more conscious than others? Do animals that show impressively intelligent behavior and elaborate memory, like dolphins or crows, experience the world in a unified conscious fashion as we do? These questions are almost impossible to answer without a way to measure consciousness. Fortunately, a neuroscientific theory that has been gaining popular acceptance aims to do just that.

Integrated Information Theory to the Rescue

Integrated Information Theory (IIT), which has become quite a hot topic in contemporary neuroscience, claims to provide a precise way to measure consciousness and express the phenomenon in purely mathematical terms. The theory was put forth by psychiatrist and neuroscientist Giulio Tononi, and has attracted some highly regarded names in the science community. One such name is Christof Koch, Chief Scientific Officer at the Allen Institute for Brain Science, who now champions the idea along with Tononi. Koch may be best-known for bringing consciousness research into the mainstream of neuroscience through his long-term collaboration with the late DNA co-discoverer Francis Crick. Now Tononi and Koch are actively researching the theory along with an increasing number of scientists, some from outside the field of neuroscience like esteemed physicist and popular author Max Tegmark, who is joining the ranks of those who believe they’ve figured out how to reduce one of science’s greatest secrets to numbers. Bits of information to be exact.

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There’s actually even more unused/alternate dialog scenes featured in some of the tv trailers.

It appears that in the original script the Empire data storage center and transmission station on Scarif were two different facilities, so Jyn, Cassian, and K2SO had to make a suicide run onto the beach from one facility to the other.

In the final theatrical cut, they were made into one location.

Some of the line omissions are a little odd, particularly K2SO’s jokes.

Cryptarch Records // Unknown








[Begin reconstruction]

“Ariana had a plan. And I listened to her, because I’m a fool. And because I loved her.  She thought that entering the Vault through the portal was the key to the Vex’s power - that if we could break in from another direction we could avoid their stranglehold on our destiny. 

We came prepared - five of us, some of the best the tower had to offer. We had heard whispers of what we might find inside, and so we took what we thought were precautions. Communicative lifelines, you might call them; bits of the Traveler’s light left behind us as breadcrumbs, as feedback cyclers, and as proof of our presence both to the Vanguard and, should it come to it, to ourselves.


[Electronic hissing]

Are you listening?


…a-a-a computational mirror of some sort, perhaps; a way of deflecting the massive streams of data - we must assume it is data; some great, primordial ocean of it - that flows through the vault. Perhaps such a weapon would have saved her. 

[Continued electronic interference]

…thought I was mad, when I told them we had to find her. Look for who? they asked.

[Brief pause. Audio clarity restored.]

I know two Things: Ariana was real. I knew her, and I loved her, and she existed. This is not the reality that the others - all others, seemingly - experience. But I know.

The second Thing: the system, as infinitely massive as it must be, is evidently flawed. There was a glitch. The Vex are not infallible. Why else were my memories allowed to remain? 

[Hissing rises and subsides]

…madness! Never! Is it possible that information specific to our situation - mine and Ariana’s - prevented their removal? This would imply that Vex logic is broken, that their computations are less human than we thought, that they failed to account for something…

Where is she? There is a record of her existence. I am the record of her existence. The Vex have the power to remove information from their data stream, and perhaps from ours by proxy. But there must be a record of her deletion, woven somehow into the skeletal architecture of the Vault, just as it is woven into my being. There must be a way to recover the data.”

[Transmission failure // End reconstruction]

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I'm going to go ahead and provide some of your followers some enlightenment regarding HIV. As a state epidemiologist who analyzes data on trends in transmission and prevalence of HIV, I can assure you that HIV is not just a gay disease. HIV in this age has become a disease of poverty. Preventing gay people from donating blood is going to do very little to prevent any new cases.

Thank you so much for providing insight. Too rarely do people with true expertise on the subject get to weigh in.


Scientists can stream Netflix through a steak and it’s actually awesome news for doctors

Researchers at the University of Illinois successfully streamed HD video through raw meat. They placed a device on either side of a piece of meat, wirelessly transmitting the data through the meat from one device to another. This breakthrough doesn’t impact binge watchers, it impacts medical researchers and patients and here’s why.

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Tech project by #lulzlab that provides internet-free digital data transmission through radio waves - video embedded below:

Airchat is a free communication tool, free as in ‘free beer’ and free as in 'Jeremy Hammond must be freed’. It doesn’t need the internet infrastructure, nor does it need a cellphone network, instead it relies on any available radio link (or any device capable of transmitting audio - we even made a prototype working with light/laser based transmissions).

This project was conceived not only from our lessons learned in the Egyptian, Libyan and Syrian revolutions, but also from the experience of OccupyWallStreet and Plaza del Sol. We have considered the availability of extremely cheap modern radio devices (like those handhelds produced in China), to start thinking about new ways in which people can free themselves from expensive, commercial, government controlled and highly surveilled infrastructure.

AirChat is not only our modest draft or proposal for such a dream, but it is a working PoC you can use today. we hope you will enjoy it and we also hope that you too will be able to feel the beauty of free communications, free communications as in 'free beer’ and free communications as in 'free yourself and your people forever’.

You can find out more here