data forest

World Wide Water

The dryads of the world have taken to the age of information (some say they are responsible for cloud computing, but that is an argument for another day).

Where as humans use bits of wire, light, electricity, and packets of data, dryads and other forest fey folk use water drops and the wind.

Information is stored within the water itself and is evaporated and swept up by the wind. Various types of tree and fungi serve as information centers, mirroring each other so the flow of data is constant, accurate, and complete.

Birdsong was experimented with (too dependent upon clear weather), and sunlight is used for broad swath transfers, but things get a hair tricky on the moldy folk who dwell in the darkest areas, where it rarely (if ever) reaches.

Streaming video (often with the help of an actual stream) does not fuss with human territory copyright restrictions, to the great convenience of sleepy dryads on lazy summer days.