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Roxas Appreciation Week

Day I favourite scene [3 / 3]

“I don’t know if I really have one. But…there’s a place I’d like to be.”


Star Trek: TNG - Time’s Arrow Part 1 

Same, Guinan…Same.

friendly reminder that data would not only respect your name and pronouns, he would also correct anyone who misgendered you.

Ice Kissed, Frost Bitten | A Meihem Oneshot

Summary:  When Mei returns to Ecopoint: Antarctica to retrieve old data and face her demons, she brings Junkrat and Roadhog along for a secret mission

Thanks @rinshi-chan​ for the eyes!


Talon’s hacking of the Ecopoint: Iceland digital archives is the excuse Mei is waiting for.

It doesn’t take much convincing to get Winston to approve her mission request. Morrison doesn’t argue either when Mei commissions a hovercraft and requisite supplies for the journey. He knows what it’s like to be weighed down by the past, so he won’t get in her way.

The only person who might object to Mei’s mission is Junkrat. And she can’t go–won’t go–without him.

She finds Junkrat in his workshop, tediously trying to construct a pyramid from grenades. Hopefully, they’re duds. Mei supposes she’ll find out. Roadhog is leaning against the wall, breathing steadily. She can’t tell if he’s watching his partner work or if he’s asleep.

“I’m going back,” Mei declares. Roadhog stirs, cocking his head in Mei’s direction with a silent question. Junkrat’s hand, holding a grenade between two long fingers, pauses in the air.

“Goin’ back? Back where?” he says over his shoulder. “You’ve been all over.” Brow furrowed, he places the grenade at the pinnacle of the pyramid. It’s a rare thing for Junkrat to become fixated on something that requires so much patience. Mei swallows. If he’s so focused, maybe what she’s about to tell him won’t be such a big deal.

“Back to my old ecopoint.”

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nooooo nooooooooo no. nooooo.

in ‘tin man’ when that telepathic dude tells data “i can’t read you at all, it’s like you’re not there” dATA’S FACE DROPS EVER SO SLIGHTLY.

it’s so quick and so subtle, i had to slow it down so we can see it better and nOW I WISH I HADN’T BECAUSE IT’S MAKING ME SAD


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