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My report for week 2 will be extra quick: I jogged once, did my exercises once and then freaked our because of a job interview.

Week 3 went better. I’m still freaked out because of that job interview and because another one more, but this time I managed to keep myself on track anyway.
I even upped my game: I added some repetitions to most of my exercises (the abs are the ones giving me more problems:

so I decided to do more series with less repetitions to get used to moving them) and I also lengthened my jogging route every day.

For my jog I also started to use Google Fit so I have a more detailed report (for tuesday, thursday, sunday with the bf):

  • time: 16:38, 19:02, 30:08
  • distance: 2.34km,  2.8km, 3,7km
  • steps: 2662, 3142, 4107
  • mean speed: 7:07/km or 8.5km/h, 6:45/km or 9.2km/h, 8:10/km or 7.3km/h

I also did all my stretching session after training, and while it hurst a bit to stretch the muscle, the worst part was staying in positions where ribs, knees or the back of the foot touched the floor (even with a yoga mat).

atomsgrandzealot  asked:

Dear Diary

DATA > People by Area > Commonwealth > Children of Atom

Journal C-1

OH MY GOD a group of people that WORSHIP a GOD NAMED ATOM now how do I convince them i’m god

Journal C-2

Met with a man named Richter who is a highly respected figure in their circle. He does not know if my name would be blasphemy, but assured me that the possibility of me being taken as god is null. Damn.

The man is stern, but not cruel. Not beyond the debatably cruel rules of their society, at least. His tattoos are inventive, and clearly meaningful, and something I have seen on many other members of the Children. I wonder if they allow outsiders to get any? I wonder if they’re painful.

I want to ask Richter if I could be allowed inside their camp. I know I would not be harmed too much from the radiation. Since visiting Big MT it’s actually been energizing in a way, even if it does still make me sick. Surely they aren’t all “crazies.” Then they’d surely all be dead.

All these things; her tools, her data, the diary–uh, I mean, logs–she was keeping, these were anchors to her old life, to a time before she was dragged to some backwater hellhole rebel stronghold and got cut off from her home, her society, and every comfort and familiar routine she had ever known.  Amethyst dumping those fiddly bits over the edge at the Galaxy Warp is going to turn out to be one of the best things that could happen to Peridot.

hubflowcr  asked:

Dear Diary,

DATA > People by Location > Commonwealth > Xavier <3

Journal X-23

I finally have found a use for the non-letter symbols on here! I can now properly express my thoughts on Xavier!