data blitz

See you next week, Reshiram! Wahahahaha!

Dapat Wednesday ko pa to naipost but something’s wrong with the Sun Broadband we borrowed so…

Anyway, nakita ko na meron na nito sa Data Blitz sa Greenbelt…

…kaya naman halos himatayin (nyehe, joke), at mapatalon ako sa tuwa (nyehe, joke lang ulit) nang dumaan ako dun to check if meron na nga.

At meron na nga!

Halos maiyak ako (not a joke) at magwala (hindi rin joke) kasi wala akong pera. Pero sa payday, I'mma get you, Pokemon Black.

I want it so much. Naiinis akong maghintay; so within reach pero, dammmnnn…

I’ll CUNx Tuesday, Reshiram. You can bet your white-tailed ass. XD

Somewhere within the Philippines, I ran into a store called Data Blitz. Looking for games, I happened to catch an interesting title. Virtue’s Last Reward. I then read the quick ‘summary’, and the words betray and die reeled me in. Naturally I bought it, and spent the next few weeks going through the game. I often talked about it in class when I’m supposed to be studying, I used up so much paper to write down my thoughts and theories before I finished the game. I cried alongside Luna, and I yelled alongside everyone, and I tried to be smart alongside everyone. Point is, this game has touched my heart, and many other hearts. This game is my inspiration, and it makes me happy just thinking of the Zero Escape series. 

I’m glad that I have Zero Escape-ing from this amazing universe.

I don’t want my soul to be free from them.

Art and message by @pachompy

For the Thank you Zero Escape project