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omg yes! please write that ameridan fic!

I’m so happy to see other people on the Ameridan train. 

BECAUSE LET ME TELL YOU – can you BELIEVE there is no Lavellan x Ameridan fics out there!??! Its insane. I can’t believe people got to that part of the dlc and didn’t wonder “WHAT IF HE LIVED THOUGH?” LIKE

-What if Ameridan joined your team of Advisors??? Like he was a Knight and soldier to Emperor Drakon in Orlais. AND A DRAGONHUNTER? Like– he was practically a General, the FIRST SEEKER, A MAGE who can use TIME magic, the leader of all the Dalish elves, and the LAST inquistor??? 

-OKAY BUT Ameridan experiencing the world as it is now?? Coming across clans??? GOING TO THE WINTER PALACE. AN Orlesian travesty built on the bodies of his family. Of his people. His home, Halamshiral, is GONE. 

-Just come on. Ameridan taking Celene by the ear and saying “Listen missy, your great gerat great great gerat great Grandfather would be fucking PISSED you BRAT”

-Disputing the table quest about his Lineage himself!? Literally visiting his blood clan and the human claiming to be his relative and being like “UM NO BITCHES, IM AN ELF.”

-Discovering Ameridan owns a giant estate in Val Royouex thats still technically his cause it was a gift from Drakon. He donates it to city elves. 

-Him discussing time magic with Dorian, Seekers with Cassandra, and dragons with Bull. Meanwhile talking with Ellana about the elves now and how he can help them. 

-AND IF HE DOES COURT INQUIZZY LAVELLAN, hes like SUPER OLDSCHOOL. He like “Courts her” in a Dalish/Orlesian way. He writes a letter to her clan of his intentions, whittles her a charm, and sends lilies to lie on her doorstep that signify a marriage proposal. AND ELLANA IS LIKE “WTF I found this hankerchief in my armor??” and josephine is like “SOMEONE JUST DECLARED THEIR LIFE TO YOU VIA THE BOOKS I READ AS A GIRL.”

-He’s fluent in Orlesian and Elvish

-maybe he actually even believes the Herald the chosen of andraste. He is ANDRASTIAN too after all, and prays for the Makers blessing. He would be the BEST mediatter for a Dalish Inquizzy and the Chantry. THE PHILOSPHICAL QUESTIONS I HAVE FOR THIS MAN 

–MORE AMERIDAN. Hes so fucking interesting why did no one write about him!?!?! 

hi everyone im gay and ready to cry tru fat tears bc i lob everyone so mcuh and how do i voice dat………… like… i cant.. so im gonna make dis for yall bc ily all sm :/ u make the sun shine brighter for me every mornin and yall all make me so happy so i gotta show appreciation somehow!!! anyways im awkward as heck so lets just… jump in I HOPE THIS DOESN’T MESS UP ANYONE’S NOTIFS >:( this got so long im so sorry so i put it under a read more FJEKAJRSL 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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Say ello to the new design of Deimos. 
He’s a cruel and tricksy scumbag, but is also very classy and might have a bigger soft spot than he thinks. He likes drinking wine and champagne and even my tea, and likes listening to classical/orchestrated music and old-timey tunes. Also likes pocket watches.

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Murdoc Headcanons part 1

•Has major daddy issues
•You know what that means…
•Daddy kink

•You know that meme
• “I showed you my dick plz respond” meme?
•You know the one
•Thats our Murds for ya

•Can actually sing
•Just chooses not to
•Like he actually sounds like a raspy angel
•2d discovered this and sneaks around behind his back just to get a taste of dat voice

•LOVES Supernatural
•Every time it comes on and lucifer is in the episode he’ll point to him and say..
•“Dat me”

•Collects crayons
•Mostly blue ones tho
•Says they remind him of 2d…
•He snaps them when he’s angry
•Hey, at least he’s coping

•When he’s drunk he likes to talk to cortez
•He squacks usually
•Murdoc I mean
•But sometimes he’ll rehearse the apologies he’s written for all his mates

•Is a novelist
•He’s written lots of books under an alias
•But it’s mostly smut and fanfiction
•He’s heard 2doc is pretty popular, might write about it!
•He doesn’t know what that is
•Just..just don’t tell him
•He’s a big boy he’ll figure it out

First Time (Omega x Balor x Reader x Zayn)

Sami Zayn x Finn Balor x Reader x Kenny Omega
Warning: Smut. Bi stuff. Group sex. Partner Swapping
A/N:  If this is a mess I take full responsibility, but it had to be written. (Also I proofread but I’m sure there’s something I missed, just ignore that)
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~2100 words

It had all started so innocently.

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Accent theory

So you know how Allura and Coran have accents? At first I thought it was because they were aliens and so it was translated to an accented english for the paladins.


When we see other aliens, some from newer civilizations (space mall) with almost no accents while others from not ancient, but places of halted development (olkari, or even the mermaid planet of ba sing se), and they have slight accents to them.

This makes me think that the reasons Allura, Coran, Zarkon, Haggar, and now Lotor (dat voice doh. Damn.) All have accents because they speak an older versions of the universal language. Standard, common, whatever it is, I think that’s why the paladins hear it as European accents while newer places sound more American.

Of course, it might just be a coincidence, but so far it seems to fit.