Why-did-I-even-bother-buying-a-rug-in-the-first-place!Ambus is a gift to all of you dealing with shitty coworkers that cannot follow simple personal-space rules.

I can’t help thinking poor mech is receiving much less respect from the more knuckle-head members of the crew who have trouble seeing a tiny robot in a position of authority.


Best DVD Commentary moment ever…of all time. (RvB Season 10)

Things I love about 80s Freddie   (early 80s is my fave)

as requested by @freddie-and-i-got-stayingpower

  • Those white jeans. Bulge.
  • the way his hair starts off fluffy, but it gets moist and starts getting curly
  • when he takes his shirt off (and the audience cheer)
  • those arrow themed clothes
  • his leather jackets are amazing. I want the red one!
  • his mince/strut to Another One Bites The Dust
  • that time he came out in those white shorts at Rock Montreal
  • just his whole hot face…
  • chest hair. Oh gaaad
  • his muscular arms…they look like they might taste of chicken if you bit him
  • the power of his voice, so strong in those early 80s concerts…
  • dat ‘stache…I wouldn’t normally go there…but it somehow suits him?!
  • just…the whole way he struts. and rubs his crotch on the stage set.
  • also…the way he was so macho on stage…yet so damn camp offstage!