a self love ritual

I’ve been down on myself for way too fucking long

herbs: pink salt, basil, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, rosemary. tea bags w pomegranate, orange, lemon & jasmine. roses, ivy, & hydrangeas.

carved the bottom of each candle with my initials & on the sides with what I wanted them to represent. pink for self love & beauty; white for peace, travel, & luck; red for creativity, good sex, & motivation/passion.

used lavender vanilla oil to anoint them bc it’s my favorite& dipped them in moon water for dat lunar power & dressed the bottom of each candle holder w petals & leaves.

crystals: pointed quartz to direct the positive energy to me, opalite, obsidian, rose quartz, citrine, carnelian, selenite, moonstone & some stones I found at a gas station that took my breath away lol. also have a lemon offering stone from a batch I made a while ago. its my last one sooooo..

I burned a bay leaf with a positive wish for myself & am going to add the ashes to my stone & give it to earth tonight. gonna get fancied up & let happiness flow into me 🌈 asked the universe to bring me to good things & to give me the courage to accept what it brings!

I feel pretty warm n fuzzy so I would advise u try this spell when ur down on urself


 They are so beautiful! <3

Panels from Chap 1 of the Superman &  Wonder Woman motion promo comic for the Jean Paul Gaultier Summer For Superheroes Fragrance. #iLoveGaultier #WonderWoman #Superman  #EauFraiche

art by Matt Haley

writer Tony Bedard


It’s a...date? (FreshPaper)

Ok… so this is like the first part to who knows how many parts there will be… it was suppose to be fluff but I don’t know how it is now… -_-

And it kinda ends within the middle cause I didn’t really know how to continue from that last line… (and I kinda wanted it to end like that *shrugs*)

ANYWAY! My attempt for Floof Day!

Prologue -> HERE

Characters: Paper Jam (created by me) and Fresh (Created by CQ)

Setting: A post-pacifist run universe

Story is under the read more!

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