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dat-sushi-cat  asked:

Would you say Pangur is higher energy/higher maintenance than Grim? We often hear about the screaming weasel but Grim always seems to be chilling and being a good kitty. Your cats are so precious, thank you for sharing them!

Grim’s definitely easier. when she gets REAL riled up, it actually pisses her off (aka overstimulates her) if I try to involve myself extensively. her preference is to kill catnip pillows (and Pangur) in Peace damnit! though she does go Buck Wild when I chuck stuff for her to chase

when we pass eachother she goes RRRR & I go RRRR & that seems to greatly please her

PANGUR, now PANGUR!! she’ll start playing by herself & then lose steam & squat by her toy & try super hard to make eye contact. if I make the mistake of acknowledgement, that’s her queue to begin a Forever Scream

this process (catching my eye & shouting real sad) is repeated if I’m not sitting in a position where she can crawl onto my lap or back & snooze

so yeah, one gets overstimulated pretty easily & the other demands constant stimulation. it’s cool that my Opposite Girls love eachother like they do!

Dutch idioms and sayings with animals

🐱Cats - katten

  • Maak dat de kat wijs! 
    • lit.: tell it the cat
    • Meaning: sth that’s so unbelievable, no one will believe it
  • De kat bij de melk zetten
    • lit.: to put the cat close to the milk
    • Meaning: to provoke
  • Zo vals als een kat zingen
    • lit.: to sing as off-key as a cat
    • Meaning: to sing very off-key
  • De kat uit de boom kijken
    • lit.: to watch the cat out of the tree
    • Meaning: waiting to see what will happen, not doing anything
  • De kat de bel aanbinden
    • lit.: to bind the bell on the cat
    • Meaning: to be the first to start talking about a difficult topic
  • Als de kat van huis is, dansen de muizen.
    • lit.: if the cat’s away from house, the mice dance
    • Meaning: if the cat’s away, the mice will play; when there’s no one to watch, you can do whatever you want
  • Zijn kat sturen
    • lit.: to send one’s cat
    • Meaning: to not show up
  • Als kat en hond
    • lit.: as cat and dog
    • Meaning: they can’t stand each other
  • Een kat in een zak kopen
    • lit.: to buy a cat in a sack
    • Meaning: to do a bad purchase
  • Een vogel voor de kat zijn
    • lit.: to be a bird for the cat
    • Meaning: to be an easy prey

🐄Cows - koeien

  • Een waarheid als een koe
    • lit.: a truth as a cow
    • Meaning: there is no doubt this is true
  • Oude koeien uit de sloot halen
    • lit.: getting old cows out of the canal
    • Meaning: to start talking about things that happened a long time ago

🐶Dogs - honden

  • Iemand als een hond behandelen
    • lit.: to treat someone as a dog
    • Meaning: to treat someone badly
  • De gebeten hond zijn
    • lit.: to be the bitten dog
    • Meaning: to get all the blame
  • Wie bij de hond slaapt, krijgt zijn vlooien
    • lit.: who sleeps with the dog, gets his fleas 
    • Meaning: if you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas; if you are around bad people a lot, you’ll take their habits
  • Zo ziek als een hond
    • lit.: as sick as a dog
    • Meaning: to be very sick
  • Zo trouw als een hond
    • lit.: as loyal as a dog
    • Meaning: to be very loyal
  • Als twee honden vechten om een been, gaat de derde ermee heen
    • lit.: if two dogs fight for a bone, the third one will run off with it
    • Meaning: if two people/parties fight, a third will benefit from it

🐘Elephants - olifanten

  • Als een olifant in een porseleinkast/porseleinwinkel
    • lit.: as an elephant in a porcelain closet/porcelain shop
    • Meaning: to be rude, tactless
  • Van een mug een olifant maken
    • lit.: to make an elephant out of a mosquito
    • Meaning: to make a big deal out of nothing
  • Een olifantengeheugen hebben
    • lit.: to have an elephant’s memory
    • Meaning: to have a very good memory

🐎Horses - paarden

  • De prins op het witte paard
    • lit.: the prince on the white horse
    • Meaning: an ideal man
  • Honger als een paard
    • lit.: hunger as a horse
    • Meaning: to be very hungry
  • Je moet een gegeven paard niet in de bek kijken
    • lit.: you must not look into the mouth of a given horse
    • Meaning: don’t criticise something you’ve received
  • Het paard achter de wagen spannen
    • lit.: to put the horse behind the cart
    • Meaning: to do sth illogically 

These are obviously not all, there are way too much idioms and sayings to put into one post. I might make a second part if anyone would like that.

Edit: so I made the second part