dat toothgap


HERE WE GO. from this art meme here. I’m probably gonna ink and color these digitally, later, if I can find some time this week. This was a ton of fun, tho!

Minimus and Perceptor for @meatwrites! Minimus grins like an adorable dork. Adorkable, if you will. It’s so cute! Also not sure why he’s the only IDW version I drew, and everybody else is TFA. Huh. Perceptor also only smiles when he’s pretty sure noone is watching.

Everybody else requested by anonymous, save for Ambulon, who I decided to do on my own.

Rung’s had a busy day, he needs a nap. SKIDS IS FREAKING OUT A BIT HELP.

Swerve totally bites his tongue when he sticks it out he’s super cute lookit dat toothgap. Overlord feels adorable.

I could draw Megatron crying forever he’s really cute when he crIES THAT’S NOT WEIRD IS IT. Ambulon just wth.

Also I’d like to point out that F7 is just Cyclonus’ default look. This is just his resting facial expression. Nothing is new here. Drift, where did you get that halo? And NAUTICA IS SO FRICKIN CUTE LOOK AT HER LIL GRUMP AWWWGH