dat tongue

Imagine having video chat dates with Sebastian. He’s away on another press tour and you miss each other terribly. This evening, you have a bit of a surprise for him - when he answers your call, he sees you wearing some new lingerie. Cotton candy pink, delicate lace, and a satin bow tucked right between your breasts. You weren’t sure he’d like it, but judging by his reaction, it’ll probably be what he tears off you the night he returns home.

Namjoon: *speaks English*

Jungkook: That’s my father ladies and gentleman. I am his son. I am Kim Namjoon’s son. I will make him proud one day.

Seokjin: Bitch, that’s my husband. Look at him go. Look. At. My. Man. Go. When will your faves fucking ever?

Hoseok: Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.

Yoongi: Man, the fuck are you saying? I was the one with the tongue technology… Kumamon would never disrespect me this way.

Taehyung: H-h-human? What is this godly tongue in which you speak? How has thou not graced us with this commodity? Teach me your ways, savior. I shall forever be indebted to your kindness.

Jimin: Yeah, boi. Watch dat tongue go. Dat man so damn f9. Bitch, my panties droppin’ over here, c’mere and give me some lovin’