dat swagger

Cherry Bomb in a nutshell

- Taeils frigging vocals
-Haechan lookin bomb af
-Taeyong serving us looks.King
-Johnny looking badass and singin “Ig youre happy and you know it”
-Winwin. Just goddamn Winwin.
-Yutas looks that is ruining my fast.
-Jaehyun bein dat swagger child he is.

The time has come for a round-up of Things I Liked. I have watched the scenes…more times than I’m proud of. What can I do. (Yeah, I went there. I know.) 

Things I Approve of: Ian and Mickey Reunion Edition

~Mickey’s “look up.” Dat swagger. I mean. I missed you, kid. 

~Ian thinking Mickey looks good even when Mickey looked…like that. I mean, the beard and hair were not quite as bad as I was expecting, but they sure weren’t good. Still. Ian is a thirsty motherfucker when it comes to Mickey Milkovich. More on that later. 

~Even though the writers are clearly being really over the top and obvious about their retconning/reframing of Mickey, I did appreciate that he was super chill throughout the episode. Given what they’re planning, the writers definitely could have upped the desperate/pathetic/pushy - in fact, I was sort of expecting them to - but Mick was very ‘take it or leave it, do what you want.’ That was a nice surprise. 

~On a purely superficial note, I’m pretty damn pleased we got some Ian and Mickey scenes with Cam’s good hair. Do it for the aesthetic. 

~We’re gonna jump around because hell, we already are. I honestly really appreciated that Ian woke Mickey up when he was leaving the van in the morning. Nine times out of ten in that situation on TV, the cheating, conflicted party sneaks out silently. But nah, Ian made sure to straight up wake Mickey and have a quick chat even after his ‘guilty’ phone call. I dig. 

~On a completely random and weirdly hilarious note, this officially means that Caleb, of all people, is the ONLY boyfriend/partner Ian hasn’t cheated on. I really shouldn’t find that funny. But oh, I do. 

~You know what we’re gonna talk about now. You know. 

~TONGUES. HOLY HELL BUT THAT’S SOME TONGUE. I mean. I fucking mean. Listen. We’ve all enjoyed our fair share of tongue-ogling with these two. But I have never, and I mean never, seen such open-mouthed kissing on TV before. I’m dead serious. That was snake unhinging it’s jaw levels of open-mouthed kissing. It was damn impressive. I don’t think I open my mouth that wide for my dentist. It was. A lot. G.O.O.D. FUCKING JOB. 

~I know it’s a cliche, the meeting in the middle and crashing in a kiss thing. I know. But holy fuck, did it work. I thought I might be above it. I wasn’t. I’m not. It was great. Fan-fucking-tastic. Just. Those two. I thought I’d moved on, but they’re always gonna be in my veins a little. I’m cool with it. I’ve made my peace with it. 

~I honestly can’t decide what’s my favourite, but it very well might be that second kiss where Ian just follows Mickey, all helpless-like. That does things to me. That was…exquisite. Truly. Also, to return to the snake style, please observe that Cam opens his mouth even WIDER when Noel presses in. Very wide indeed. That’s some dedication. Give the boy an award. 

~They could have been rusty. They could have been bitter that this reunion had somewhat been forced upon them by a furious fandom and pathetic writers who think maximum kissing would shut us up (it won’t). But nah. They did it like pros. They nailed it. They nailed each other. Everybody nailed everything. I am content. I will take my peace offering, cuddle it close with one hand, and flip the writers off with the other. I’m 100% ok with this situation. 

~I did have a brief, crazed thought mid-episode that they might not kiss at all. I mean, I completely expected them to because I know what the writers are going for with us, but still, after everything, I definitely had a distinct thought of “what if they don’t. What if the baiting continues. Time is a circle.” It was late, I got a little loopy. But would anyone really have been surprised. I mean. 

~Anyway. Did I mention tongues. Because there was a lot of it. So much. I can’t even believe. 

This has been a list. An academic, Classy list. I’ll see myself out. 

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