dat size difference


Rakuzan!Nijiaka where Akashi high-key wants to see Nijimura wear the #4 uniform again and can get him to do what he wants by ways of name calling. ww

the-girl-with-hazel-eyes  asked:

So what appealed you to Eruri?

((More like what DIDN’T appeal to me about it. I just really enjoy the massive ocean of trust they have in each other as well as their history together. The way they need each other for all their various things, Erwin talking to Levi about his plans and concerns and Levi needing direction from Erwin to feel like he’s a part of something and not just a tool. Also, Levi getting defensive in that one scene where the guy asked Erwin if he even had any human emotions left? Hurt my heart. Even as a platonic brotp you can’t deny the bond they share is unshakable. 

Also dat size difference.))