dat shit is in pen

late-night study tips

this isn’t a post about how to study late @ night, because as a fuck up I never study before 6PM so I stay up till 6AM a day before the exam to cram, but because I am studying now (haha) and its also 4:00AM (haha) I think its appropriate to make a small ‘how am I not kicked out of university’ study guide. so here goes, and heres what I do before an exam 

  • if you’re an audio learner (learn best by someone explaining), record the lecture even if you sleep in class keep your recorder on 
  • when you re-listen to them later (2 days before the exam) open them on VLC and speed them up to 1.33-1.45 (preference) or higher if your prof talks slow so it makes the process quicker 
  • if you have powerpoints as study material, TYPE out all the slide text onto a word document, even if you don’t fucking get it just do it (better if you read it and try to understand, but either way) 
  • after you’ve typed up your 20 page guide, print it out and have it with you when you listen to the lectures
  • while listening to the lecture take notes ON the guide instead of of the powerpoint and look @ the slides for picture references this makes what you write stick better in your head
  • (rather than listening to the recording and then typing out the slides which is what I used to do, doing the process above speeds things up rapidly because you don’t have to pause the hour long recording to type)
  • circle, highlight, underline, write additional notes ON your guide as you’re listening and once you’re done go BACK and re-read and re-circle, re-highlight, re-underline, re-write additional notes
  • sleep on it and you’ll be ready tomorrow morning
  • oh and also invest in erasable colored pens because dat shit is cool

this is actually how a shit student like me can get A’s in biology (and really any course that requires memorization), so *neil buchanan from art attack’s voice* try it yourselves!