dat rosa mel apibus

Rosa Mundi - Dat Rosa Mel Apibus - The Rose Gives Honey

This explicitly Rosicrucian symbol was first used at the head of Joachim Frizius’s Summum Bonum, then adopted for (Robert) Fludd’s Clavis. A rose with seven petals each alludes, in all probability, to secret doctrines of septenary emanation such as were later to be publicized in the theosophical works of H.P. Blavatsky. The Rose surmounts the thorny cross, the whole resembling the sign of Venus in which the solar circle triumphs over the cross of matter. We may interpret the motto as saying that “spiritual knowledge gives solace to souls,” of whom bees are a venerable symbol. The spider’s webs (also with sevenfold divisions) strung on a grape arbor in the background, and the wingless insect on the rose (a spider?) may represent negative, lunar forces, as oppossed to the positive, solar one of the bees, both of which are reconciled by the philosophic rose

The Light
White Magic
The Light

Evening idolatry for Gilt Bar’s first Monday?

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Song: The Light  Artist: White Magic  Album: Dat Rosa Mel Apibus  Label: Drag City  Release Date: November 14, 2006

Drumming up ghost support for the seance that is Dat Rosa Mel Apibus, Mira Bilotte’s pagan chanting does all but call for the sacrifice of a few mammals, making The Light an absolutely spot-on album opener.  With its hexing drone the song generates a blinding cloud of cauldron steam (as if the Latin-titled, Druidic cover art wasn’t enough of a stage-setter), resulting in total hypnosis and a glimpse into the seductive rituals of the dark side.