dat position

You ever been in that weird situation where it’s been a while since youve done any typology related introspection that you have no clue why you said you are the type you are anymore?

You don't need them but here are some reasons to see Wonder Woman

1. Features a good, kind and adorable lady kicking some butt (lots of butt)
2. Diana’s a little naive but still respected by her friends and is never told she’s dumb or wrong for having her beliefs (she’s portrayed as being more intelligent than every man in the film)
3. Doesn’t skip over the horrible stuff that went on during World War 1, and connects it with Wonder Woman herself in a surprisingly smooth manner
2². It’s the first live action Wonder Woman movie even though she’s been around for 76 years
E. A hopeful and joy-filled superhero film from DC? Better enjoy it before the next movie comes along with it’s twenty different shades of gray and black
Six. Because I saw a little girl in a Wonder Woman dress on my way into the theater, and it made me so happy I almost shed a tear