dat pony!~

what even is this


The top photo came up on my newsfeed and since I so rarely see one of these big canters which isn’t four beat, I figured I’d post about it.
Basically the forehand can lift, fine, but it must be followed by the hind. The second horse is cheating because that inside hind is going to have to spend significantly more time suspended while those dramatic forelegs go up and down, requiring much more power.
This has been a PSA k thnx bye.

Fanart of magelufaine-artandwriting‘s Flying type design for Archie.  I saw him as a sky diver type of person, I also added some more of pidgeot’s color scheme to the design so they would compliment each other.  I found out the past 2 days that I can’t draw straps to save my life. ;O