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refia i gotta ask... what's your top 5 fav tracks off the arc v soundtrack??

askin all the important questions thank you sai

edit: i am so sorry for this i never meant for it to be so long i am just a wordy hoe

soundtracks for visual media are always important to me because i’m a longtime musician myself, and while arc v isn’t my favorite yugioh ost it still has a lot of gems and tracks that i’ve bookmarked and listen to regularly.

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for anyone that hasn’t listened to the soundtrack i’ll tell you that it greatly enhances the arc v experience because the show is lazy in its musical execution and draws from very little of the soundtrack Nakagawa scored for the series. don’t let his work go to waste! it provides great entertainment.

  • all of the following are from the Japanese OST composed by Kotaro Nakagawa. for links to the audio click the numerals/titles!
  • also i’m not including any of the op/ends (because all of them are gorgeous within their own right and have their own rankings).
  • i’ll include sound duel 4 tracks using their unofficial titles because a certain multinational corporation hasn’t released it yet 👀 #marvelouslyhackkonami
  • also i’m including hella honorable mentions that no one asked for because upon re-listening to the soundtrack it turns out i appreciate a lot more tracks than i originally thought.

so buckle up and get your headphones,

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Dan's Liveshow 9/20/16

- He’s wearing his tshirt from the Australian wildlife reserve and his hair is straightened

- Roasting people live is too much pressure, don’t make it a thing

- “Time to wake up, BITCH”

- Danception is back

- His bed is stripped back and naked

- Dan doesn’t want to see any pumpkin emojis until at least October 1st

- New danisnotonfire video; I Nearly Blinded Myself

- He didn’t exaggerate anything that happened in the video

- “The muffin was worth it, it was vindication”

- The video of Phil hurting his hand got more views on Instagram than any other social media

- Dan hasn’t listened to the Twenty Øne Piløts cancer cover yet

- Louise (Sprinkleofglitter) was watching the liveshow

- The tshirt he’s wearing is one of his pajama tops

- “Imagine if I was named Danny D”

- Him and Phil will watch Food Wars season 2 after they finish Avatar

- “Real Satan. Oh my god, guys. Real Satan is here in the chat. I’m fangirling right now”

- The vegan restaurant was good. He brought Anthony Padilla there once

- Existentialism can be sad and inhibiting but also very freeing. It depends on his mood

- Louise texted him

- Dan repeatedly followed and unfollowed pewdiepie to annoy him and accidentally left it on unfollow

- Spooky Week is probably happening

- The DAPGO video on Phil’s channel is shameless promotion

- “Phil is often dapper”

- Pewdiepie tweeted Dan #YouTubeDramaBoughtToStart

- Everyone is sending him their birthdays

- AHS talk (no spoilers)

- He is confused by AHS season 6

- Phil bought some 3 wick candles from Bath and Body Works and they smelled way to strong for their small flat

- He wants to go on tour again at some point in his life 

- Dan made sweater weather happen, he is the Lord of Autumn

- Phil bought them pumpkin spice lattes to celebrate autumn

- Ear tints are a thing

- Phil deleted his header and twitter bio like a madman

- “Were you ready? I wasn’t ready. We are all, as the kids would say, SHOOK”

- They are going back to America this year

- “Please abduct me and save me from this hell”

- Dan’s live show is a mostly kinkshame free zone

- “WOOO”

- Tabinof is their magnum opus 

- Dapgo is a massive shitpost

- Dan takes no responsibility for Phil’s houseplants 

- “Good to see you’re having fun with the shrimp, Phil”

- Dan got himself a spontaneous red velvet cupcake 

- “Agh, it was so moist. It just had this delicious moist sponge and just the icing, there was so much of it. Shit. It was just like, it was just do good”

- His Pokemon Trainer cosplay is a waste now that neither Dan nor anyone else gives a shit about Pokemon Go

- Kanye’s Instagram talk

- “Dipping buttered toast in soup is one of the best things in life tbh”

- Dan dabbed

- “Why do you have to meet somebody in real life to enjoy communicating with them? I don’t think that there’s a difference. I think it’s good to have real life friends to tether you to your physical reality but there is nothing lesser of internet friends”

- He thinks male gender roles are much more masculine in Austrailia than in the UK

- Dan and Phil are considering uploading the rest of Undertale in a big block AKA Undertale Week

- The October Phandom Shitstorm is about to start

- There will be a “tease” on the danisnotonfire channel tomorrow

- There will be trailers for the tatinof documentary on Phil’s channel and trailers for the tatinof show on Dan’s channel

- He whistled the Totoro theme

- He thinks a Halloween birthday would kinda suck

- Guess the crime?!?!?

- PiaNO (dat pun tho)

- He won’t give you bios because your bio should represent you, not him

- Closing message about self expression and the real importance of social media

- He likes having physical copies of books

- “50 years!?!? You want me, in this liveshow, to name a pet that may have that name for half or more of your total lifespan!?!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!? NO! NOOO!!!”

- Shameless dapgo and tatinof promo #spon

- “Have a red velvet cupcake and for fucks save dip some toast in your soup. BYE”

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Just in case ya’ll haven’t seen it.