dat manda


Little backstory - My friends and I talk to Braydon Coburn.. way too much. He stops literally after every Flyers game for autographs and we’ve run out of things for him so sign so we’ve started just conversing with him. He knows our names, tells us stories about nicknames he has and who gave them to him, introduced us to his daughter. It’s been pretty awesome. We made a tutu to match ours for his daughter Rory which we were able to give to his wife Nadine earlier that day (phew, we were worried we wouldn’t catch up with her anywhere). We stood at the bottom of the steps near the auto booth and he saw us, laughed, and did a royal princessy wave. Once we got up he said “you guys are just crazy. look at these carnival getups.” We told him about the tutu for Rory and he seemed excited, then we took the normal photo. I figured we were good but he was like “okay now we have to do a silly one” Sigh. He entertains us by remembering our names, seriously. Makes me so happy he probably doesn’t even realize.


My friend and I dressed up for the flyers Halloween night, she went as a “puck” bunny (you can’t see the shirt really, she drew a super awesome puck) and I went as giroux ~ hair tooth and all. The thought bubble was grilled cheese and ketchup, and on the other side was the Canadian flag.

It was a good night, got lots of laughs from the costume :3

Okay so. This was reblobbed a bunch cropped for Sean sexiness, but I just want to clarify what is actually happening in this photo. From the behind the scenes point of view. I am the dork on the left with the huge camera, in the middle is Hallie (couturierer), Sean, then Brittany (thedannyeffect)

Holy jesus shit we are in a photo on getty images. Hallie’s sign says “We <3 (the heart is inside the flyers logo) our rookies” with all their numbers around it.

Can we address that all the rookies saw this and acknowledged it by looking at us and that OUR LIVES ARE RIDICULOUS


Things you can do with the logo on a Flyers' replica jersey

You can use it as a shield for your eyes when rookies fight:

You can use it to hold your drinks:

You can use it to lean on when writing something:

You can use it as a megaphone to be loud:

You can use it to hold your snacks:

And if you don’t feel like clapping at the game, you can use it for the chant:

Or in an un-useful way, you can use it to make you look like you have no chest if you’re a girl. So. That’s nice.

The end