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Signs as Music Lyrics

Aries: “You can look all over but, no, you’ll never find hot shit like mine. It’ll blow your mind” (Kid Cudi // Dat New New)

Taurus: “Lean on me when you’re not strong and I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on.” (Bill Withers // Lean on Me)

Gemini: “Tell me if you have a toothbrush, if you don’t mind sharin’. She said I wanna take off all you’re wearin’” (Ed Sheeran // One Night)

Cancer: “But they all didn’t see the little bit of sadness in me” (Kid Cudi // Soundtrack To My Life)

Leo: “You said you’d be there for me. In times of trouble when I need you when I’m down” (Nneka // Heartbeat)

Virgo: “You’re cool, you’re cool, fuck you. And to the bitch that-oh yeah, fuck you too.” (Kid Cudi // Save My Soul)

Libra: “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz? My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends.” (Janis Joplin // Mercedes Benz)

Scorpio: “All I wanna do is get high by the beach, get high by the beach, get high by the beach.” (Lana Del Rey // High By The Beach)

Sagittarius: “I’m on the pursuit of happiness and i know everything that shines aint always gonna be gold” (Kid Cudi // Pursuit of Happiness)

Capricorn: “I cried tears you’ll never see. So fuck you, you can go cry me an ocean and leave me be.” (Fall Out Boy // Save Rock And Roll) 

Aquarius: “Wrap me up in Chanel inside my coffin. Might go to hell and there ain’t no stopping” (The Neighbourhood // RIP To My Youth)

Pisces: “I am happy, thats just the saddest lie.” (Kid Cudi // Soundtrack To My Life)

anonymous asked:

shit the signs would probably say?

*based off of things people with these sun signs or luminaries have said to me*

Warning: mildly ironic but mostly serious post ahead.

Aries: Hurry up!

Taurus: Whoa there, chill out.

Gemini: Oh my gosh, this one time I was talking to my best friend ever, right? She’s doing post-doctorate - that’s after the PhD - studies in, like, early medieval Latin literature and…

Cancer: Um, I’m okay. Yeah. It was a pretty normal week.

Leo: …Who does he think he is anyway?

Virgo: She’s nice, but not all the time. She seems to get pretty uncomfortable talking about herself for too long and deliberately flips the conversation to the other person to avoid it. But I don’t know her that well.

Libra: I kinda just want to eat pizza and listen to trashy 90′s pop ballads.

Scorpio: I prefer the sound of silence to music. Generally.

Sagittarius: It really sucks, but I’m trying to understand that it won’t always be this way. Trying to understand how to grow from it.

Capricorn: I don’t really know what I want to do and that’s a scary thing. 

Aquarius: That’s not how you pronounce it. But in the endangered Native American Indian language Ópata, which is also known as Heve or Dohema…

Pisces: They always think I won’t get angry. And then I do. And it’s the last thing they remember.

pattern-making tip for cosplayers: when you know how a certain piece needs to look on your body, but aren’t sure how to pattern it out on fabric, pattern it on yourself first!

I use masking tape (with sheets of plasticwrap under, so I’m not sticking tape to my skin) to create a fitted body double that can get drawn all over. once it looks how I want it to, on me, I cut it off with a pair of scissors and discard everything but my pattern pieces, which can be either used or cut apart along where you’d want seam lines to go in order to make flat pieces. retrace onto some pattern/tracing/butcher paper and there’s your pattern.

anonymous asked:

Which words will make the signs speechless?

Aries: forever

Taurus: emptiness

Gemini: stillness

Cancer: nothingness

Leo: nobody

Virgo: uncontrollable

Libra: war

Scorpio: transparent

Sagittarius: restriction

Capricorn: failure

Aquarius: regression

Pisces: stuck