dat killed meh

lululablette  asked:

i think you're putting to much pressure on yourself! i understand that some fans can be agressive about the release of S&P. but just take your time (ya know a certain french youtuber that take his time, like 8 month ;_;) just TAKE YOUR TIME; the result will be better. please don't over-pressure you because of a such big project, selfcare is important (and school ofc!) luv ya cookie senpie~~ (dat pun kill meh)

Ah thank u… Hm u, i kno’ u saw mah tweets. (→o←)

yea’, that’s right, imah extremely busy and since few days, i don’t have 1 game project,no even 2 BUT 3 game projects to work  on I’m completely dyin’ with school ,homeworks,tumblr (and this schedule of  1 drawin’ every 2/3 days ).  Over-pressure is mah daily pressure .dat doesn’t mean anythin to meh anymoar haha

but nvm, this is not bc ppl ask for this that we will work faster. Bc ..we just can’t and we’re already doin’ our best (。・‧̫・。).**♡

 imah not alone to work on this and i will neveh, absolutely neveh rush the other S&P artists.


-private joke- 8 months? yes yes I won’t be like Antoine daniel (who appears moar on other youtubers channel than his own.hon hon btw the sketch with tomska was freakin’ gorgeous! ) (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`)