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[KCON 2017 Mexico x M2]  Ending Finale Self Camera_NCT127

my jaeyong feelings have been attacked

quantum-jump  asked:

Hello you give my poor gay heart strength and you give me motivation to continue trying to lose weight - I'm having to do low-impact stuff at first cause I'm too heavy for running but eventually I want to look as good as you :3

yes!! thats awesome!! im rooting for you friend :)

INTP Thoughts

*snacking on homemade fries*

Mmmm. These are the perfect temperature right now. Not exactly cold, but not hot either. Just the right temperature to absorb all the flavors.

Well, I suppose they could be considered hot in a relative sense. Like compared to absolute zero, they’re burning up.

Nobody’s ever gotten anything to absolute zero, but if they did how would they measure it? Any instrument couldn’t give a measurement because, theoretically, its atoms wouldn’t be moving.

Is there anywhere in space that is at absolute zero? I sort of doubt it. Maybe beyond the edges of the universe?

I wonder what the temperature of a black hole is… I don’t even know. Would it be cold or hot?


*is now googling with greasy fingers while still munching on fries*