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I want to lose weight and get that slim thick body but idk how

Girl don’t we all.

1. Increase your protein intake, and lower your carb intake. Some high protein, low complex carb snack ideas that are actually tasty:
*ham/turkey and cheese rollups
*apples and pb
*strawberries and pb
*berries dipped in yogurt (frozen)
*banana and pb (can also be frozen)
*turkey jerky
*tuna/egg salad with multigrain crackers
*grapes dipped in yogurt (frozen)
*frozen grapes (taste like candy)

2. Drink ya fuckin water. Cut out anything that isnt water or milk. Don’t drink your calories.

3. Use smaller plates/bowls so you take smaller portions

4. Eat a big breakfast, and have at least three meals a day.

5. Have a cheat day every week or two for tasty treats.

6. Exercise hoe💪 To lose weight and build muscle, do weight-bearing exercises like squats, pushups, situps, lunges, planks, pullups, crunches, etc. To keep your heart healthy and make sure you don’t get tired from exercising so easily, do cardo exercises like running, walking, jogging, jumping jacks, jump rope, etc. DO A MIX OF WEIGHTS AND CARDIO FOR FULL BODY HEALTH AND MAXIMUM WEIGHT LOSS; DO NOT IGNORE ONE FOR THE OTHER.

7. A lot of people will tell you you can’t target weight loss to certain areas, and they’re right to an extent; what you CAN do is build specific muscles in certain areas to ensure less fat buildup and quicker fat use in those areas.

8. For your waist and abs: crunches, sit ups, planks, side planks, and side leans (hold a weight in one arm, have your arm resting on your hip. Slowly lean laterally towards the side with the weight, and then slowly bring yourself back up)

9. For dat ass: squats, lunges, jumping jacks, planks, walking, jogging, running, burpees

10. For legs: squats, lunges, jumping jacks, planks, wall sits, walking, jogging, running, calf raises, burpees

11. For arms and chest: pull ups, push ups, planks, side planks, bicep and tricep curls, deadlift

12. For back: pull ups, push ups, planks, sit ups, deadlift, burpees

13. Stretch before and after each workout, and stay hydrated.

14. Have at least one rest day per week.

15. Never go grocery shopping while hungry. You’ll be less likely to buy junk food, and it’ll save you some money.

16. Have a bomb ass playlist to workout to, and switch up songs with every couple of weeks so you don’t get bored.

17. Switch up your workout routine every 3 months or so, to avoid your body plateuing (this is when your body gets used to the exercises and stops losing weight so fast).

18. Have patience. Weight loss and health takes *time*

Good luck sis, love thyself regardless of what weight you are or how you look. Be the best that you can be💖

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Russel leaves for the night and the band goes to chaos because he's not there to keep everyone's shit together. Make sure you have noodle punch murdick in the face and he can't do anything about it because it's et in phase 1.

(This imagine takes place in Phase 1.)

~ Russel rarely ever left the house, he had several reasons. One of those being that he worried Noodle would end up killing Murdoc or vise versa. And if that didn’t happen then Murdoc would probably stuff and mount 2D above the fire. He sighed as he thought of all the things that could go wrong during the time while he was out. Russel rounded up all the band members and sat them in the living room. “Now listen. I have to go out for a bit. My mom’s in town and I’m taking her to lunch. Y’all better behave or I’ll have your heads.” He walked over to the door and looked back to say one more thing. “2D, you’re in charge.” With that said, Russel left and locked the door.

~”WHY IS FACEACHE LEFT IN CHARGE?! I’M THE LEADER OF THE BAND!” Murdoc growled and started to walk towards 2D, his hands up ready to choke the life out of him. “AAAHHHHHHhhhhh! I nevea asked ta be in charge!” 2D backed up until he was up against the wall. “Murdoc! Anata dake no aniki, anata wa furui buta o nokoshi nasai!” Noodle screamed. Murdoc looked over at her and laughed. “I still have no idea what you’re saying, love.” He shook his head and turned back to 2D. Suddenly Murdoc felt a fist against the back of his head. The force was so strong it knocked his face into the wall right next to where 2D was standing. He fell to the ground and groaned. 2D looked up and saw Noodle bowing. He put his hand over his mouth to hold in his laughter.

~ Noodle walked up to 2D and tugged on his sleeve, “Daijōbudesuka, ōkina kyōdaidesu ka?” He looked at her for a minute, trying to figure out what exactly she had said. “Uhh, yes??” Noodle smiled and giggled. She ran over to the cabinet below the TV and pulled something out. It was an old alien movie. She held it up to 2D and said, “Movie!” He took the movie from her and laughed. “Nahh I got somefing wayy better.” He walked over to the same cabinet and pulled out Zombieland. “Now dis is a movie!” He handed it to Noodle and she threw it at him. “Watashi wa zonbi eiga o mitakunai! Watashi wa eirian no eiga ga sukidesu!” 2D could tell by her tone that she wasn’t happy. “Hey! Don’ ya talk about my movies like dat!” He picked up Zombieland and threw it back at her. “Take dat!” Noodle growled and jumped on 2D.

~ “Dai, mame no bō!” She yelled as she wrapped herself around his neck. 2D screamed and tried to grab her. She pulled his hair and steered him all over the living room causing him to knock things over and break things. “GET OFF ME YA LIL SPROUT!” 2D grabbed onto her foot but Noodle swiftly kicked his hand off. Noodle let out a war cry as she ripped his shirt. Right at that moment, Russel walked through the door. He was the chaos that had occurred and sighed. “I had a feeling something like this had happened.” Murdoc was knocked unconscious on the floor, Noodle was attacking 2D’s head, the living room had been trashed. “Guys, I was literally gone for ten minutes…” Noodle growled at 2D before jumping off of him and running over to Russel, “Kare wa watashi no gaijin eiga o misete kuremasen!” He sighed and looked at 2D. “D, she’s like ten. Let her watch the damn alien movie.” 2D huffed and stomped his foot. “She threw Zombieland!” Russel glared at him and went to pick up Murdoc. He threw him on the couch and laid the first aid kit on his chest for when he wakes up. “You’re a grown man and you got your ass handed to you by a ten year old girl over a movie. If I were you I would be more worried about my manhood that Zombieland.”

INTP Thoughts

*snacking on homemade fries*

Mmmm. These are the perfect temperature right now. Not exactly cold, but not hot either. Just the right temperature to absorb all the flavors.

Well, I suppose they could be considered hot in a relative sense. Like compared to absolute zero, they’re burning up.

Nobody’s ever gotten anything to absolute zero, but if they did how would they measure it? Any instrument couldn’t give a measurement because, theoretically, its atoms wouldn’t be moving.

Is there anywhere in space that is at absolute zero? I sort of doubt it. Maybe beyond the edges of the universe?

I wonder what the temperature of a black hole is… I don’t even know. Would it be cold or hot?


*is now googling with greasy fingers while still munching on fries*