dat jump

I need a team tho

Wingman Lestat: Tells bullshit stories about what a great person I am, tells me to jump on dat dick and encourages me

Wingman Armand: Reads the thoughts of my lovers, makes sure they aren’t full of shit. Occasionally steals my man but I forgive him because -Bros before Hoes-

Louis: Not really a wingman but there for me after a breakup so I can eat ice cream while he feeds on poodles or something


I know it been a while, but I’m just gonna dump some stupid stuff I of my characters: Lexine and Toki.
the bottom left corner is really a proud moment indeed as i now have a preferred look for the vamp… Sadly i wont be revealing whats underneath the balck blobs. Also, look at dat coloring. 
Jumping back in order, just a dumb doodle of lexine that i will never fix.. and the bottom right is just some Toki concepts 
But i dont know which one looks better: A or B?

Weird of a Freaky Sort (closed RP with fxrmless-being)

“ohhhhh…..” a loud voice rings from out of nowhere as a pulsating candy-colored mist springs from the ground thick with the scent of sugar, hot sauce and horse farts “I’mmma drunken off mah arse li’ a pickled monstah, wit a melon on meh head, an’ all tha frofflejouice wan’s meh dead, I be a barzie coffah so outta meh mind tha’ all me best frens shove hives up mah behin’ with a tit anna tat an’ a dooin like dat, I jump ann I scream like a flaremiggin caht!” it sings, horribly out of tune and with no really consistent rhythm, a man with ice blue hair vaguely visible in the center of the strange condensation, a triple-bladed scythe slung on his shoulder