dat how i feel

You ever have one of those days when you just..need somebody shoulder to lean on for a few becuz too many words and too many emotions?

Saitama & Genos © ONE & Yusuke Murata

Sketch © Anjelzjelly129

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ally i find it so funny how it's become a habit for me when i open my computer the first ting i absentmindedly type is "kkumri" idk why it's funny hehe also seventeen landed in LA and i'm so happy that they're close to my timezone now and haha that made me cry yesterday oops !! I dont even know i just kinda wanted to send a message and chat a bit, i hope you're doing well bby <3 -your chimchim

AAA this warms my heart 💕💕 good for u chimchim!!!! goblin’s lee dongwook is in singapore rn and i could’ve gone over to receive him at the airport since our flight landed at the same time but my flight was delayed o(-( so i know how u feel!!!!! breathe in dat seventeen long distance energy

No, I see the door… I’ll let myself out of the fandom :T

Feeling art block-ish and uncreative with art I’ve been trying to work on, so I took a break to up my artist morale. I wanted to do some Don x Karai art before I feel like I can’t (‘cause I do like Leorai). Though I did figure out how these two could actually work in the current story arch ( >3>);; //send help :T

I can’t promise I won’t draw more Donarai, sorry OTL


Real Madrid #throwback