dat hat

Here it is!!! :D

Had to post it quick since i’m using my phones internet so any misspellings will be corrected later xD

Fun fact:

Hanzo named one of the dragon’s Gen as it reminded him too much of Genji and since he thought his lil bro to be dead… ill leave it there xD

‘til later \( * u * )/

EDIT: Also props to whoever got the Hercules reference I slipped in there XD!!

askrosetto  asked:

Do you fit in your bag?

“Of course I can!”

“Oh that reminds me, I should really be in some decent clothes! Pardon me for a minute Dear.”

small muffling can be herd, it sounds like she is looking for something specific.

“… Ah-hah! Here is that hat!”

“There we go. Much better. My apologies again for the minute of time I took to put myself in proper clothes Dear!”

// @askrosetto

An Embo Appreciation Post

Because the world needs more Embo

So yeah lets talk about how this guy is basically a Star Wars samurai

Or how he has a pet freaking wolf

Or how about how he’s voiced by Dave Filoni, the director of Clone Wars

Or how he went up against two freaking sith lords

And how about that hat

that freaking hat

So yeah, in conclusion, Embo is the greatest bounty hunter of all time.

Birthday Stream Results

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my stream to celebrate my birthday! I got a bunch of requests I got done, & here they are! Welp, I’m tired now so I’m gonna rest for a bit & enjoy the rest of my birfday~ Also here’s a list of the people in the drawings.