dat handwriting



i haven’t been as productive as i wanted to be this spring break, so here’s a picture of some old notes to motivate myself. i’ve been super lethargic and i hate it, but at least i’ve been getting a ton of rest in. hopefully i can kick myself into gear tomorrow morning! thank you so much to all of my new followers, i’m so blessed to be in a position that inspires others.

In my AP World History class, we had to make a poster reflecting on our year and giving tips to the students next year, and the project had to correlate with World History. So, I made the four horsemen of the apocalypse from Revelation as Christianity is one of the major religions we learn about in WHAP. Except instead of horsemen i used frog memes.

btw it’s inspired by this twitter post so pls dont think im a dirty idea thief thnks