dat hand yo

ok ok but I need to talk about TFP Megs for a sec

When I’m talking to people about TFP and we get on the topic of the animation and they start talking about Starscream’s cute little wing flutters or Meg’s hips when he walks being the “highlight” of the animation quality…..

and I’m just there like
There is this ONE SHOT in ONE SCENE (I think he may do it a second time, but I digress) where Megatron is standing above Optimus and he does this THING with his hand; his fingers just do this trill/fluttery motion as he gestures to himself and oh. my. god. When I talk about the animation I’m like “STEP ASIDE MEGA-BOOTY! LOOK AT DAT HAND ARTICULATION ANIMATION YO!!”

Every time I see that clip I’m just like