dat gerard

Got to remember I started this account making band memes. I just wanted to post this cause I’m hardcore into FOB again. *I didn’t make this meme. 


Elijah: I killed him, I looked him in the eye and I took his life. 

Y/N: It’s okay Elijah, you had no choice, you were doing what was right for this           family 

Elijah: Marcellus was family Y/N

Y/N: No, he lost that right the moment he tried to kill you all, he made that clear.

Elijah: And what of Niklaus?

Y/N: Nik will understand, you shouldn’t feel ashamed it was him or your family

Elijah: You’re right, Y/N, i’m glad you’re here, we need you for us to get through this *gif*

I sent this to my boyfriend and after 20 min of him typing he sends this:
when i was a yung boi
my father took me to the city
to see dat boi
he said son when
you grow up
will you be the savior of the memes
the brokeb and the damned
he said will you defeat him
pepe and all the anti memers
the plans that they have made
because one day i’ll leave you
a meme to lead you through ifunny
to join the anti social
sometimes i get the feeling pepe is watching over me
and other times i feel like i should go
through it all the rise and fall and dem bois in the streets
when your gone we want you all to know
we’ll make memes
we’ll make memes
though your phones battery is dead and gone
believe me
your memes will carry on
we’ll make memes
and in my gallery i cant contain it
the meme’s name wont explain it
and we will send you reeling from decimated
your overused memes will kill us all
so paint it green and take it back
lets shout it out loud and clear
we hear the meme
oh shit waddup
oh shit waddup
though your phones battery is dead and gone
believe me
your memes will carry on
they’ll carry on
and though your broken and out of ideas
your weary subs march on
and on we make memes through the unoriginality
oh oh oh
Disappointed faces of your subs
Ooh oh
Take a look at me ‘cause I could not care at all
make memes or die
You will never make me
Cause the world will never take my memes
Though you try you’ll never break my devotion
We want them all, we wanna make this meme
Wont explain or say Im sorry
I’m not ashamed, I’m gonna show my memes
Give a cheer for all the memes
Listen here because its only
Im just a meme Im not a hero
Just dat boi whos meant to sing this song
Just a meme, Im not a hero
I don’t care