dat eyeroll

You: lol I would never spend real money on virtual things that aren’t tangible.

Also You: Owns every game in the sims franchise, and all of its expansions.

You: lol its just a hobby, nobody forcing you to make cc.

me: Okay you’re right, I won’t make cc anymore.

Also You: Ugh, wait no comeback. We miss your cc. Without cc this game sucks.

Why I Like Each Battleborn
  • Ambra: "I will not rest until every shirt on this planet is tucked the f*ck in!"
  • Attikus: L I G H T N I N G C L A W S
  • Benedict: redneck hawk with a rocket launcher. the only way that could be more American is if he were an eagle
  • Boldur: the pure, effervescent confidence (please play The Experiment)
  • Caldarius: "I don't need your help." *giant ship appears* "I might need a little help."
  • Deande: super casually betrays her entire faction
  • El Dragon: "El Dragon explodes"
  • Galilea: is basically corrupted Athena and has Legend of Zelda refs
  • Ghalt: is pretty much what Roland should've been in BL2
  • ISIC: "Come on, try to kill me. Hahaha, I f*cking dare you."
  • Kelvin: literally removes his heart and shows it to people
  • Kleese: the wet blanket of the group
  • Marquis: frickin one-hands a sniper rifle. why even?
  • Mellka: badass half-space-elf Moxxi
  • Miko: had his head torn off and just walked it off
  • Montana: "stAWP!"
  • Orendi: Ashley Burch
  • Oscar Mike: "Drop and give me three! One! Two! Uh-six! Sh*t!"
  • Phoebe: actually cries about having to sacrifice a sentry bot
  • Rath: did you even see him flip out in the intro animation?
  • Reyna: best space mom
  • Shayne & Aurox: "Shayne and Aurox, teen detectives! Tell your friends." "We are nOT DETECTIVES!"
  • Thorn: dat eyeroll
  • Toby: "Oh god I am SO sorry for cursing geez ohman."
  • Whiskey Foxtrot: "Pro tip: organs work best when inside the body!"