dat everything tho!


omfg this adorable dork. <3

“So Christian-”

“I’M already staunchly in character, please…Shakespeare.”

“Sorry, Mr. Shakespeare-”


srsly…you are too adorable for this world, Sir.

Modern AU in which Othello drags Grell to conventions and he cosplays as comic or science-fiction characters and she only comes along to wear those sexy costumes


Rytlock is back (Guile’s theme goes w/everything)

dat visualwood cameo tho

johndetty: I still can’t believe Braindead is wrapped. I had the privilege of working with (and learning from) these two amazing actors. Thanks to @aarontveit and @mewins for a great six months! See you on the next one! #Braindead #Johndetty #maryelizabethwinstead #aarontveit #actor #anactorslifeforme (x)