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The Anatomy of a Dank Meme

Dank memes. I go on okcupid and ask random girls, “Do you like dank memes?”  Often times they ignore me, and I cry for a few hours but you know, I gotta know. Do you fucking like dank memes? Dank memes aren’t just “funny memes.” They are a fucking way of life, and if you can’t get on board with dank memes we can’t be friends.

The definition of a dank meme is a meme that is run into the fucking ground. It’s smashed. It fucking explodes and makes a huge mess and nobody knows where it’s going or what it even means anymore. Dank memes are the pinnacle of millenial internet culture. 

I’m well aware it’s not good to blame millenials for things, but typically we’re the ones in the public eye right now. People are watching what we do, and they are responding. 

Dank memes represent the complete absurdity of the world we live in. They are the modern day grindhouse films. At their core, dank memes are exploitation films, to use movie terms. 

Our society is bullshit and we’re becoming more aware of the systems of oppression keeping us down. Capitalism. Whiteness. Toxic Masculinity. The racist prison complex keeping black people imprisoned for minor shit they don’t deserve. Modern day slavery. And…we’re aware. And it’s overwhelming. The internet has helped us see the real suffering living in this modern world causes.

So we turn to the internet for some reprieve. We find ways to express the absurdity we are experiencing. 

It’s somewhat nihilist. In the sense that we just want to destroy everything. Smash it to the ground. Ram it to the wall. Dank memes are the way we express our pain. 

Senseless violence, idiotic presidents, anti-LGBTQIA+, white supremacists going “but my hate speech is protected speech right?” 

It’s a fucked up world, and thanks to the internet we are more aware of what’s going wrong. 

The issue is, we don’t know how to fix it. But we still need to express ourselves. So we use dank memes. They’re little jokes, little reminders that we can acknowledge how fucked up things are. They are ways of saying, “Hey, we live in a senseless world, so here is our senseless art.” 

Memes are cultural and social ideas that spread. And dank memes spread destruction and despair. It’s our way of expressing our pain. 

Just like in the 1910′s with dada. Watching the senseless violence of World War I. All those folks at Cabaret Voltaire. Artists. Philosophers. Performers. They stood up and said: NO. They said nothing makes sense and we don’t have to make sense. Our art is nothing. Our art is anti-art. 

Dank memes are the neo-dada expression of our time. They represent the absurdity in our lives and help us cope with the senseless going on. 

Like in the picture above, it mixes two memes. There’s no rules. You really just do whatever the fuck you want. Like what? “We Are Number One” but with doot doot skeleton guy. (I prefer the doot doot Initial D one but ok)

Dank memes is our flag of rebellion. It’s our way to resist. So yeah, I’m gonna ask you if you like dank memes. Do you understand the pain? Do you understand the utter despair that this world causes? Do you recognize how fucked up shit is? If you can’t appreciate dank memes, I don’t feel like we can connect because you’re still blind to what’s going on.

So, I guess. You know, wake up sheeple. Get lost. Get fucked up. Destroy everything. Rebel. Resist. Run shit into the ground and destroy everything you touch. If you can do more, great, but dank memes still say a lot about us and i think they are a key component to making a better future.