dat drool

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OK SO LIKE... -yuri and gh bonding over both being skinny ass twinks that fuck their beefy boyfriends -otabek and leo are both Thick As Fuck and yuri and gh have a mutual understanding of drooling over Dat Ass. -guanghong is a petty bitch and yuri is just a bitch so this makes for a VERY PETTY friendship -they gossip about skaters. whos fucking, fighting, etc - they try to out PDA eachother with their bfs. beka and leo just kind of roll with it even tho their boyfriends are fcking ridiculous

THIS IS THE SWEETEST THING I’VE READ yes let these lil babes be cute with their boyfriends (also anon you should make this a fic ❤️❤️❤️)

nerdfighterwhatevernumbers said: first thing that comes to mind is ‘stayed up too late and trying not to pass out over Fakir’s writing desk’

He’s going to wake up with one hell of a sore neck and arm. :) Also, dat drool.