dat drool

Twilight Princess is the best thing ever and if you wanna get the new HD version here’s why you should play it if you haven’t before:

• furry
• sword fight while on a horse
• shoot arrows while on a horse
• clawshot while on a horse
• be on a horse
• midna the smol sass ball is your bud
• bad guy looks like eggs benedict cucumber
• why would you turn down the opportunity to fight benvolio churchliver
• bomb arrows
• shirtless link if you like that kinda thing
• literally bomb arrows tho
• bomb arrows are all you could want or need in life
• world is expansive so you’ll never get bored WITH GR8 THEME SONGS
• finding the postman in random places
• if you DID play the original, you’re gonna drool over that high definition bc it is so pwetty and v distracting