dat crown

IM SORRY I WASN’T EXPECTING THIS MANY TO START (sORRY) thats why the banner thing is terrible

Anyways here’s the follow forever i’ve been promising for a while now! ! thank you all so much for following me throughout this time (one year now wow) and supporting me and just being super great!! ilyy guys thank you so much!! I have way more followers than i was expecting when i made this blog ;A; ,, i hope you have a good week!! 

I’m really sorry if we’re mutuals and you didn’t get put on here, i can’t fit everyone but it doesn’t mean that i don’t appreciate you just as much!! thank you all very much!! 

ahhh i don’t even know if you guys consider me a friend or not??? ;^; Also if we are friends and i didn’t bold you TELL ME PLS

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okay i updated all the friends, if you consider us friends and you’re on her let me know….. (I’m REALLY bad at knowing sorry ;^;;)