dat cheekbones

so i heard today is
national chocolate day,
so here’s my gift to you.

f i f t y s h a d e s o f m e l a n i n @meighanzaimoy


• smokey vibes •
honestly, my camera just loves smoke ok just L00k at it!

hi-res cigarettes ladies and gentlemen
* liqxr totally not glorifying smoking at all… ayyy lmao*

god bless Harmony Korine..

Angeal Hewley is so freaking handsome wtf

He’s got those horrible adorable frowny eyebrows and the big strong arms and the big strong chest and the cute lil fuzzy chin and the strong jaw and cheekbones and dat booty and The Bulge and he’s so tall and his hair is so nice and long and looks so good on him

Not to mention he’s a precious lil nerd who likes leftovers and puppies and gardening like

He’s the ultimate bf and I don’t understand how any of those bfs or us here on tumblr can even stand it