dat nose tho

Let's talk a teensy bit about: Anthony Kiedis

*andre 3000 voice* alright alright alright alright

Anthony’s favorite look/personality for me has alternated from 1990, to 1991, to 95- 97 ish (????) where he had that amazing mustache beard combo, to 1999 forniction era where everyone was like WAT and came back from the dead, to 2002 by the way era.

I never really liked the real early stages or anything after about 2006 is pushing it most of the time

I just like 2002 in particular because the entire band had really matured in a sense that their lyrics reached new depths. Personally, I feel that By the Way is musically and lyrically quite a bit different from their other work. Off topic here…

Okay so back to what the initial intent of this post was: hot pics of tony
Here are some of my favorite looks :) I swear give me a topic about rhcp and I will show you a real rant

k so he looks like a woman here idec

bssm era tbh im looking more at johns jaw

ahhh yes look at the sophistication

circa 1999 lookin extra fine holy cow


ok it helps that dave looks good here

his hair is always in his face and he doesnt even care????

2003 had me like *heart eyes*

he looks so cute

scorpio and that shirt is so ugly tbh

mother of pearl


mohawks were the best thing this band has ever done

we all know how i feel about this short lived phenomenon lets not even go there

truly iconic. stone isnt in this one but we must never forget

so few tattoos wow

yowza m8 hold back

once again rick is like i see this everyday

yea this is like the other one but better because of the sass

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh under the bridge downtownnnnn

terribly attractive

dat nose tho

he looks so sad here but californication was right around the corner


the blonde was really cute tbh

this couldve been way longer thank your lucky stars it wasnt!!