7/100 days of productivity   +  TUE 5.31.16 // 4:32pm

theme of the day: “little by little.”  back to the grind after memorial day weekend! im trying out a new studying strategy for the dat - i think im going to work by “chunks” instead of spreading things out because i seem to get more done that way :) also i went to the diy center today w my dad and picked up some aesthetic wall paint color palettes heh


8/100 days of productivity   +  WED 6.1.16// 4:53pm

theme of the day: “all or nothing.”  guys. the dental aptitude test is so weird… like… in addition to the sciences there’s a whole section on solving fun 3D puzzles and hole-punch things and paper-folding things?


Hello friends!

Studying for long important exams like the DAT (me (’: ), the MCAT, or even the SAT/ACT requires a lot of time budgeting! Today I was scheduling DAT studying for the next 20 days, and I realized that a progress percentage chart would be really useful  for me because it would allow me to plan goals such as “finish a 1084-page review book” or “watch 46 chemistry videos from the video playlist” long-term! It’s hard to put long arduous tasks like these onto a daily or even weekly schedule - for me, they seem to work better when measured by %-finished.

I made this to use for myself this morning, and then realized that it might be useful for some of you out there, too! So I’ve uploaded it to google drive so you all can use it if it will be helpful in your studies. They come in blue, pink, yellow, and grayscale (for black-and-white printing): >>DOWNLOAD HERE<<

EDIT: I’ve gotten a suggestion from a very nice anon to make the background white so the printable does not use as much ink when printed in color! >>HERE<< is the link the white-background version on GDrive :)

To use this chart, I filled out specific goals on the left hand column and colored in the progress bar in the right in accordance with the percentage of the task or goal I had finished. I also marked dates next to the progress bar so I knew when I should have finished 50%, or 75%, or 100% of a task, etc. Here’s a pic of how I used it:

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10/100 days of productivity   +  FRI 6.3.16// 4:49pm

theme of the day: what is math? today was fun because i got to experiment with colors instead of just doing black-and-white notes! and about the math:  i haven’t actually done it in like 2.5 years and now i’m back to learning the basics… like algebra and factoring and geometry╹◡╹


introduction + 2/100 days of productivity   +   TUE 5.24.16 // 7:05pm

theme of the day: “all is well.” mostly spent today scheduling my hardcore studying for the next 8 weeks. Woooooo~! Also shoutout to all the lovelies who are so sweet and reply to this new studyblr’s newb messages and awww shucks you guys are awesome! @x-studying-x @virtuositystudy @ohlookimstudying @studyplant @somestudy @stuedyness @succulentstudy @mitoeiosis @lycheestudy @studydiaryofamedstudent @pardonmystudies and there’s more but omg sorry if i missed you <33

intro + day 1: here