Caiden Drabble

He’s tiptoeing around them, like a cat with a brand new owner (and he hates that this is the first metaphor that comes to mind), cautious of his actions and suspicious of theirs. It’s a weird thing, being part of a team. Caiden hasn’t fully trusted anyone since Shannon and he’s not sure he even trusted anyone before her. He’s always been used or abandoned, bullied by others, called a monster and an animal. In the back of his mind, he knows that they are trust-worthy and friendly. But a larger part still wonders …

“What if they’re the same?”

I-Is this even canon? I don’t know, man. HNNG I love Caiden. He’s really one of my favorites and Jashin is really sweet.

In my headcanon, Caiden still has doubts. I imagine they were a lot worse when he just joined B-Team.

I have no idea where this came from. I didn’t even know where I was going with this. Oh well~

Confesión semanal

A pesar de la muerte de sus padres, Noreen no había perdido la costumbre de ir a la iglesia, asistir a misa y confesarse. Para una chica como ella, puede resultar un tanto ilógico, pero la fe católica es algo arraigado en la vida de la muchacha y de esa manera se siente cerca de sus padres. Como todos los martes por la mañana, la chica entra en la imponente iglesia y acude al confesionario, sabiendo que el padre Dastier estará ahí dentro. Se santigua y habla: -Perdóneme padre, porque he pecado.