• TV writers:OK let's drown Peri Brown!! Then poison her and let her watch the man who saved her die! Then let's have the new Doctor strangle her!!! Then Sil will turn her into a bird lizard thing!! Then the dastari will attempt to eat her!!! THEN we'll lobotomize her and shoot her dead!!!
  • Big Finish:....
  • Big Finish:OK that's rough! But let's also kill her friend's dad and turn him into a Cyberman! And her childhood friend will be crippled!
  • Big Finish:also her mom will be blown up!!

More dire than the First Law of Time, which the Time Lords ALSO flaunt, is the First Law of Fashion, which limits the interaction of glitter and silver in a social environment.

The Cybermen broke this law long ago, and look what happened to THEM.

Don’t be a Cyberman.  Restrain your baser impulses.

Dubhar, a doctor who fanfic | FanFiction

Two Doctors, what happened on Chimera, through the Second Doctor’s eyes.

Frankly, this is brilliant, thoughtful, and utterly believable.  I wanted this to be part of a large novelization!  You can feel the thoughts running through Two’s head as he analyzes the split in his friendship with Dastari, and his gentle love for Victoria and Jamie.

The Sontarans are jerks.