The Fire Nation is the top gang in Republic City. Enhanced with cyborg crafted by her father, Azula is the top enforcer. Her first solo mission is to bring in her vigilante brother. The fight was dastarious and now she has to rely on Hakoda, a well known mechanic in the city. 

Sadly for Azula, Hakoda is out of the city visiting his daughter at med school and now the princess has to deal with his very annoying son who can’t stop talking. 

One more commission for @fanwright He wanted a cyberpunk au, and proposed this concept for the picture. 

You can find more commission information here

  • TV writers: OK let's drown Peri Brown!! Then poison her and let her watch the man who saved her die! Then let's have the new Doctor strangle her!!! Then Sil will turn her into a bird lizard thing!! Then the dastari will attempt to eat her!!! THEN we'll lobotomize her and shoot her dead!!!
  • Big Finish: ....
  • Big Finish: OK that's rough! But let's also kill her friend's dad and turn him into a Cyberman! And her childhood friend will be crippled!
  • Big Finish: also her mom will be blown up!!