More dire than the First Law of Time, which the Time Lords ALSO flaunt, is the First Law of Fashion, which limits the interaction of glitter and silver in a social environment.

The Cybermen broke this law long ago, and look what happened to THEM.

Don’t be a Cyberman.  Restrain your baser impulses.

Two Doctors, what happened on Chimera, through the Second Doctor’s eyes.

Frankly, this is brilliant, thoughtful, and utterly believable.  I wanted this to be part of a large novelization!  You can feel the thoughts running through Two’s head as he analyzes the split in his friendship with Dastari, and his gentle love for Victoria and Jamie.

The Sontarans are jerks.

30 Days of Doctor Who: Day 6: Least Favorite Character

Day 6 - Least Favorite Character

You’re going to make me say this, aren’t you?



He threw away not just his morality and vision with his determination to rise up the Androgums, but he also threw his old friendship with the Doctor under the bus (and I don’t mean Iris Wildthyme’s bus either—she would have stopped for an old beau!).  He also threw out his sworn duty and responsibility to his own scientists and let them get massacred by the Sontarans!  He calmly accepted and participated in murder, betrayal, and a level of torture we rarely saw in Who.  And if that wasn’t bad enough he was going to—you know, I’m going to stop here.

Yes, I know Two forgave his old friend in the end…but I think we can prove that Two is a better, sweeter soul than I am.