So like, these last dasy I havent been here becuase

a) I went out to eat with friend and returned home late

b) I slept half the day

c) Yesterday I was dragged to a public mass becuase the obisp(is that the word in english??) of the city turn 50 years in service and there was a huge mass and my grandma dragged me against my will and oh it started to rain and i got soaked

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Propuesta Indecente |-Dasie-

Danny giggles a bit, his fingers lacing through Rosie’s as hes studies her small hand in his, his fingers stroking the sides of hers, pulling his hand away again and brushing his fingers along her palm, down to her wrist before his hand wraps around hers to bring it to his lips, where he playfully bites at her fingers, making her giggle and pull her hand away. He had lost track of time completely, the pills that he and Rosie had took completely in effect now as he felt like his entire body was on vibrate, her hair tickling against his bare shoulder, and her perfume overwhelming him, making him dizzy as he breathes it in again.

“You smell so pretty,” He tells her, tilting his head and giving her a lazy smile, his eyes hazy as he leans in to kiss her cheek, before humming and settling back against his pillows. She murmurs something to him in Spanish, his eyes closing as he shakes his head, “No te entiendo,” He murmurs softly, his hand moving to rub his eye, the other opening to peak at her as she pouts some, and he smiles at her.

Danny rolls on to his side, resting his head on arm as the other moves to rest on her stomach, “Hey,” He gets her attention, Rosie’s head tilting up to look up at him, smiling when he slides his hand under her shirt onto her side, leaning down to kiss her nose innocently, and listening to her giggle as her hand rests against his chest, “I want you to teach me Spanish,” He says, watching her face as she grins, and nods, and he purses his lips, humming a little, “How do you say…” He trails off as he thinks, his hand pulling out from beneath her shirt and brushing against her cheek, “Skin?”