dashy things

Drew some tiny gift art for one of my favorite YouTubers, DashieGames/DashieXP! I love the guy so much, he always has a way of making me laugh even on stressful days! Give him a watch sometime, he’s a great guy. ♥️

I try do little doodle gifts for my other YouTube faves too! So many deserve more love than they get, even if it’s a silly little art scribble from me.

And of course he’d be an “orenge” Yoshi who wears a Legend of Zelda shirt. X’D

ask-de-writer  asked:

Thomas, my friend!! Happy New Year! Also, to celebrate, have fine new tea for you. It have great flavor but DO NOT BREW IT IN ESPRESSO MACHINE!! Only include warning because you have cute fillies with little sense where tea is concern.

Thomas the writer: greeting De-Writer and happy new year to you as well. Tia and I are so excited the new year finally here.

Princess Celestia: of course Tommy wommy, so much stuff had happened over the past year, now that 2018 is here, we are ready for anything

Thomas the writer: especially when dealing with De-Writer tea. Speaking of which, I wonder why he doesn’t want us brew it with a Espresso Machine in the first place.

Princess Celestia: well none to worry about that Thomas, I had the royal chef remove the Espresso Machine out of the kitchen, do of a little episode that Luna did, a few years ago.

Thomas the writer: oh believe me Tia, I still remember some of the thing Dashie had done in the past, when dealing with coffee products.

Princess Celestia: but now you mention about Dashie, I wonder where Rebecca and Mia are at, they need to say happy new year to their grandfather.

Thomas the writer: oh I’m sure they will say it to him later, I think those two are in their room, having some quality fun.

Somewhere inside the twin bedroom, Rebecca and Mia were working together building some sort of device, which will help them make some hot tea. Mia was looking inside the empty, searching for an important piece for the machine, while Mia was reading the instruction Manuel. a distance from where the girls are at, Dashie was sitting on the floor watching her twin sister, while drinking what look like De-Writer tea. She took a few sip and when she done, she talk to her two twin sisters and see what their progress.

Dashie writer: are you done yet with that espresso machine, De-Writer is getting cold here and blend, of the way you work on that thing

Rebecca:we’re working as fast we can Dashie, we would have got this thing built already, if Mia work a little faster.

Mia: I would have this thing built already, if you weren’t sitting around doing nothing.

Rebecca: of course I’m doing something, I’m reading the instruction to you

Mia: you know i don’t need the manuel Becky, it a lot more fun building it without it.

Rebecca: or in other word, you miss place an important piece and can’t admit it.

Mia: what was that?

Rebecca: oh nothing sis, just say that you should listen to me more

Mia: listen to a little princess

Rebecca: i though i told you not to call me that.

Mia: how about help me with this thing or I call you little princess

Rebecca: *she put the manel on the side and got up from the floor*

Dashie writer: Rebecca, what are you doing?

Rebecca: oh nothing older sister, Mia and I going to have a little chat

Mia: now hold on a second Becky, let not go crazy with magic fight again

Rebecca:who say I’m going to use magic, my hooves will do the rest for me

Mia was surprised of what her sister was plan to do and got up in time, to dodge Rebecca attack. Rebecca saw Mia run off and chase after her

Rebecca: come back here and fight me

Mia: you fight like a crazy mare

Rebecca: that because you call me a princess

Mia: because you are one

Rebecca: which why your a dead pony

Dashie writer: ………. sigh, i will never get my espresso tea, Happy New De-Writer.

leaf-in-the-winds  asked:

Ya ever think the reason Dashi created some of the Shen Gon Wu he did was to play ridiculous pranks on people? (Ants in the Pants, Woozy Shooter, Lotus Twister and maybe event he Golden Finger?)

Definitely! This is the guy who made Omi go through a whole showdown because it was funny. Just look at the Wu he makes. Most are completely ridiculous, those you listed are prime examples of this. Lets check some out.

The Woozy Shooter:

This horn shaped Wu has the power to emit a purple mist that turns those who breath it in into complete goofs. The victims experience a state which is an exaggeration of a drug trip. There are two reasons for Dashi making this stupid thing;

1. He just wanted to turn an extremely stuffy person into an idiot for a few minutes to see what he’d be like.

2. He wanted to experience the effects himself without having to pay for it.

Personally I prefer the former.

Ants in the Pants:

This Wu was definitely created as a tool of mischief. It releases a swarm of ants into a persons clothing to bite, itch and irritate that person. It is basically like putting itching powder in someones underpants. 

Sweet Baby Among Us:

A small statue that turns into a giant baby that shoots diapers at its enemies. How can this not be a joke Wu. I’m fairly certain Dashi was asked by Guan to make a fighting Wu to train the younger monks and this is what he came up with.

Guan: But … it’s a giant baby!

Dashi: Hey, dodging giant diapers is a skill these kids should learn. Trust me.

Ring of the Nine Dragons:

This Wu creates up to nine copies of it’s wielder. The fact that it also splits that persons skills and strengths might be an unforeseen side affect or intentional, either way it is a tool of mass mischief. Imagine nine Dashi’s running around. Chase has nightmares about it.

Shadow Slicer:

This one is similar to the ring as it creates copies of the user, though these copies are illusions. This might of been a prototype version of the Ring of Nine Dragons and it could be used in a similar capacity, though not as refined. Just think of Dashi using it to get out of a particularly boring conversation. He goes to get a drink or is gone for an hour and finds the monk still chatting with his shadow.

So yeah, Dashi made most of these as a joke.