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Because I like improvement meme thingies and because I figured it’d be interesting to see, I decided to show you guys how my style has changed from 2012 to now. And since this is my primarily brony artblog, we shall do it with ponies! C:

The star of this badboy is, of course, Rainbow Dash. So I guess this is particularly the evolution of Dashie. I was going to do Twilight because I drew her the most often, but I figured Dash was fine because she showcased the most prominent changes I did to my style just as well as my drawings of Twilight did, only shorter. Basically, the ones of Dash was a shorter summary and I don’t wanna bore you guys.

So yeah. The dates of each image can be seen in the captions on the image themselves, and with that said I can tell ya about them.


-April 2012-

 This actually isn’t the first image I’ve drawn of Dash, but it’s the second one. The very first pony drawing I’ve done was of Fluttershy, which isn’t shown here obviously. But the general style remained the same; I started out with anthro and tried to go with a more realistic style, buuuuuut I wasn’t that great with it obviously, partly because I’ve never drawn a horse up to this point and partly because I didn’t know exactly HOW I wanted to draw them.

….I can’t look at this one without cringing. :/


-August 2012-

At some point I decided to try to go for a style that was closer to the show’s canon style, while still maintaining realistic (but stylized) anatomy. Again, it didn’t work as well as I’d like, specifically because I still didn’t really know in which direction I wanted to go. And I didn’t know how to draw a damn horse. :/ The faces often ended up looking more catlike than pony, the heads were often far too small for their bodies, the ears too big for their heads… all sorts of things. But, it was at least the start of where I wanted to go with the style.


-December 2012-

Got a little better grasp on where I wanted to go with the style, and the incorporation of more in-depth headcanon really began here, but I still obviously had problems. Again, with the head especially. I think one of the main problems is that I didn’t really refer to any real horse anatomy references so I kinda just… winged it. And it didn’t always work. I still struggled with the head-to-body ratio, the overall structure of the body, wings, face. I think the face gave me trouble because I still didn’t know how, exactly, to mix the show’s style with a realistic horse without being too far-fetched.


-September 2013-

Almost a full year later and I’ve taken to looking at more and more references of real horse anatomy, as well as wings. The headcanon of tailfeather has completely set in too. Rainbow Dash isn’t the first character I drew tailfeathers on, but she’s where I began to get the hang of it. I think this is where I was getting more comfortable with the style and finally found one that I like. It’s more angular than the last two, better proportioned, but I still had troubles obviously. Many flaws stick out, specifically the head. The head’s size is okay, but I still need to work on the placement of eyes and ears.


-March 2014-

The drawing from last month. I really like how this badboy came out. I currently feel like I’m at a point where I’m relatively pleased with my style of pony and that I can draw them comfortably, but of course, there’s always room for improvement. C:


So yeah. There ya go. C: I dunno what you’d guys would question about this, but feel free to ask if you have any questions. And hell, if you’d like, why don’t you guys give it a try? Put some of your oldest drawings together (pony or otherwise) from the last 2 years (or year, or month. Whichever and whatever you’d rather) and compare them with what you have now. You’d be surprised just how much you improve in such a small span of time, be it weeks, months, or years. And feel free to show me! I love seeing the evolution of other people’s styles and art. :3

leaf-in-the-winds  asked:

Ya ever think the reason Dashi created some of the Shen Gon Wu he did was to play ridiculous pranks on people? (Ants in the Pants, Woozy Shooter, Lotus Twister and maybe event he Golden Finger?)

Definitely! This is the guy who made Omi go through a whole showdown because it was funny. Just look at the Wu he makes. Most are completely ridiculous, those you listed are prime examples of this. Lets check some out.

The Woozy Shooter:

This horn shaped Wu has the power to emit a purple mist that turns those who breath it in into complete goofs. The victims experience a state which is an exaggeration of a drug trip. There are two reasons for Dashi making this stupid thing;

1. He just wanted to turn an extremely stuffy person into an idiot for a few minutes to see what he’d be like.

2. He wanted to experience the effects himself without having to pay for it.

Personally I prefer the former.

Ants in the Pants:

This Wu was definitely created as a tool of mischief. It releases a swarm of ants into a persons clothing to bite, itch and irritate that person. It is basically like putting itching powder in someones underpants. 

Sweet Baby Among Us:

A small statue that turns into a giant baby that shoots diapers at its enemies. How can this not be a joke Wu. I’m fairly certain Dashi was asked by Guan to make a fighting Wu to train the younger monks and this is what he came up with.

Guan: But … it’s a giant baby!

Dashi: Hey, dodging giant diapers is a skill these kids should learn. Trust me.

Ring of the Nine Dragons:

This Wu creates up to nine copies of it’s wielder. The fact that it also splits that persons skills and strengths might be an unforeseen side affect or intentional, either way it is a tool of mass mischief. Imagine nine Dashi’s running around. Chase has nightmares about it.

Shadow Slicer:

This one is similar to the ring as it creates copies of the user, though these copies are illusions. This might of been a prototype version of the Ring of Nine Dragons and it could be used in a similar capacity, though not as refined. Just think of Dashi using it to get out of a particularly boring conversation. He goes to get a drink or is gone for an hour and finds the monk still chatting with his shadow.

So yeah, Dashi made most of these as a joke.

Someone asked me this question and I’m gong to reply publicly as I think it might be useful information for many people who travel to Japan. Vegetarians can follow the same advice…

“I am getting a chance to visit Japan later this week (holy crap, freaking out) and I’ve got this teensy problem : shellfish allergy. So going to stay away from the obvious, but I know things like dashi and stocks are made with shellfish. Any advice on what to do / look out for, other than ‘just eat at McDonalds / KFC’ cause I ain’t traveling thousands of miles for a BigMac.”

Japanese chefs and restaurants are actually very good about knowing all of the ingredients in their dishes and dealing with guests with allergies. Every restaurant should be able to offer you options, as long you identify the shellfish allergy up front, or make note of it when you or your concierge are making reservations for you. Yes, stocks/dashi may be hard as they do use a lot of dried shrimp, but just as many use bonito or beef.

I was just at a restaurant last night where the woman next to us had a shellfish allergy and they accomodated her easily and without fuss or incident. It speaks to the level of service, craft and pride you will find all across Japan. Tempura might be the only difficult thing for you, depending on how sensitive you are, as all the vegetables are usually fried in the same oil as the shrimp.

Also, do you speak Japanese? If not, have a friend or your hotel concierge write you a little note explaining your allergy so you can show it to the hostess/chef when you arrive at your restaurants.

Have fun and eat well!