I am so sick and tired of all these pony group things like The Coop. I like The Coop. It was a cool and original idea for the blogs to connect and such. But now with all these new ones popping up… It’s just getting ridiculous. I mean, seriously? The Derp Zone? The Box? The Twibrary?! Soon there will be one for everypony! 


Volkswagen Beetle (2017) | Plesant Surprise! | Luxury Sport/Compact Car News | Follow for more

The original Beetle, alias New Beetle, alias current Beetle is one of the world’s best known, most loved and most individual cars. Now, the latest version of the original Volkswagen is being launched: the model year 2017 Beetle and Beetle Cabriolet. Volkswagen has refined the lifestyle icon’s design, engineering and technology.

The Beetle - the coupé and convertible - is now available in three equipment lines: Beetle, Design and R-Line (replacing Sport). There is also the stand-alone Dune version.

The Beetle’s interior has always been a pleasantly fresh alternative to the establishment. The painted dashpad and upper door panel, the glove compartment in original Beetle style, the optional additional instruments above the instrument panel and the ambient lighting - it all elevates this lifestyle model above many other cars of it class, without giving it any sense of being aloof. Volkswagen has consciously not altered the interior contours, but has significantly changed the colours, materials and technical features.

For the Beetle there is no base version in the classic sense. The ‘Beetle’ version is more a kind of start-up, cleverly conceived and tailored to the budget of people who are still just starting out.