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Looking at the new footage of Sonic Forces' Green Hill Zone, would you be surprised if the Sonic the Hedgehog 4 level designers were involved with the game, what with all the unnecessary hidden springs?

Also: Those stupid dashpads are so unnecessary that it’s irritating, I hope Sonic Mania forces that game out of the solar system…

“Ivo Robotnik…Freedom Fighter?”


While most of the specimens collected from Mobius prefer a larger social group, it’s come to my surprise to find the blue creature identified as a “hedgehog”  has taken an affectionate interest in the obese specimen I had suggested disposing of earlier due to it’s lack of desire for cooperation with the others.

Both seem quite enamored with one another, often in close company and always with an intense look of …affection?

My, these “Mobians” are interesting.

Based on Archie Comics #23

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I am so sick and tired of all these pony group things like The Coop. I like The Coop. It was a cool and original idea for the blogs to connect and such. But now with all these new ones popping up… It’s just getting ridiculous. I mean, seriously? The Derp Zone? The Box? The Twibrary?! Soon there will be one for everypony!