Me: idk Eddsworld lost all the charm it had with me, the fandom ruined it a bit I don’t really enjoy it as much as I did

Eddsworld content: is in my dash

Me: beautiful content I feel blessed to see my boys-

This was a collab with @bloodredruby​. Ruby drew Juvia and I drew Gajeel.

This is from chapter 2 of our collab fic called “break the ice”! You can find it here
We have made a couple of fanarts for the fic that you can find right here 


The mechanic took a big breath. “Are you telling me you called me at 4 in the morning crying your heart out all for a stupid skater? Do you have any idea how worried I was? I actually thought you might have gotten hurt! You seriously have been crying for something so stupid?”

There was a moment of silence and Gajeel knew at that moment he had messed up. He didn’t want to sound so harsh and he knew his friend was sensitive. In his defense he was sleep-deprived and the woman really worried him for no reason.

So he had managed to make the situation worse and Gajeel spent the next hour trying to calm Juvia down, who had turned into a sobbing mess again. He kept reassuring her that her idiot idol was going to be alright and that he wasn’t mad at her, he was just tired.

Gajeel swore that day that if he ever met that ‘Gray-sama’ he owed him a punch in the face.


Also ruby and I thought of some situations that would suit the facepalming Gajeel:

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suga: is on my dash

me: ❤️💚💚💝💕💗💗❤️💘💝💛💚💙💕💛💞💝💛💞💗💜💗💛💘💛💕💕❤️💘💙💗❣️💝💛💝💗💙💘❤️💝💛💞💚💘💗💙💘💛💛💝💞💛💝💚💚💝💖💛💓💙💝💛❤️💕💛💘💙💗💚💘❤️

me, back in the day: wtf daddy kinks are so gross?? that’s literally disgusting keep this shit off my dash

me, now: i want daddy lexa to destroy my vagina

me: u know what fuck larry its not real love isnt real i dotn care anymore

this Hell Gif: pops up on my dash

me: I am fighting for a love that isn’t even mine. Real eyes realise real lies, #birdcage #bravery. Burn Modest! Management to the ground.