dashing whippets


It’s been forever since I posted, although I’m sure no one has missed my posts.  Since the Boston Marathon, I’ve run a bunch of races with varying degrees of success.  I probably should have taken more time off to recover since I went through a bout of dead legs in late-May/early-June, but have bounced back since.  My recent results are:

  • Brooklyn Half Marathon - 1:23:40 - 6:23 pace (not great, but an ok performance, my second best half marathon time)
  • Dashing Whippets Track Meet (400 meters) - 59 seconds
  • JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge (3.5 miles) - 20:36 - 5:53 pace (felt pretty good for this one, especially since it was really hot/humid)
  • Portugal Day Run (5 miles) - 30:08 - 6:01 pace (this one sucked - I hadn’t quite recovered from the Corporate Challenge and ran like crap)
  • Run for Central Park (4 miles) - 23:19 - 5:49 pace (felt great!  getting back in shape and came off a good week of mileage.  This was my 4 mile PR and the Dashing Whippets won the B division and came in 9th overall.)
  • Queens Half - Used it as a training run and ran without a chip.  I just wanted to run it at marathon pace and ran 1:29:45 or so.

The past few weeks I’ve been averaging close to 50 miles a week and hope to keep it there and peak around 60 to 65 miles as I get ready for the NYC Marathon.  My goals for the next few months are:

  • Team Championships (5 miles) - just around 29:00
  • Percy Sutton 5k - 17:30
  • Fifth Avenue Mile - sub-4:50
  • Grete’s Gallop or Staten Island Half - a PR (low to mid 1:21)
  • NYC Marathon (2:55 to 3:00)