dashing pirate prince

I’m amazed, why so many people are ok with the latest sneak peak. What the fuck! It’s Emma’s wedding and snowing and h00k are taking over and are deciding about the ins and outs with no input from Emma?!?! All the while Emma is like in a trance ignoring all discussions about her own fucking wedding???She only(slightly)comes back to life when charming comes up with dr whale and snow (really charming again ?!?!) Does that look like the normal behaviour of a bride to be?!?! Honestly, what is wrong with some people!

Next, we’ll see why h00k has been seen wearing the sheriff badge!…Emma, aka Mrs Jones, has FINALLY (it’s been an arduous three seasons here!) completed her stepford wife conversion (courtesy of snowing and hubby h00k) and has become a stay at home wifey to the delight of the c$ fandom (I wonder if apple pie will be part of her regular menu, maybe she’ll add a dash of 300 years old rum…heck maybe she’ll add it to everything to keep hubby happy and self numb, poking swords and all;)). Hence her handsome readymade hero (not the best quality available but hey young ladies shouldn’t be too picky) had to do the right thing, goes without saying, and become a dashing sheriff/pirate/prince (the order does not change the result, quite a shite one really), how fitting. A fairytale dream come true for every little modern girl nowadays apparently. YES!, we needed A&E to put all this young ladies with fancy ideas on their place.

Y vivieron felices y comieron perdices!