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This is the last thing I’m going to say about Larries today because I’d much, much rather be practicing my deep breathing exercises until April 7th, but I think it’s important for people to understand the influence that Larries think they hold in this fandom and I for one will not be participating in any project their hateful, entitled asses come up with for Harry’s music. (x)

(Now back to alternating between looping Harry’s teaser vid and staring at  blank white boxes on Instagram. )

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A fanmix for Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie. All a capella (except for the intro) because that’s what Breq would want, right? 

I absolutely cannot find a version of “James Bird” anywhere else, so that one is only on Spotify.

Intro: The Recruited Collier / Kate Rusby
What’s the matter with you, my lass, and where’s your dashing Jimmy?
The soldier lads have picked him up, and now he’s gone far from me

I Once Lived in Service / The Witches of Elswick
I carried her dishes when the lady would dine,
and after I took them away, oh

James Bird / Chicken on a Raft
I’ll stand by you, gallant captain!

Leave Her Johnny / The Foc'sle Singers
beware these packet ships, I say

Wanting Memories / Sweet Honey in the Rock
I am sitting here wanting memories to teach me,
to see the beauty in the world through my own eyes

Barrett’s Privateers / Poor Angus
I’m a broken man on a Halifax pier, the last of Barrett’s privateers

Lonesome Valley / The Fairfield Four
you got to go to the lonesome valley, you got to go there by yourself

Hit Like an Atom Bomb / Chanticleer
set your house in order, cause he may be coming soon,
and he’ll hit like an atom bomb

Sailor’s Prayer / Gordon Bok
though my sails be torn and ragged, and my mast be turned about,
I shall not take my rest until we reach another shore

all of me, loves all of you

Request: hi um can u do a young Sirius x shy wheelchair reader imagine were the reader is insecure and thinks no one will love her because of her disability but gets proven wrong lots of fluff and a kiss and the reader gets embarrassed when the marauders walk in and its really cute the reader thinks its a cruel joke at first and doesn’t see why a guy like him would like her I hope u can do this it would mean a lot xxx by

Pairing: young Sirius x shy wheelchair reader

Warnings: pure fluff and tender loving

Word Count:2818 

The first time you had ever met Sirius Black was a rather special memory that you would always hold dear in your heart. It was the distant fond days of your fourth year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry and you were making your way down to the assigned classroom for your next lesson. You could leave early from your lessons to make time to get to your next, avoiding the chaotic rush of students that usually happened during the small break in-between. You weren’t allowed to go to any other floor of the castle without assistance so the majority of lessons you had were rescheduled into several spare rooms on the first floor.

You necessary didn’t mind spending time alone but you were lonely sometimes, being away from your best friends for the long hours of the day, awkwardly sitting in front of Professor Snape in a one-to-one lesson. On this particular day however, you were a bit late to reach your next assigned lesson, only just escaping Professor Binn’s room before he drawled onto another useless point of why Goblins can’t cartwheel.

You pushed the wheels on your wheelchair in a rather hurried fashion, the hallways were bare but if you were correct, students would flood out of their lessons in the next 5 minutes; you wouldn’t have enough time. Your arms were beginning to tire, the muscles franticly working as fast as they could as you rounded the corner- only to literally nearly run someone over.

“Merlin’s beard-!”

You let out a sudden squeak, your cheeks burned a bright crimson red as your chair lurched backwards as you to reach forward to steady the student you bumped into, however your chair seemed to lean too far back for your liking and you just knew you were going to tip backwards. Before you knew it, a firm hand grasped yours and you were pulled into a strong secure embrace; the chair toppling over behind you.

Your body shook in anxiety in the hold of the stranger, your mind whirling and your hands trembling as your support heavily relied on the person that saved you from a horrendous fall. You heard the stranger pause for a moment, their brain possibly whirling trying to process what had just occurred before they took in a sharp inhale.

“-Oh Merlin! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to bump into you like that! Bloody hell I should’ve looked where I’m going- here let me help love.”

Your spine froze as goosebumps shot across your arm, your grip scrunching up the front of the person’s robe, the boy’s timbre a soothing low tone that overflowed with sincerity and panic, your brain wracked to find some sort of response but all you could do was stutter out an apology.

Truth is, you didn’t have that many interactions with other students in Hogwarts, you mostly kept to yourself and in the company of your close friends who you shared a dorm room with and ate together. You were sure the students of Hogwarts knew who you were, there weren’t that many students in wheelchairs when Hogwarts had Madam Pomfrey. This lead to quite a lot of insecurities about what others thought of you, though tended to try and not dwell on that subject, you had such amazing friends that encouraged you and supported you throughout the years so who really cared about opinions of others.

Your mind snapped back out of it when you heard a ruffling of robes and you felt yourself being readjusted in the young man’s grip, your head still carefully tucked away, shielding your view from anything but his Gryffindor badge upon his robe.

“Wingardium Leviosa.” You heard the distinct swish and flick of a wand and the rushing sounds of your wheelchair being levitated the right way up and softly touching back onto the floor. Your heartbeat was thundering loudly in your ears, your palms sweaty and you vaguely heard another spell being muttered out before you were delicately helped back into your chair.

Your hands shook as they placed themselves onto the familiar material of your arm rest, your hair obscuring your deep embarrassment as you stuttered out your soft reply.

“T-Thank you, i-if you can e-excuse me, i-I have to g-go now.”

Your head still refusing to look up at the young man, your embarrassment too deep to ever make eye contact as you prepare to make another rush to your class.

“Actually,” The voice spoke again and once more you stopped, “Will you allow me to escort you to your desired destination, love?”  

A body appeared in your vison as the stranger knelt down in front of you, forcing your eyes to finally meet the face of your saviour.

And my Merlin, did you not expect that. The young man had to either be in your year or either in the year above, his dark stormy eyes, calm and filled with genuine care and honesty, a gentle smile graced upon his features, though you were sure a smirk was its usual position. His hair was longer than average, swept up into a bun, but rather manly looking and seemed to suit him quite well.

I’m Sirius Black.”

That was the first time you’d ever met the boy, and that wasn’t your last encounter with the dashing lad. He had gallantly pushed you to your next lesson, kindly asking questions that didn’t pry too much, but filled with curiosity and interest as you stumbled on your reply, knowing full well that your embarrassed stuttering didn’t help.

Days, turned into weeks, and long weeks turned into a year. Every day, somehow, Sirius had managed to find you and escort you to at least one of your next lessons in a day, every so often taking you on trips to various parts of the castle, placing your full trust in him as he carried you through some tough spots. In these days, he began to know you so much better than what he thought he’d know, both of you entrusting each other and opening up in ways you’d never imagine. Your stuttering around the handsome boy had nearly dissipated, though your burning blush always made a spectacular appearance.

During this time you had also grown to know the group Sirius belonged in; The Marauders. A bunch of lovely boys who had way too much time on their hands, who also helped you whenever they could, truly wonderful people who you grew to become fond of as well. James would always yell the hallway space in front of you clear- if you ever did run late to your next class, his loud boisterous voice worryingly yelling “MOVE OUT OF THE WAY. MOOOOOVE~” as he waved his wand around while he pushing you gently through the splitting crowds, ignoring your burnt cheers and face held in embarrassment. Peter would always kindly fetch you some more food from within the kitchens or even in the dining hall, his brain already knowing what you preferred or wanted straight away, bless the boy he was kind. Remus would take a more helpful approach of helping you around in the library, finding ridiculously large books for any essays you needed.

You and Remus were particularly close as well, the seemingly shy boy and you bonded almost immediately, debating over one of the theories mentioned within a DADA book you both were reading and ever since then he too became a person you held dear. It was also no surprise that he figured out straight away what your insecurities and worries were and often talked you through them to prevent bottling them inside.

It was also no surprise that he knew of your infatuation with Sirius Black.

Of course when Remus questioned you about it you had spluttered out false responses, claiming he was absolutely absurd for even suggesting such a thing while your cheeks betrayed you, once again heating up a dep shade of red Remus had never witnessed before. Though Remus never asked, he knew you were afraid of the way Sirius would think of you if he knew, Remus knew that you thought nobody would love you because of your disability.

He also knew that your disability doesn’t affect the way Sirius looked at you. Because Remus knew from the first time Sirius busted through the dorm doors, his voice in pure awe as he indulged with the lads about the sweet girl he accidently bumped into in the hallway earlier that day, Remus saw the rare twinkle of something in Sirius’ eyes as he spoke so fondly of you.

It was your sixth year at Hogwarts and you were sat in a rather comfortable sofa in the middle of a secret room that the marauders had shown you the year before. It was a cosy and convenient room tucked away on the 7th floor, the gruelling climb and awkward way to reach the level itself all worth it as you sunk into the well-deserved fluffy material, a thick novel daintily between your hands.

However you couldn’t focus no matter how hard you tried, your attention always flickering back up to the pacing young man in front of you. Sirius had undeniably grown deviously handsome over the years, his aristocratic features sculpting his face into a masterpiece, his jawline sharper than it had been before, his cheekbones prominent and his voice a deep rumble. His hair has gown but he never cut it, it was constantly up in a man bun, little tendrils framing his face without damaging his bad boy look. Despite all the changed that occurred, the soft and genuine care still swam within his beautiful stormy eyes, they never changed one bit, never around you.

Cheeks dusted pink once more as you realised you were staring, your eyes instantly gluing them back to your romance novel you were trying to get into, your mind forgetting that the other Marauders were somewhere present in the room, doing god knows what. The pacing had stopped for a minute and your curiosity got the better of you, you peeked up again only to let out a silent squeak as Sirius’s intently stared at you. You felt all your blood flood into your face again and you shifted your hair to slightly hide your face, feeling scrutinised in his burning gaze, you coughed nervously, clearing your voice.

“I-Is there som-something on my face..?” You questioned, a hand automatically brushing anything off of your face. When he didn’t respond, your embarrassment reached an all high and you felt insecure in his still steady stare as you attempted to shield your face with your novel.

“Why do you read that sappy book all the time?” His voice was surprisingly soft, lacking its usual boisterous tone and laughter, you pulled your book down and stared at the cover, only noticing that you had indeed read that romance book more than twice already but still re-read it whenever you could.

You were a bit reluctant to answer him but you felt strangely confident when you rose your voice to tell him your honest truth, though avoiding eye contact.

“Well, its because I’ll probably n-never experience lo-love like this. It’s the on-only way I’ll ever get t-this close to the fe-feeling.” You tenderly spoke, “Though the char-characters of course!” you quickly added, cheeks turning that oh-so-familiar shade of pink.

“Y/N. Do you actually think that you’ll never find love.”

You froze in your seat, your fingers curling around the corners of your book, your jaw clenching tightly. Was…Was he making fun of you? You felt humiliation burn through you and you angrily glared at him- but before you could tell him a piece of your mind, he spoke up again.

“Because I always thought you found it with me.”

His voice was shaky, though nothing compared to how much your hands were trembling.

Because I always find it when I’m with you.”

Your glare hardened, your eyes burning up with the threat of tears. You dropped your book, the clatter of the hardcover upon the floor the only sound that echoed in the silent room as your fists clenched with such strength your nails nearly broke skin.

“I-Is this some cruel joke to you?” Your voice was strong and almost full of spite despite its usual soft tone. Tears blurred your vision and they silently fell, slowly making its way down your burning face.

You directed your hardened stare back up at the tall teen who was looking back in shock, "This isn’t one of your stupid pranks again is it Sirius Black because I swear to Merlin that I’ll-“

You were once again interrupted, but this time with a sweet and tender feeling upon your lips. Your brain hadn’t computed with what was currently going on so when Sirius Black had pulled away from his quick kiss, all you could do was stare in disbelief at him.

"You’re so naïve sometimes Y/N. I’ve been trying to get you to notice that I liked you for yonks.” Sirius chuckled, his gorgeous obsidian eyes twinkling with love and affection. When you finally processed what had happened you felt your ears turn red along with the rest of your face, a large grin plastered upon your face.

Just in two sentences, Sirius had reduced you to a blushing, stuttering mess. Not the first time it had happened though.

“I-I d-don’t get-get it!” You blurted out, Sirius raised one amused eyebrow at this, “You’re-you’re Sirius Black! Why-why would someone li-like you, l-like someone li-like..” you trailed off, you couldn’t bring it in you to actually suggest that, it was an absurd motion and thought in its own.

Sirius leaned close to you again, his breath tickling your nose, that infuriatingly handsome smirk present on his lips once more.

“Why would someone like me, like someone like you..?” He questioned, “Well there’s so many things I could reason but we could be here for centuries my dear.” Sirius laughed, tucking a stand of your hair behind your ear.

“It could be because I feel such an urge to protect you wherever you go, I always have a need to be by your side, something pulls me towards you Y/N and I cant ignore it. Every time I see you, I get this huge fat, shit eating grin on my face and I cant stop thinking about you when you’re not nearby. I admire you so much Y/N, you’re so strong and brave, more than I’ll ever be.”

“Even if you see yourself as less than perfect, I see you as my world, Y/N. All of me loves all of you.” he whispered the last bit, his lips ghosting over yours ever so slightly. Your heartbeat thumped loudly, and you were sure Sirius could hear it, you quickly glanced down to his soft looking lips and made a split second decision.

You leaned forward, your lips connecting and you felt a strong pull inside your heart as magic danced over your skin. Sirius was gentle and sweet, the kiss passionate but gentle and pure. You both seemed to hum in sync, your souls seemingly intertwining as the kiss deepened-

“Oh wow okay I didn’t expect that so suddenly.”

You both lurched away, startled by the abrupt voice that defiantly not Sirius’s and eyes shot up to see the rest of the Marauders stood awkwardly by the door unsure of what to do. Oh. You had forgotten that they were with you too.

Sirius barked out a loud laugh as Remus smiled fondly. “Wormtail, one day you’ll find someone as wonderful as Y/N in your life.” Sirius chuckled, his body raising up once more as James, Peter and Remus approached.

“Come on love, time to get you to your next lesson.” Sirius softly spoke, reaching his large hand out towards you as you delicately placed your trust in him.

James started some sort of conversation about how Lily Evans had flung some sort of creature at him earlier in the day, the story creating tears of laughter in all of you despite James’s damaged pride, he continued on with another gallant tale though you couldn’t keep your concentration as you peered up at the handsome young man pushing your wheelchair. You reached back and placed your hand over his and gave it a light squeeze, your soft skin brushing over his rough hand, no words exchanged even though the action spoke everything.

“Thank you, Sirius. For everything.”

It's What's Best For You, Sweetheart- Newt Scamander x Reader

It’s What’s Best for You, Sweetheart
Request: Newt scamander x reader. They have been dating since hogwarts and its only now that the readers parents get involved because they don’t like Newt
A/n: I am by no means against parents or families. Parents and families are lovely, but for this plot, the parents may seem a bit harsh and against the reader. I am not trying to portray families in a negative light or trying to make family disagreements look fun or romantic or anything along those lines. This was interesting to write because I often deal with this kind of stuff, not in terms of relationships, but with what I want to do in life and how my mental state is and etc. Basically, if your parents don’t really understand you, that’s okay. You aren’t’ strange or weird or anything like that. Sometimes families are quick to judge and don’t really see us for who we are. I’m always here, and I understand. This probably makes no sense, but I hope you all know that you are loved and there’s no one as special as you are. You have your own life to live and you need to do what makes you happy, regardless of what others want. Do what YOU want and what makes YOU happy. Thank you all again for the amazing support and I love and appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. You are all special and amazing and awesome and beautiful and unique and intelligent and all around individual and spectacular.
-Alyssa (aka unscriptedtimetraveler)

Warnings-Family disputes/mentions of insecurities, still fluffy though

Newt’s grip on your hand tightened as you sat in the living room of where you spent your childhood. Your parents had wanted you to visit to have a ‘talk’ about something, yet you were baffled as to what it could have been about. The relationship you had with your parents was about as smooth as ships on the sea during a summer storm. The waters would lay calm and normal, but as soon as something stirred them up, the fury would be released to its full potential.

Your parents weren’t terrible, they just didn’t really understand you in a sense. They were often too wrapped up in their own roles in the world to really lend an eye or ear to you, unless of course, the family name was at stake. Your family like to maintain a successful image, which might have explained why your cousin was arranged to marry a wealthy Auror. You had lost count of how many ‘We’re doing what’s best for you’ talks you’ve endured over the years, and when they found out during your years at Hogwarts that you in a relationship with someone out of their standards, they sent a small selection of uninviting and lengthy letters for you to review. Of course, you didn’t care though. They may not have seen him the way you did, but that wasn’t going to change your mind and cut all ties with him. He was different, unique, passionate and considerate. He was none other than the frantic Magizoologist who was still squeezing your hand.

You never really expected to fall in love with Newt, considering you had only viewed each other as best friends for years. However, the bond between you two began to grow and change, which ultimately led to a confession of feelings under starlight by the lake. You two had been inseparable, constantly brushing your hands against one another in class and giving innocent kisses of luck before exams or games. Everything about Newt was everything you had asked for, which is why you were upset when you had to let it all go.

The night he was expelled still remains as one of the worst things either of you had experienced. He had apparently “Endangered life,” but you knew him better than that. He was gentle and caring, he wouldn’t hurt anyone. The school had other perceptions of him though. He was being sent away, and the two of you knew your different lives would change your relationship. With a heavy heart in both of your chests, you went your separate ways. You promised to write as often as you could but you were both alone now, with nothing but your mangled hearts to keep you going.

It would be years before you two would finally meet in person again. He had written you a letter explaining that he was in the area, and you didn’t hesitate for a second to rush to meet him. You agreed to meet in a nearby park, and after wandering around in search of him, your eyes met, allowing all of the memories to flood back. He had changed a lot since Hogwarts. His hair was longer, muscles broader, and his height was definitely taller, but it was undoubtedly the same man you had been in love with from the letters. With a passionate kiss, you both knew it would all be alright.

However, this still didn’t mean that Newt wasn’t scared of meeting your parents face to face. He wasn’t oblivious to the way they felt about him, and he wasn’t exactly begging to come with you today, hence why he kept gripping your hand out of nervousness.

“Y/n you know they don’t like me. I don’t even think I’m supposed to be here,” he whispered closer to you.

“Newt, we’ve been dating for years. They should have expected that I was going to bring you,” you assured him, “Everything is alright, Alright?”

Newt let a worried groan as his face squinted into a nervous expression as you kissed his cheek. Your father walked in accompanied by your mother lose behind. Their faces were not exactly readable, but from what you could pick out, they were not at all thrilled that Newt had come here. They had put off actually meeting him until this moment, and you could tell that their eyes might have some daggers to throw.

“Y/n, it’s nice to see that you visited us today, but I thought you were supposed to come alone dear?” asked your mother as a faint and fake sense of happiness glossed over her smile. She hadn’t even addressed Newt’s existence.

“Well, Newt and I have been together since I was a teen. I’d like to think that we are serious enough to come together,” you spoke as politely as you could before your father chimed in.

“Yes but Y/n, we were thinking about the future and perhaps this isn’t the best for you right now.”

You felt your cheeks boiling. Why would they even consider bringing this up if they knew that Newt was sitting right in front of them?

“Think about it Y/n. There are lots of other men out there. My friend Mason has a dashing young lad who is a part of the ministry-,”

“But Newt works at the ministry too, as a Magizoologist.”

“I understand that but really Y/n you should weigh options! We clearly don’t like him, and we want the best for you sweetheart!”

“There are no options to be weighed, can’t you see that Newt is standing right here!”

By now, smoke was practically fuming out of your ears as you stood up abruptly. Newt sat still, but still tried to coax you to sit back down too by grabbing your forearm. He gave you a look and you tried to calm yourself so you wouldn’t explode. You looked down at him and took in his broken expression. He knew your parents didn’t like him all too well, but he never expected them to want to replace him. He always felt that he wasn’t worthy of you, especially after the incident at Hogwarts, and he always felt guilty that he hadn’t been able to give you as much as other people. Deep down he knew you deserved better.

Your mother cut back in, “For Merlin’s sake Y/n, the man was kicked out of school and might I remind you, was a criminal?”

“He didn’t do anything wrong! It wasn’t his fault!”

“If he just got rid of those damn monsters in the first place maybe he would be a respectable member of society!” shouted your father.

“Well you may not see him as a so-called ‘respectable member of society’ but I do. I thought my parents would have been more supportive like they used to be. Oh wait! You were never there! Did you write letters of encouragement or congratulations while I was at Hogwarts? No, only infuriating and disrespectful ones. Did you show up when I invited you to attend a ceremony for my job? No, neither of you did. Did you see me off when I was going away to America? Not at all. You only care now because it’s your names at stake, because you don’t like him, and I personally would choose Newt over whatever this is any day of the week! Now if you will excuse me, the man I love and I will be leaving. Next time you want to ‘talk,’ I hope it’s on a topic that doesn’t require the validation that no one asked for! Sorry that Newt and I aren’t good enough for you. Have a splendid day!” You sarcastically shot at them as you stormed out. Newt followed you, with numerous expressions on his face. Your parents were flabbergasted and frozen to their spots. You and Newt took out your wands and apparated home.

You proceeded to storm inside you own flat and Newt trailed behind you. His heart was still heavy with hurt and insecurity. He loved you, but maybe your parents were right. Tears pricked his eyes like rose thorns, and he knew it wasn’t the strongest thing in the world, but he couldn’t help it. He went over to wrap you in a hug in his arms.

“Love I’m sorry your parents don’t li-,” he tried to get out, but he was cut off when you turned around and crashed your lips onto his. He kissed back passionately, stroking your own cheek that was now streaked with a tear or two.

“Don’t you dare even finish that sentence, Newt. I have told you a thousand times and I’ll tell you again, I love you and I don’t care what my parents say. You’re amazing and you’re everything I could ever want. I don’t care what they think, they haven’t even seen who you are as a person. You’ve been more supportive and caring than they have anyways.”

He kissed you once more, but this time harder. He picked you up in his arms and you happily ran your hands through his fluffy hair.

“I love you Y/n, I’ll try to be better.”

“You don’t need to be better dear. I love you for you, with your creatures and everything.”
“I love you my darling. You truly are the most remarkable person to ever walk into my life.”

The two of you remained close to one another for the rest of the night. You cuddled into one another as you slowly drifted off to sleep. He was yours, and you were his. Your parents could say and shout all the things they wanted, but you would both stay by one another through all of the ups and downs that life had to toss at you.

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Look what perfection I found in my postbox!!! Lartis tote bag with the unearthly behind-the-scenes drawing by the Queen @hydraballista 😍 I am fangirling so hard right now, you have no idea! I have an urge to cuddle it. MY FIRST LARTIS STUFF EVER! Thank you, Hydra, for allowing your flawless art to be available. I can’t handle it….

Now I have to wait for the Lartis cheek kiss laptop sleeve… 😇😏


Wonder Woman is my favorite super hero of all time I love her and I want to say why.

Most superheroes go into the scene because they’ve either had lots of wealth to have good gear, or because they have massive super powers that aided them when they didn’t even really know how to fight. They just had to muscle their way through or speed their way through and they’d win because they were super human or had fancy gadgets.

Wonder Woman *earned* her title. She trained since she was young to be a warrior, she trained herself to defend the weak and protect from evil. Every bit of her fighting is that of someone who has worked hard and long for their skill. Even before she discovered her powers she was working towards being who she was.

That’s why she’s my favorite. She is a self-made hero who wasn’t just gifted with imaginable strength or bought her power. Yes she was given good weapons after her training, but she worked from the ground up and is the most awesome warrior princess I love her.

this will happen in trials of apollo
  • Apollo: you know nicks-
  • nico: dont call me nicks
  • Apollo: right. Nicolas, my son will,as you may have noticed, is quite hansome
  • nico: ..okay
  • Apollo: and he has many talents
  • nico: :/
  • Apollo: and im sure he would be a fine suitor for a dashing young lad like you?
  • nico: what
  • Apollo: im just sayin you know. My son he's...very shiny and awesome. And i'm almost certain he feels some sort of affection for you
  • Nico: ..what
  • Apollo: i also noticed that you have been showing some..interest in him aswell?
  • Nico: stop
  • Apollo: what? I'm just trying to help two young lovers-
  • Nico: seriously stop
  • Apollo: well that's quite rude. There's nothing wrong with having crush on my son he's very bright and-
  • Will: *smiling* what are you guys talking about?
  • nico: eck *shadow travels the fuck away*

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117: she’s 6, how can she scare you? ♥ prompt from here, feel free to send more if you don’t mind waiting a bit for posting ♥ This is a queue, forgive me, but I wouldn’t have been able to get it out till after my cruise otherwise!

Killian stared.

Little Neal stared back unflinchingly, his tiny six year old frame looking much smaller than he did a few minutes ago. 

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This emerging London by way of Leicestershire and Kent band might be named Sea Girls, but their members consist of four dashing lads. They take a firm hold of our attention with Call Me Out, the band’s third single since they debuted with Daisy Daisy last year. It’s infectious rollicking guitar pop and indie rock knocks us right off our feet. We set sail with a full wind at our backs to Sea Girls and their spirited romper. Call Me Out will be on Sea Girls’ debut EP, out later this week on June 8th via Alamanc Recordings. You can stream the band’s prior singles on Soundcloud, here.

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