dashing dandies

Today was most wonderful.

Went to my early class as usual, and finished still early enough for second breakfast. I had plenty of time before seeing Charles, so I could prepare a nice fancy outfit.

We went to the Stern center in Potsdam (big pretty shopping centre with shiny things and Starbucks) and I treated myself to a Starbucks, twice B)

We chatted for a bit and then went to the flower shop to buy something nice to put on Max Schreck’s grave. I managed to send off a decorated envelope to a friend in Ireland there, too. Smashing!

We then went on a nice long walk to the graveyard, which didn’t seem that long to me anyway because I was enjoying a lovely conversation with my friend. We finally arrived at the graveyard, which was overgrown with so many beautiful plants and trees, it was more woodland than anything else. We then found Max Schreck’s grave hidden in a dark corner of the undergrowth. The poor dote’s resting place looked so neglected for an iconic figure in film history! (He played Nosferatu in the classing Murnau film)

Charles and I gave him a present of a Christmas Star plant and then stayed with him a while to keep him company on the cold winter’s day. We then headed back to the Stern centre for sushi and hot chocolate. We also went window shopping and browsed a designer clothes store… ogling the pretty androgynous clothes (I saw a brown velvet blazer with suede elbow patches… hrng it was to DIE for!) and then we both shared some mango cigarettes before I got my tram back home.

All in all it was a most smashing day!~

Okay so this is my first follow forever ever and I had no idea what to do for an edit hence the crappy one above buttttttt anywhooo the point is that all your blogs make my dash so dandy and nice and I hope you all have a very merry christmas or hanukkah or whatever you celebrate and an awesome new year and yeah~

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