dashiell robert parr

Dashiell Robert Parr and Bambino Daryl Dixon - Dam (The Hero and the Prince) Aesthetic

Okay, so let me just start off by saying WOW it was so hard to choose which Bambi ship I wanted to do, tbqh. Like–I ship Bambi with three different people and love each of those ships for their own special reasons, of course. BUT that being said, Dash and Bam play on like–all the bESt teenage tropes. Lab partners and the shy kid w the enthusiastic popular kid?? Dash’s parents are?? comic legends?? and Bam is a CoMIC nERD?? Dash is a HERO Bambi is a PRINCe look i could–go on but it’d just be me crying incoherently about these two. 


MK’s Valentine’s Day Aesthetics (for MK) || 4/7