dashiell faireborn


So TC’s condition for helping Quian’s team with the Junkion ship was for them to offer Marissa a job? Dawww

Problem is that he didn’t know Marissa’s dad was going to be the one talking to her and all TC managed to do was make an awkward and tense reunion between them, oh well he tried at least (I also love that he still doesn’t know how human babies happen, please keep him innocent from that).

That said, they aged up Flint and made him Marissa’s dad like he originally was (he looks so young in the older IDW Joe comics so i thought they were going to make him her brother), but Lady Jaye isn’t her mother (she looks like she’s Marissa’s age in the current GI Joe comic) which bums me out a bit since Flint and Lady Jaye are my second favorite Joe couple.

Get this apparently it’s mentioned in the IDW humble bundle cards that Marissa is Flint’s illegitimate daughter. Her original name was Marissa Bishop but she changed her surname to Flint’s (Dashiell Faireborn) once she met him.

Also in the past IDW Joe comics they mention at some point that Flint had a lot of flings in college and Marissa mentions here that Flint had his Joe team when they met (implying that Marissa was already grown up when it happened) so yeah I don’t really like the idea of dead beat dad Flint, WTF.

From Optimus Prime #3